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Cost Guide To Buying Live Christmas Trees

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.

Although it makes more economical sense to buy an artificial Christmas tree to reuse every year, some families are ditching that idea and opting for real Christmas trees.

The reasons for having a live Christmas tree vary from person to person. Some people just want the real experience of having a live tree. Some families have it as a tradition. Others prefer live trees as a more eco-friendlier option as they can be worked into compost by local recyclers once it’s time to take it down. Lastly, the fresh woody smell and realness of the tree also helps one connect with the holiday to get into the festive mood.

The tradition of putting up Christmas trees and hanging ornaments on them started before the advent of Christianity. The symbolic use of evergreens dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and Rome. In Egypt, they would fill their homes with green palm rushes which symbolizes the triumph of life over death. In Rome, they would decorate their homes and temples evergreen boughs to mark the solstice. For ancient people, plants and trees that remained green throughout the year hold a special meaning for its people in the winter. It was the Germans who were the first to continue the tradition of lighting candles on Christmas trees, and thus the modern Christmas tree was born.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Live Christmas Tree

Before heading off to a plant nursery and buying any tree that catches your eye, here are some factors you need to consider before purchasing a live Christmas tree.

Choosing Which Type Of Fir Christmas Tree

In Singapore, fir Christmas trees are imported because of their symmetrical conical shape, and their rich camphor, woody fragrance. Some plant nurseries offer more than one type of fir tree. There are the Balsams, Douglas, Fraser, Concolour, Korean, Nordmann, Noble, etc. Each fir specimen has its differences. For example, the Nordmann fir and Noble fir are similar in many areas, but the main difference lies in the strength of the scent. The Nordmann fir has a light scent while Noble fir has a rich fragrance. The light scent of the Nordmann fir makes it ideal for people with allergies or a sensitive nose.

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Where To Put Your Christmas tree

Avoid placing the tree in direct sunlight. The heat will speed up the decaying process and dry the tree out. Placing the tree near an electrical plug will also ease the need to run unsightly extension cords. You should also measure your ceiling to ensure that the tree isn’t too tall for your home. Lastly, while live Christmas trees are generally non-toxic to pets, families should note that the needles can cause tummy upset or oral irritation to their pets.

Caring For Your Christmas Tree So It Lasts In Singapore’s Tropical Weather

Having a live tree means that you would need to take care of your tree much like a plant. Fill the tree stand with water after placing your tree in and check it daily to ensure there’s enough water. You can add mosquito-repellent granules to the water to prevent mosquito breeding, too. Keep the tree away from direct sunlight and be mindful of lights that produce heat.

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Plant Nurseries In Singapore To Buy Live Christmas Tree

#1 IKEA ($59 To $79)

Source: IKEA

Possibly one of the cheapest suppliers for live Christmas trees, the trees will be available for sale at IKEA Alexandra and Tampines end November or early December. There will be 2 sizes of the live Christmas tree for sale, one standing at 1.6m and another at 2m tree. The 1.6m tree will cost $59, and the 2m tree will cost $79. Tree stands are sold separately and there are 3 stands to pick from.

It is strictly self-collection, so buyers will have to arrange their own third-party courier to deliver the tree. You can receive a $25 voucher when you return your live trees back for recycling at IKEA stores. IKEA will work with a local recycler to turn your tree into compost for re-distribution to schools and community gardening projects.

Opening Hours: IKEA Tampines: 11am-9pm (Sun-Thu) and 11am-11pm (Fri-Sat). IKEA Alexandra: 10am – 9pm (Sun-Thu) and 10am – 11pm (Fri-Sat).

Location: IKEA Alexandra and IKEA Tampines

Price: 1.6m at $59. 2m at $79

Stand: VINTER edition stand costs $25. Small stand for the 1.6m tree costs $20. Medium stand for the 2m costs $30.

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#2 Cold Storage ($119 To $219)

Source: Cold Storage

Shop for your groceries and get a Balsam fir at the same time at Cold Storage. Balsam fir trees have more flexible branches, so keep your decorating light. Cold Storage get their trees come from Canada and are available now for pre-order..

Make the order via Cold Storage website.

