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Understanding Plus!, Singapore’s Largest Nation-Wide Rewards Programme (That Some People Are Still Not Using)

Earn rewards, on top of your credit card rewards

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While most of us have been staying at home for much of the pandemic, one place that we still venture out for is the supermarket. In fact, supermarket spending has increased sales of 12.3% in May 2021 on a month-on-month basis during the May Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

As we spend a good part of time and money on groceries, it makes sense to maximise the perks we can get each time we spend on groceries. For those of us who regularly shop at FairPrice, the largest supermarket chain in Singapore, we may have already heard of Plus!, Singapore’s largest rewards programme. Through this programme, each time we shop, we can accumulate LinkPoints, which can be redeemed for instant savings.

However, our LinkPoints are more than just for use at FairPrice. With the Plus! Rewards Programme, members can earn LinkPoints when they shop with other FairPrice Group (FPG) brands, including Kopitiam, Foodfare, Cheers and Unity.

With over 2.3 million members, it is likely that someone in your household already holds a Plus! Membership. Here are some easy ways you and your household can tap on Plus! Rewards Programme to maximise your household savings.

Maximise Your Household Savings With The Enhanced FairPrice App And Plus! Rewards Programme

No longer will you have to ask the cashier how many LinkPoints you have and how much you can redeem them for. You can easily check your LinkPoints balance with the FairPrice app as well as the new rewards you are eligible for.

With the improved FairPrice app, you will never miss earning LinkPoints with your Plus! Rewards membership. Instead of digging out your Plus! card, you just have to pull out your mobile phone and scan to make payment via the FairPrice app. Download the FairPrice app from both Google Play and the App Store.

The redemption for LinkPoints is straightforward: 100 LinkPoints is $1 savings at all Plus! partners. It doesn’t matter where you want to redeem your points as you can use it for groceries (FairPrice), petrol (Caltex), shopping (Downtown East) and a wide range of F&B, retail and lifestyle partners.

Earning your LinkPoints is also simple with the removal of minimum spend at FairPrice, Unity and Cheers. Even buying an ice-cold Coke on a hot afternoon at the nearby Cheers can help you earn LinkPoints. You can earn 0.5 LinkPoints per $1 spend at FairPrice, Unity and Cheers physical stores. With the revamp of the earning system, online orders at FairPrice Online now also earn you 0.5 LinkPoints per $1 spend while Digital Club members earn twice as much at 1 LinkPoint per $1 spend.

Additionally, if you are a frequent shopper with FairPrice, you get to earn an additional 0.83 LinkPoints per $1 spend when your monthly purchases at FairPrice, Unity, Warehouse Club and Cheers amount to more than $400.

How A Whole Family Can Save With Plus! Rewards Programme

The best part about the Plus! Rewards Programme is that the whole family can benefit from the numerous promotions for members and the wide network of participating partners.

For example, as a household, we can get comfortable and fashionable footwear from Skechers, enjoy 10% off regular priced items and on top of that, earn LinkPoints. Meanwhile, my father who is semi-retired but still working as an ad-hoc private hire driver can save on his petrol with Caltex. Spending with all these participating partners we can all accumulate LinkPoints, on top of the LinkPoints my mother is racking up at FairPrice.

Just by remembering to tap on our Plus! membership, we can easily save as an entire household. Here’s a possible amount that a family (married couple with a child) can save with the Plus! Rewards Programme.

Spends Earns
$400 on groceries at NTUC FairPrice or FairPrice Online 200 LinkPoints ($2 Spend = 1 LinkPoint)
$100 on dining at Peach Garden 50 LinkPoints ($2 Spend = 1 LinkPoint)
$600 on petrol at Caltex 400 LinkPoints (1 litre = 2 LinkPoints)
$100 on toiletries, supplements or medication at Unity 50 LinkPoints ($2 Spend = 1 LinkPoint)
Child’s preschooling in My First Skool ($770.40 monthly fees for Singaporean before subsidies) 855 LinkPoints per month per household *only applicable for NTUC Plus! members
Earns additional bonus 415 LinkPoints for spending $400 and over in-store at FairPrice and Unity
Total: $1,870.40 Total: 1,970 LinkPoints or $19.70


While 1,970 LinkPoints may not seem like a lot, it is actually a return of 1.05% for the household expenses that you would already be spending on.

Additionally, you can pair the Plus! Rewards Programme with any of your credit cards to earn credit card rewards such as cashback or air miles. This means that you can earn rewards from both Plus! and your own credit card rewards from the same transactions.

With such benefits, the Plus! Rewards Programme is one that every Singaporean who shops at FairPrice should have and use.

If you aren’t already one of the more than 2 million Plus! members, don’t miss out on the benefits the rest of us are enjoying. Membership is free. From now till 31 December 2021, you will receive $300 worth of vouchers when you sign up for Plus! membership! You can apply online or directly through the FairPrice app.

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