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Singapore Climbing And Bouldering Gym Membership Price Guide

Here’s a price and membership guide for you if you’re latching onto the next fitness fad in town.

Rock climbing and bouldering gyms have gained traction as a way to shake up your exercise routine. While both are considered an all-encompassing full-body workout that builds strength and endurance, there are differences between the two in terms of how it is executed. Rock climbing is carried out with a rope and protective gear, and you typically climb over 9-10m off the ground, whereas bouldering is done with just climbing shoes and you climb up to half the height.

You practice how you can maneuver grip-holds, manipulate where your body weight rests, and contort your body into positions where you can stretch that little bit further to reach the next handhold.

If climbing is an alternative sport or way you would like to get fit, then it’s only imperative that you know the price guide to the climbing gyms in Singapore to decide where you want to train. Let’s take a look into the costs involved behind this sport.

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Climbing Equipment For Bouldering And Top-Rope

Before we start climbing, we would need a few pieces of equipment to get started. If you’re doing top-rope climbing, you’ll need a harness and climbing shoes. If you’re bouldering, only climbing shoes are required. We can either purchase and bring our own equipment or rent them from the gym. Generally, the rental prices for both climbing shoes and harnesses would cost about $20 to $30 per session. Socks are required when you are wearing rented shoes. If you have forgotten to bring socks, some gyms do offer socks for sale.

Optional equipment includes climbing chalk and belay devices which can be purchased. However, beginners or leisure climbers generally do not require these items.

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Courses And Certification

Particularly for top-rope courses, rock climbing certifications may be part of the costs involved. Common courses that individuals join include the Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS) courses ranging across 3 levels certified by the Singapore Mountaineering Federation and the Assisted Belay Device (ABD) certification.

If we wish to belay for our friends, having a level 1 ANCS certification together with ABD certification would be the minimum requirement.

Course prices usually range from $10 for ABD certification and from $70 for SNCS certifications. These courses are also offered only at selected gyms.


Rates for climbing classes are usually priced according to:

– Day passes
– Set packages (usually in packs of 10 classes, 15 classes, 20 classes)
– Monthly membership

Some gyms also offer concession rates for youths, parent-child purchases, or entry during off-peak hours. Do note that some gyms have certain exclusions to sharing passes in a package, while others are non-transferrable once purchased under your name.

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Bouldering Gyms

Boulder World

Rates: $25, $18 (Youth)

Packages: $120 (5 Passes), $200 (10 Passes), $90 + $100  (Monthly + Initiation Fee)

Rentals: $6 (Climbing Shoes), $3 (Socks)

Opening Hours: 9am – 11pm (Weekdays), 9am – 9pm (PH / Weekends)



Rates: $24, $16 (Youth), $14 (Child), $30 (Parent-Child)

Packages: $180 (10 Passes)

Rentals: $5 (Climbing Shoes), $2 (Socks)

Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mondays), 8.30am – 10pm (Tuesday and Thursday), 830am – 8pm (Weekend and Public Holidays)


Boulder Movement

Rates: $35 (includes shoe rental)

Packages: $135 (5 Passes), $118 (Monthly)

Rentals: $5 (Climbing Shoes), $2 (Socks)

Opening Hours: 12.30pm – 10pm (Monday), 7.30am – 10pm (Tuesday – Friday), 8am – 8pm (PH / Weekends except Aperia, which opens till 5.30pm)


Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym

Rates: $17, $12 (Student), $9 (Child)

Packages: $140 (10 Passes)

Rentals: $5 (Climbing Shoes)

Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Monday – Thursday) 3pm – 10pm (Friday), 10am – 6pm (PH / Weekends)


Fit Bloc

Rates: $28

Packages: $180 (10 Passes)

Rentals: $6 (Shoe Rental per visit), $5 (Harness rental), $10 (for both)

Opening Hours: 9.30am – 10.30pm daily


Oyeyo Bouldering Gym

Rates: $18+ One-time registration fee of $10.

Packages: $80 (5 Passes), $140 (10 Passes), $240 (20 Passes)

Rentals: $5 (Shoe Rental per visit). Shoe rental included in first-time visit.

