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ActiveSG Membership: What Is It And What Can You Use It For?

Free $100 to exercise? Here’s what, how and when you can use it to your benefit.

ActiveSG is a sports membership programme complimentary for all Singaporeans and Singapore PRs and opens up a whole suite of activities, programmes and facilities for Singaporeans to use. If you are eligible, you will receive $100 in credits, aimed at incentivising you to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. While the ActiveSG membership has no expiry date, these credits will expire on 31 December the following year of upon account activation.

If you are relooking your ActiveSG membership,  here’s a walkthrough on all you need to know about maximising this free fitness membership for Singaporeans and PRs.

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#1 What Is ActiveSG?

ActiveSG is a national movement initiated by Sport Singapore. It aims to promote sport and healthy living across all age groups through ample programmes and activities at affordable rates.

The programme, which comes with a companion app on mobile phones, is free for Singaporeans and PRs. It also includes an in-app wallet with a free $100 credit for every registered and eligible member.

The in-app wallet can also be used with participating partners. We can earn a $1 ActiveSG credit for every $10 spent. A total of $10 ActiveSG credit can be earned per transaction. Participating merchants include Decathlon, Burger King and more.

The app features in-built trackers such as a steps tracker to measure your fitness level and wellness challenges like “GameOn Nila! Campaign” that rewards you with prizes for staying active while exploring Singapore.

On top of that, the app also helps you locate the nearest sports facilities and amenities that you can book depending on your interest.

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#2 How Can I Get My $100 ActiveSG Credit?

All Singaporeans and PRs are eligible for the $100 ActiveSG credits upon verifying their ActiveSG membership accounts. This can be done by logging into SingPass and then setting up your 6-digit in-app eWallet PIN.

Alternatively, registration can be done at the Guest Services Office at all ActiveSG Sports Centres and swimming complexes if you prefer to, or do not have a SingPass account. You will need to furnish your student pass or birth certificate for verification and the $100 credit is automatically credited into your account.

To use the $100 credit and the ActiveSG membership, you can download the ActiveSG mobile app onto your smartphone for use at any ActiveSG outlets and affiliated facilities. The Active SG membership is valid for your entire lifetime upon registration.

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#3 How Can I Use My $100 ActiveSG Credit?

The ActiveSG $100 credits can be used for all programmes, activities and facilities under ActiveSG.

Gym Admissions: Part of the perks of the membership is the affordable gym rates at ActiveSG outlets. You may use your $100 credits to purchase peak or off-peak gym passes that go at a monthly, half-yearly or yearly rate.

Source: ActiveSG

Pool Admissions: The credits can also be spent on ActiveSG pool admissions, going at unlimited monthly or yearly entries.

Source: ActiveSG

ActiveSG Facilities Booking: Being an ActiveSG member means you can access many public facilities. This can include the booking of BBQ pits, fields, badminton courts and sports centres in public schools for a myraid of sports and social activities.

ActiveSG Programmes And Activities: The credits can be spent on ActiveSG programmes and activities (capped at 30% of the cost for each programme/activity, with no limit on the number of programmes). Your $100 credit can be used to book a range of studio programmes that cater to individuals, school-going children, families and even seniors. The activities span range across categories such as: aerobic, balance, flexibility, muscular endurance and muscular strength.

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#4 How Long Are My ActiveSG Credits Valid For?

Your one-time $100 ActiveSG credits will expire on 31st December of the following year after you activate your ActiveSG membership account. For instance, if your ActiveSG credits were issued on 23rd March 2022, they will expire on 31st December 2023.

A one-year extension for the expiry of ActiveSG credits will be granted whenever you perform any transaction in the year of expiry. The transaction needs to use the ActiveSG credits and there is no minimum amount needed for the extension to take place.

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This article was originally published on 12 March 2020 and updated with new information.

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