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How To Use ClassPass To Score Cheap And Free Exercise Classes And Gym Access

Hack your fitness routine and budget

If working from home or indulging in mooncakes has made you just a little paunchy, it is a good reason to shed off those extra calories by going for exercise classes or hitting the gym – without having to burn your wallet.

You may be familiar with subscription-based fitness platforms such as ClassPass, which gives you access to a variety of exercise studios and gyms at a fixed monthly fee. If you are someone, like me, who gets bored by repetitive exercises, having the freedom to choose from different exercise classes and gyms is an enjoyable and sustainable way to keep fit. More so, if you are smart at maximising your ClassPass credits to score cheaper (and sometimes, free) exercise classes!

Here are some tricks and hacks about ClassPass that you may not be aware of.

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#1 Make Use Of 14-Day Trial With Free First-Timer Credits

First-time users of ClassPass are entitled to a 14-day trial inclusive of 20 free credits, which you can use to book up to 7 exercise classes. Most exercise classes are priced at 3-4 credits each, with the exception of popular or premium classes.

This is actually like receiving free gym access for 14 days if you choose to repeat your booking for a particular gym, compared to only getting a one-time free trial under normal circumstances. Do note that the 14-day trial begins from the day you create an account on ClassPass, regardless of whether you have used any credit to make a booking.

In the event you want to terminate your plan, simply login to ClassPass account settings and click on ‘Cancel or hold my membership’ before the 14-day trial ends to avoid being charged. Your account will automatically be renewed into a monthly plan after 14 days.

#2 Understand How Dynamic Pricing Works

Typically, the price of a particular exercise class at any fitness studio and gym is fixed. However, this is not always the case when you make a booking on ClassPass. One of the unique features that ClassPass uses is dynamic pricing, which means that the pricing may vary slightly for certain classes at some of the listed fitness studios. You may be able to use less credits when you book super early, or extremely last minute when the booking is about to close. If you don’t really have a preference for classes or gym slots, this may work to your advantage.

Nonetheless, if you have a preferred class, it is advisable to secure your slot early in case it gets fully booked fast.

#3 Be Surprised By Cancellation Promotions

One little-known feature of ClassPass is the cancellation promotion. This seems too good to be true since we expect brands to forget about us – most of the time – once we cancel our subscriptions. However, for ClassPass, they do try to woo you back with promotional offers when you are cancelling your subscription. To persuade you from cancelling your subscription, they may offer you discounted packages or more credits for your package. By using these promotions, you can get your credits for cheaper, leading to cheaper costs per gym or studio class.

Do note that these promotions are not guaranteed, you may end up cancelling without receiving any cancellation promotions, so make sure that you are certain about your cancellation.

#4 Opt For Less Popular Classes

Not every exercise class is charged equally. For instance, a yoga class at studio A may cost more credits than a yoga class at studio B. Similarly, different classes within the same studio may be priced differently due to the popularity or perceived market value of the class. For instance, classes such as aerial yoga and reformer pilates usually cost more credits compared to normal mat yoga and pilates. If you have no specific preference for your choice of workout or fitness studio, you can consider going for the less popular options by comparing between different studios.

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#5 Switch Classes Regularly

On the other hand, try to switch classes and alternate between different fitness studios every month. If the system recognises that you have been attending the same exercise class or a fitness studio, it may eventually price the class at higher credits. So if you constantly find yourself doing the same workout, this is a good motivation to break out of your comfort zone and try something new!

#6 Upgrade Plan Instead Of Buying Extra Credits

For a start, you can go for the more basic monthly plan that costs as low as SGD19 for 8 credits (equivalent to 2 classes) before you decide if you need more credits. If you are keen to take on more exercise classes, you have the option to upgrade to a higher-tier plan that ranges between SGD59 to SGD315 per month. It is more value-for-money if you upgrade to a higher-tier plan instead of getting an ala carte credit pack. For instance, if you upgrade to an SGD59 monthly plan, one credit costs $2.36 compared to buying a 10-credit pack at SGD25 that amounts to one credit at $2.50. Even if you are unsure of clearing the credits for subsequent months, you can always downgrade your plan before the next subscription cycle.

#7 Refer a Friend Or Your Company

Sharing is caring, especially it’s about keeping healthy and fit! For every friend whom you refer to sign up using your unique referral link, you will receive a one-time discount off your next subscription month in the form of a gift card. The referral is only valid if your referred friend subscribes to a ClassPass monthly plan within 3 months from receiving your referral link. Do note that the incentive for referring friends may change from time to time, and it is best to check the latest terms and conditions on ClassPass website.

You can even try to propose ClassPass corporate membership to your bosses or workplace wellness advocates if the company has not implemented any employee wellness benefits. You can continue to use your personal account under the corporate plan.

Kickstart Your Active Lifestyle Today

With access to 359 fitness studios and gyms with ClassPass, you can experience a diverse range of workouts at a fraction of your usual gym membership – with the option to change or cancel your plan anytime. And since you already know about some tricks and hacks, you can maximise your class credits and make the most out of your monthly subscription. All that you need to kickstart an active lifestyle now is just a little push.

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