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7 Telegram Channels Singaporeans Should Be Following For The Latest In Personal Finance And Investing

Here’s how you can get the latest news and updates on personal finance and investing, on the go.

As a rising alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram boasts enhancements such as unlimited server storage, convenience, privacy (where phone numbers cannot be tracked in a group) and capability to use the chat in multiple devices at the same time, such as on your smartphone and computer.

In addition, users can join Telegram channels to receive up-to-date push notifications on a wide array of topics, including current affairs, discount codes, and of course, investing and finance.

If you’re interested to give your financial knowledge a boost, we present you 7 channels that we recommend you to follow, for all the latest investment and financial content on your phone or computer.

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#1 Bloomberg

For those who require timely news and articles pertaining to the global economy, they can subscribe to Bloomberg Telegram channel.

Established in 1990, Bloomberg is an international agency that delivers business and markets news, data, analysis from its international bureaus.

The Telegram channel pulls the latest news from its website, and provides coverage of finance news beyond Singapore.

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#2 SGX Invest

As the Singapore bourse that provides listing, trading, clearing, settlement and depository services, SGX has now jumped into the Telegram bandwagon since April 2020.

Targeted at individual investors, the channel provides the latest market insights, sector and stock performances, as well as the latest updates on Singapore’s securities market. In just two months, the user base has grown to more than 8,000, and is set to grow even further.

In fact, SGX is running a contest in collaboration with DollarsAndSense and are giving out $100 in NTUC or Grab vouchers to 2 lucky winners this week. To take part, comment on the Facebook post and tell us which of the Telegram Channels featured in this article is your favourite and why.

More instructions in the post below. All the best!


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#3 SG Market Updates

SG Market Updates is a Telegram channel that provides timely news and articles pertaining to stocks and finance in Singapore.

In this channel, users can find finance-related articles from multiple sources, including The Straits Times, The Business Times, RTT News, Investor-One and many more. It also pulls articles from financial blogs, such as Financial Horse and Investment Moats.

#4 Business & Finance News

Investors who are trading in the US Markets can turn to Business & Finance News Telegram channel for US-related business news updates.

Boasting over 20,000 subscribers, the Telegram channel is independently operated, and is not affiliated to any media organisation or company.

The channel pushes business news and analysis with a predominant focus on the US. It covers a wide range of news, such as economic policy, business policy, financial news, stock markets and technology.

#5 Rayner Teo

As the most-followed trader in Singapore, Rayner Teo is a well-known name and veteran trader in the trading community, and has been featured in many platforms, including DollarsAndSense.

The TradingWithRayner Telegram channel, delivers useful insights and knowledge on trading, as well as links to his YouTube videos with short snippets of trading rules and information. Presently, the channel has amassed over 40,000 subscribers.

The former prop-trader founded trading website TradingwithRayner in 2014, with a growing readership of over 100,000 readers each month. He also runs a YouTube channel with over 400,000 subscribers.

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#6 Seedly Personal Finance SG

First started out as an expense tracker app in 2016, Seedly has since grown and expanded into a personal finance community, providing crowdsourced tips and reviews on a myriad of financial products in the market.

Their Telegram channel – Seedly Personal Finance SG – is a platform for those who prefer to have bite-sized news and content from the website pushed to them on-the-go. With over 30,000 subscribers, the Telegram channel promises a faster avenue for people to click and read up any finance related articles or news of interest.

#7 DollarsAndSense

Last but not least, there is yours truly. With over 10,000 subscribers, the DollarsAndSense Telegram channel is perfect for readers who like to stay informed of the latest articles on-the-go. The channel also conducts regular polls related to financial decisions, and pushes curated contents every week through “Reads For The Weekend”.