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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your SP Services Utilities Account

Your humble SP Services account comes with its own set of surprises.

There are many milestones and shared experiences that Singaporeans will encounter in the journey of life. There’s attending compulsory education, getting the chance to vote, and buying our first home.

One less visible, but no less significant milestone in adulting comes when you have to create a utilities account with SP Group. This signifies that you either have a place of business that you’re responsible for, or you’re now the proud owner of your own home.

Most of us would probably just login to our SP Services account when we set it up, and then not bother about it for a few years, perhaps when our lease expires or we are moving to another property and need to close the utilities account.

Here are some lesser-known features and cool things you can do with your SP Services login as a customer.

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What Is SP Services?

SP Services provides integrated services for the supply of electricity, water and piped gas in Singapore, including billing, meter reading, and customer registration. It is also committed to sell electricity at the regulated tariff to residential and small business customers.

SP Services is a subsidiary of SP Group, which started when the electricity and gas departments of the Public Utilities Board were corporatised and spun off into a standalone entity. SP Group is wholly-owned by Temasek, the state investment fund.

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How To Log In To Access Your SP Services Account?

There are two main ways you can access your SP Services account: via the SP Services web portal or the SP Utilities app (available on Android or iOS). For those who haven’t logged in for ages, have your utilities account number handy (it’s printed on your bill) so you can retrieve your e-mail address used for logging in, and reset your password if needed.

Now that you have access, here are other cool things (you might not know) you can do with your SP Services account.

#1 View Past Utilities Usage And Billing History – And Submit Meter Readings

With your SP Services account, you can browse your past utilities consumption and billing history. For companies, this can be very helpful when you’re tabulating business costs for the year, or if you need to make projections for a new facility.

Households would it useful in identifying patterns in your household’s usage, and studying the impact of new power-saving appliances.

Also, since meter readers only come once every 2 months, you can voluntarily submit readings for electricity, gas and water in the months the meter reader does not come, if you do not want your usage to be interpolated and approximated by SP Group.

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#2 Share Utilities Usage With Your Family – And Have Them Settle The Bill

With family sharing features, you can create a Group for your utilities account and invite your family members (by way of e-mail address). Your invited family members would be able to view and monitor your household’s electricity, water and gas usage – and pay the bill on your behalf!

This is especially helpful for families with multiple working adults, or if family members would like to take turns to contribute to the household utilities expenses. In the past, we would have to pass a single hardcopy bill around, or do the unsafe practice of sharing the SP Services login.

#3 Be Inspired (And Rewarded) To Conserve Resources With GreenUP

To encourage Singapore households to conserve precious resources, SP Group has launched the GreenUP initiative, which is accessible in the SP Utilities app. Through gamification, GreenUP encourages users to select various challenges for a chance to earn points, which can be used to redeem CapitaLand’s CapitaStar rewards.

Challenges include pledging to reduce their electricity usage for the month, opting for e-bills, and inviting family and friends to take part in GreenUP.

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#4 View Daily Smart Meter Consumption

Smart meters are currently optional, but in time to come, would be a mainstay of all households and commercial premises. These smart meters allow electricity consumption to be tracked in half-hourly intervals, which is a huge upgrade from having manual electricity meters readers come by every 2 months.

With your SP Services account, you can look at your premise’s power consumption on a daily basis – whether for cost-accounting purposes, for nagging at your co-occupants, or to make sure you’re on track to winning your GreenUP challenge that month.

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#5 Locate Charging Stations For Electric Cars

For the growing contingent of drivers who own and operate an electric car, finding car charging points is a necessity.

You probably already know where to charge your cars at places you frequent, but if you’re in an unfamiliar part of town, you can also use the SP Utilities app to locate charging stations (both AC and DC), as well as use the app to start charging and then pay for your usage.

Another cool feature is that you can go grab coffee or a snack, and receive a push notification on your phone once your car has been charged to a certain point!

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