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11 Unusual Christmas Gifts (Below $30) That Your Friends and Loved Ones Will Never Expect To Receive For Gift Exchange

No mugs, no gifts vouchers, no candles here.

Everyone has people in their life who are so quirky and different that a scented candle or a bottle of wine just wouldn’t cut it. For these people, you’d need to think outside of the box and look for weird, quirky, odd and unusual gifts.

Here are some bizarre gifts that will crack them up like a nutcracker.

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#1 Customised Socks ($18.90)

Source: Shopee

Stay on someone’s mind with these customised socks. Print your face on socks and make your loved ones smile or crack up depending on how derp the socks turn out.

#2 Massage Slippers (From $20 Onwards)

Source: Lazada

Great for friends and family members who stand long hours at work. This would be good for seniors who frequent neighbourhood parks to use the foot reflexology paths, too.

#3 Global Map (Scratch Off) (From $10.40 Onwards)

Source: Shopee

This scratch off map works well for both the well-travelled and the “wanna-be” well-travelled person. It can serve as a motivation for those who want to explore the world and experience as many cultures as possible while they’re able bodied.

Just google “scratch off world map” and you will see a lot of options differing in price and design.

#4 2022 Leadership Quotes Calendar ($20.50)

Source: Amazon Singapore

Get through each day with an inspiring quote from great leaders around the world. But if you’re looking for something funnier and lighthearted, here’s the link to 2022 calendars that features pooping animals.

#5 Kalimba (From $23.16 Onwards)

Source: Lazada

Buy it for the musically inclined or the musician member in your group. It’s the size of your hand making it highly portable and can easily fit into any bag. Great for all ages, including kids.

#6 Wax Seal Stamp Set (From $22.52 Onwards)

Source: Lazada

Once upon a time, in the 16th century, letters and envelopes were sealed using wax, and the stamp usually bears the mark of the sender. Relive the feeling of melting wax and pouring it on letters and envelopes before stamping it close with this Wax Seal Stamp set.

#7 Hook Coffee Variety Pack ($22)

Source: NTUC Fairprice

This gift could work for Secret Santa gift exchange. It’s consumable, in a variety pack and it’s not gender-specific. This means you don’t need to know the person well or be worried about whether the gift is tailored towards a gender. It works 100% only if your group exchange is full of coffee lovers. Perfect for your coffee-holic colleagues.

#8 Stainless Steel Ice Cubes ($22.06)

Source: Amazon Singapore

Getting a gift for a drinker? These reusable ice cubes are perfect for any drink and not just whiskey. Firstly, they won’t dilute your drink. Secondly, it comes with non-slip ice tongs. Packaged nicely in a gift box, it’s ready to go under any Christmas tree.

#9 Otamaton (Toy and Instrument) (From $24.48 onwards)

Source: Lazada

The Otamaton is an electronic musical instrument synthesizer and toy. It plays a tune when you squeeze its mouth and move your finger along the bar. You can find it on Lazada for different prices, some costing as much as $100. You can find it under $30, so scroll through the list. Great for all ages, including kids.

#10 The Singaporean Dream Card Game ($19.50)

Source: Amazon Singapore

Buy this for your foreign friend/ colleague to bring them up to speed with Singaporean lingo. This interactive game is great even for locals as there are many Singaporean personalities that we’re all too familiar with, for example, Ah Beng, CBD Office Lady, Aunty, etc. This game requires players to collaborate and team up with one another, ideal for helping the team bond after spending almost 2 years working from home.

[Bonus] #11 Mini Air Hockey Set ($55.74)

Source: Amazon Singapore

Hit multiple people with one gift. While it is technically above $30, we are still staying under budget if there’re at least 2 recipients of this gift. Here’s a gift that the whole family can enjoy. This mini air hockey set will keep everyone entertained even while we’re all cooped up at home during this pandemic. It is air-powered to keep the puck moving, so get the batteries ready and stocked up if the family gets competitive.

Foosball is available in the same link. Just click on Foosball when you cart the item out.

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