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11 Fitness Studios (HIIT, Pilates, Spin) for Every Budget With Free or Discounted First-Timer Trials

Shake up your routine with these free or affordable workouts.

We used to feel lazy about working out once in a while, but prolonged working from home is detrimental to our waistline – especially with the heightened alert phase. Now that gyms and fitness studios have opened up, you can burn off the fats and flab with different fitness classes.

If you are someone who is bored of jogging and swimming, it’s a good time to zest up your active lifestyle with new workouts such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Jumping, and Boxing. Trying out a new workout doesn’t have to be expensive. The best part about being a first-timer is the free or discounted trials available.

Here’s our updated guide on fitness studios for every budget – some with free or discounted first-time trials – to motivate you to get into better shape.

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GRITYARD promises you a holistic workout in 45 minutes. Founded by Singapore’s former national athletes in swimming, water polo, and track & field, you can look forward to an effective, time-efficient programme to help you achieve your fitness goals. Each HIIT session is designed based on the five pillars of functional fitness: Strength, Power, Agility, Endurance and Core. Serious athletes can consider taking up their Strength & Conditioning class while triathlon enthusiasts can opt for Agility & Speed Training class to maximise performance.

Class Type: HIIT, Strength & Conditioning, Agility & Speed Training

Class Pricing: $30 for single drop-in session. Free first-timer trial is available.

#2 The Garage

The Garage is a circuit training facility is suitable for fitness enthusiasts who seek an all-rounded approach for functionality and aesthetic purposes. Their fitness programmes build on the four key pillars of fitness: strength, endurance, stamina, and stability. You can improve stamina with their GarageCircuit programme and move on to strength building with their Strength 360 programme.

Class Type: Interval / Circuit Training

Class Pricing: $25 for single drop-in session (first timers only)

#3 Ride The Aurora

Immerse in a dark studio with state-of-the-art lighting system while spinning to an exhilarating playlist at Ride The Aurora. With 4 types of classes of varying difficulty level to choose from, there is something for everyone, be it you are an absolute beginner or seasoned spinners. Sweat to your heart’s content and burn 350 to 600 calories in a 45-minute spin class. Enjoy access to full shower amenities and leave feeling refreshed.

Class Type: Spinning

Class Pricing: $45 for 2-class trial package (first timers only)

#4 Absolute Cycle

Crowned as Asia’s largest rhythm cycling studio, Absolute Cycle gives you the ultimate nightclub ‘Zouk’ experience – except that you’re spinning instead of dancing to music. They pride themselves on building communities and making participants feel at home, with complimentary amenities including fully sanitised cycling shoes, face and bathing towels, personal care and lockers.

Class Type: Rhythm Cycling, Pilates Reformer

Class Pricing: $49 for 3-class trial package (first timers only)

#5 Breathe Pilates

Founded in 2011 with the first outlet in Novena Medical Centre, Breathe specialises in different types of Pilates classes to help you improve flexibility, strength, mobility and reduce body aches by correcting posture. Potential mothers to-be can opt for their prenatal Pilates to increase body strength for a smoother delivery and faster recovery process while new mothers can choose postnatal Pilates to regain core strength and functionality after birth.

Class Type: Pilates Reformer, Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates

Class Pricing: $55 for single drop-in session

#6 Options Pilates

Options Pilates is the first and only international chain of Pilates studios worldwide. They provide a holistic approach to overall wellness, helping you to alleviate chronic back pain, neck and shoulder ache, injury and tone up. All their classes are kept small to ensure that the instructor can provide personalised attention. You can feel a difference in your posture in just a few sessions and a noticeable change in your physique with continuous practice.

Class Type: Pilates Reformer, Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates

Class Pricing: $25 – 50 for single drop-in session

#7 Jumping Singapore

Jumping® Singapore is a social enterprise that donates all business proceeds to social programmes undertaken by New Hope Community Services. Jumping® Fitness is a scientifically engineered fitness program designed to maximise the health benefits of rebounding, conducted on specially developed Jumping® PROFI trampolines certified for safety and reliability. It comprises of a combination of traditional aerobic steps, dynamic sprints and ”power sports” elements to increase overall body strength.

Class Type: Trampoline Jumping Fitness

Class Pricing: $16 for single drop-in session (first timers only)

#8 Art of Yoga

Art of Yoga specialises in teaching Ashtanga Yoga, a style that contains a fixed set of sequence to synchronise breathing with a progressive series of postures. The practice is believed to build up heat within the body to detoxify muscles and organs, as well as improve flexibility, strength and focus. This style of yoga is suitable for sedentary working parents to reduce body fat and stress.

Class Type: Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy

Class Pricing: $30 for single drop-in session, $10 for single virtual session

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#9 FaMA

Fitness and Martial Arts, in short FaMA, is the premier academy for fitness, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai and Kids Martial Arts. Lead by a team of international world-class instructors, they provide a range of basic movement classes to high intensity structured training sessions in a family-friendly environment. Their FaMA Fit is an all-in-one fitness class suitable for everyone, drawing inspiration from BJJ, Muay Thai, boxing and kickboxing to help participants develop flexibility, mobility, strength, balance, and stamina.

Class Type: Functional fitness, BJJ, Muay Thai, Kids Martial Arts

Class Pricing: $35 for single drop-in session. 1-week first-timer free trial is available.

#10 King of Strength

Established in 2014, King Of Strength is one of the well-known boxing gyms in North Singapore for its remarkable coaches and modernized equipment. You can opt for group classes, one-on-one personal training and competitive training if you are serious and active in the local boxing scene.

Class Type: Boxing

Class Pricing: $29 for single drop-in session. First-timer free trial is available.

#11 Spartans Boxing Club

With champion boxers and advanced equipment, boxing at Spartans Boxing Club is one of the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy by working on your cardiovascular ability, agility and strength. They provide a friendly-family atmosphere that makes training fun and enjoyable. With an extensive network of gyms island wide, their physical classes are based on a monthly membership model whereas single classes are only available online.

Class Type: Boxing, Circuit Training, HIIT, Sparring

Class Pricing: $50 for single virtual session. First-timer free trial is available.

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With our guide to fitness classes for every budget, there is no excuse not to get moving. As the saying goes, strong is the new beautiful (or handsome). Becoming fitter not only boosts your health and energy level, but also improves your self-confidence. Grab a fitness buddy along and kick start your active lifestyle right away!

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