Price: $119 for 5 to 6 ft, $149 for 6 to 7 ft and $219 for 9 to 10 ft.

Stand: $39 for trees up to 8ft, or $49 for trees up to 10 ft

Additional Charges: Delivery fee of $60 per tree, per location and up to 3 trees. Self-collection is not applicable for pre-ordered trees.

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#3 Bedok Garden & Landscape ($145 To $1,163.90)

Source: Bedok Garden & landscape

The Bedok Garden & landscape carries Nordmann firs and Noble firs from USA, and premium Noble firs from Europe. Tree sizes range from 4ft to 12 ft.  For the full list of items and price list, click here.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 7 pm daily

Location: 4A Bedok South Road, Singapore 469269

Price: Retail price of Noble fir from USA – $145 for 4ft to 5ft, $185 for 5ft to 6ft, $235 for 7ft to 8ft, and the price will go up to $1,163.90 for 11 ft to 12ft trees.

Stand: $19 to $58 depending on the size of the tree

Additional Charges: Delivery services available on enquiry. Disposal request made after the point of purchase will be charged at $80.

#4 Candy Floriculture ($145 To $690)

Source: Candy Floriculture

At Candy Floriculture, you can pick out a Noble or Nordmann fir Christmas tree. The Nordmann fir has a light scent while Noble fir has a rich fragrance. The light scent of the Nordmann fir makes it suitable for people with allergies or a sensitive nose.

There are 18 selections of fir trees at Candy Floriculture, some trees are labelled as premium and costs more. For example, the 5-6 ft Noble fir costs $190, while the 5-6ft Premium Noble fir costs $235. That’s a price difference of $45.

Opening Hours: 8am to 7:30pm daily

Location: 567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183

Price: For non-premium trees, the price ranges from $145 for 4 to 5 ft, $190 for 5 to 6 ft, $236 for 6 to 7 ft, $310 for 7 to 8 ft, $455 for 8 to 9 ft, $690 for 9 to 10 ft. For their full list of items, click here.

Stand: $30

Additional Charges: Delivery at $30, may cost more depending on delivery area. Disposal at $30.

#5 FarEastFlora ($259.45 To $464.34)

Source: FarEastFlora

At FarEastFlora, USA Nordmann fir trees and Europe Noble fir trees are available for purchase. A tree stand is included with every FarEastFlora Christmas tree, and they have three tree sizes for selection

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 8AM-9PM | Sun & Public Holidays 8AM-7PM

Location: 565 Thomson Road, Singapore 298184 (Located within Goodwood Florist)

Price: $259.45 for 6 to 7 ft Nordmann fir with stand. $339.45 for 6.5 to 8 3ft Noble fir with stand and $464.34 for 8 to 10 ft Noble fir with stand.

Stand: Stand included with tree.

Additional Charges: Standard delivery costs $15.37 to $25 and will cost more depending on delivery area. Disposal cost $40 or $80 depending on when you make the request for disposal. There will be a staircase fee of $30 if it requires them to carry up a maximum of 3 floors.

#6 Ji Mei Flower ($125 To $285)

Source: Ji Mei Flower

Ji Mei Flower carries Noble and Nordmann fir trees that are shipped from the U.S. They have three sizes and currently are on discount. They carry mini Christmas trees ranging from 30cm to 60cm, too.

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 8AM-9PM | Sun & Public Holidays 8AM-7PM

Location: 5 Joan Road, Singapore 298898

Price: $125 for 4 to5 ft, $205 for 6 to 7 ft and $285 for 7 to 8 ft.

Stand: $18

Additional Charges: Delivery at $30. Disposal at $30.

#7 Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape (From $188 To $215)

Source: Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape

Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape specialises in Fraser firs direct from a sustainable farm in Canada. Each Fraser fir tree gets an individual wash down. Fraser firs tend to sport a tall and slim shape, and the tips of its needles seem to be dusted with silver, adding a snowy look to it.

Opening Hours: 8am to 8pm daily

Location: 32 Punggol Road East #01-02, Singapore 828824

Price: $188 for 5 to 6 ft, $215 for 6 to 7 ft.

Stand: $48

Additional Charges: Delivery at $30. Disposal at $30. Carrying it up staircase cost an additional $10/ floor.

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