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SingapoRediscovers Vouchers: 9 Klook Deals In December To Spend Quality Time With Your Family

There’s an activity to suit every whim and fancy.

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With more than six months to use your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers (SRVs) and over 200 options (and more coming up) for attractions, hotels and tours on Klook alone, there’s no need to exercise the commonly touted Singaporean behaviour of being kiasu and rush to book all your activities at once.

After all, even the best laid plans can go astray. And almost all of the activities booked using SRVs are non-cancellable, non-refundable and non-resellable.

Instead, why not take the cue from what you and your family feel like doing for the weekend, and pick your activities accordingly?

Here are some top attractions and activities available at Klook that your family can enjoy and bond together, courtesy of your SRVs.

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#1 Nestopia

Too much staying at home and looking for an excuse to get some movement in? Nestopia – the newest attraction on Siloso Beach at Sentosa that has netted obstacle courses and slides connecting three giant nests – fits the bill. The pass ($10 for an adult and a child) is on per entry basis, so you can hang out there for as long as you like and its operation hours allow. Or if you think two hours is enough time for you to train your mobility and you don’t want to leave Sentosa just yet, you can move on to the next attraction.

#2 HydroDash

This is Singapore’s first floating aqua park where you can have some splashing good fun. Here, you can jump and bounce your way through inflatable obstacle courses, Spartan Race-style. Dash or crawl through the park at one-hour slots for $20 for adults/youths. PSA: Be prepared to slip. A. Lot.

#3 Snow City

Those who miss their snow-filled holidays can get their fix of being in sub-zero zones and doing snow-related activities at Snow City. One-hour play sessions are from $12. You can also add on other activities such as bumper car rides and target shooting or battle in a team, paintball-style, at its shooting arena.

#4 AirZone

If you fancy jumping into a busload of balls while in mid-air, look no further than AirZone at City Square Mall. While this activity is predominantly a child’s fantasy (and an adult’s secret one), you can amp up your appetite for gravity-defying adventures by crawling through a maze and swooshing down the slide. An hour’s duration is $21.25 per person, based on off-peak timings.

#5 Chinatown Murders Game Tour

There are times when you want to go out and do something fun, yet less energy-sapping. The Chinatown Murders game tour takes you on a two-hour heritage walking tour where you’ll learn little-known facts about Chinatown in a storytelling narrative while solving puzzles towards uncovering the identity of a serial killer. Put on your Sherlock Holmes cap and keep your eyes and ears open through the tour as clues may drop where and when you least expected. Prices from $42.50.

#6 Singapore’s Disappearing Trade Tour

What does a coffee bean roasting factory, a traditional bakery and a paper house maker have in common? These trades may soon disappear in the face of modernity. The Singapore’s Disappearing Trade Tour gives you a chance to get up-close to these trades before they become history. Prices, inclusive of breakfast, start at $58.80.

#7 Kelong and Pulau Ubin Guided Boat Tour

An excellent opportunity for you to get off-shore, the Kelong and Pulau Ubin Guided Boat Tour starts you off on a relaxing boat ride to Pulau Ubin where you and your family can immerse yourselves in some kelong life. It can also be quite educational as you’ll also learn about land reclamation, fish farming and the history of kelongs and the island itself. As this private tour has a price tag of $450 for up to five persons, try to round up a group of that number, if possible.

#8 Photowalk Guided Tour In Tiong Bahru

Want to level up your IG posts with tips from a professional photographer while taking in some nostalgic sights? Then this Photowalk Guided Tour in Tiong Bahru is something you don’t want to pass up.

While the $50 adult ticket price of this two-hour tour may give you pause about booking, it does give you perks at nearby Furama Riverfront Hotel, which you may likely end up having lunch at since the tour ends at the hotel just before lunchtime.

Even if you have no interest in photography, a nice stroll through the beloved Tiong Bahru may even leave you with surprising finds such as IG-worthy graffiti walls and the latest cafes that you can make plans to return to.

#9 Ultimate Food Journey

Lastly, it is safe to say that over 98% of Singaporeans are born foodies. Even on the off chance that you fall outside of this group, sooner or later, you’ll be cultivated into one and make eating an obsession a hobby. So to all foodies, this Ultimate Food Journey is for you.

Since this is a three-hour food tour, sampling the best dishes from famed hawker centres and food stalls will be an order of business. But eating aside, the tour also takes you through different experiences from gaining knowledge about the origins of local foods to exploring a wet market to getting behind the scenes of family-run shops and factories. Even at an adult ticket price of $95, it’ll be worth more than your tummy’s fill of sights, knowledge, and of course, yummy food.

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We hope that these suggested activities will help in your planning of great family together-time while using your SRVs. Do note that some activities need prior booking of your desired date of visit or have age restrictions. You can book them through Klook.