Opening Hours: 1pm – 10pm (Weekdays), 10am – 7pm (PH /Weekends)


Kinetics Gym

Rates: $19, $15 (Student) One time registration fee of $5.

Packages: $85 (5 Passes), $150 (10 Passes), $250 (First 2 Months) + $110 (for subsequent Months)

Rentals: $5 (Climbing Shoes), $4 (Harness), $4 (Belay Device), $3 (Chalk Bag), $1 (Lock Rental), $2 (Retail Socks)

Opening Hours: 4pm – 10pm (Monday), 1pm – 10pm (Tuesday – Friday), 10am – 7pm (PH / Weekends)


Lighthouse Climbing Gym

Rates: $24, $18 (Youth or Senior Citizen), $15 (Child), $35 (Adult + Child),

Packages: $110 (5 Passes), $200 (10 Passes), $100 + $100  (Monthly + Initiation Fee)

Rentals: $6 (Climbing Shoes), $3 (Chalk Bag), $2 (Retail Socks)

Opening Hours: 930am – 1015pm (Weekdays) , 930am – 915pm (PH / Weekends)


Top-Rope Gyms

Ground Up Climbing Gym

Rates: $22, $15 (Youth)

Packages: $100 (5 Passes), $180 (10 Passes), $80 (Monthly)

Rentals: $5 (Climbing Shoes), $3 (Harness), $1 (Belay Device), $2 (Chalk Bag), $1 (Lock Rental), $2 (Socks)

Opening Hours: 5pm – 11pm (Monday), 12pm – 11pm (Tuesday – Thursday), 12pm – 1030pm (Friday), 10am – 9pm (PH / Weekends)


Clip n’ Climb

Rates (up to 90mins): $18 (HomeTeam NS member), $22 (PA / SAFRA member), $25

Packages (10 classes): $126 (HomeTeam NS member), $154 (PA / SAFRA member), $175

Rentals: Equipment included in rates.

Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm (Monday* – Thursday), 10am – 9pm (Friday, PH/ Weekends, Eve of PH)

*Gym opens at 2pm on the first Monday of the month.


Climb Central

Rates: $25, $20 (Youth), $31 (Adult-Child)

Packages: $105 (5 Passes), $190 (10 Passes), $130 (5 Adult-Child Passes), $230 (10 Adult-Child Passes), from $180 (Monthly)

Rentals: $5 (Climbing Shoes), $3 (Harness), $7 (Shoes and Harness set)

Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Weekdays), 9am – 9pm (PH / Weekends)


The Rock School

Rates: $17 (Adult), $15 (Youth), $10 (Supervising Adult)

Packages: $80 (5 Passes), $150 (10 Passes), $390 (30 Passes), $80 + $59 (One-off initiation fee + Monthly Renewal). Other packages available here.

Rentals: $5 (Climbing Shoes), $3 (Harness), $3 (Belay Device), $1 (Socks)

Opening Hours:

Tampines Hub : 11am – 10pm (Weekdays), 9am – 9pm (PH / Weekends)

Bedok Community Centre : 10.30am – 7pm* ( Monday – Tuesday *School Holidays Only), Closed on Wednesday, 1pm – 7pm (Thursday to Friday), 10am – 7pm (PH / Weekends)



Rates: $28, $22 (Member); $16 (Under 21), $13 (Member Under 21)

Packages: $125 (5 Passes), $235 (10 Passes), $100 + $80 (1 Month + Membership Fee), $285 + $80 (3 Months + Membership Fee)

Rentals: $6 (Climbing Shoes), $6 (Harness), $6 (Belay Device), $12 (3-Piece Bundle)

Opening Hours: 2pm – 10pm (Monday), 10am – 10pm (Tuesday – Friday), 8am – 8.30pm (PH / Weekends)


Upwall Climbing

Rates: $20, $10 (Supervising Adult)

Packages: $160 (10 Passes)

Rentals: $5 (Climbing Shoes), $3 (Harness), $3 (Belay Device), Socks ($1.50)

Opening Hours: 930am – 1045pm


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Climbing Gyms That Have Ceased Operations

#1 Climbers’ Laboratory

#2 Onsight Climbing Gym

#3 Let em’ Play

#4 Camelot @ SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre

This article was first published on 15 January 2020 and updated with additional information. 

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