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9 Food Discount Apps Every Singaporean Foodie Should Be Using To Save Money

You can be a kiasu Singaporean and download all 10 apps today.

You are probably aware that eating out often can take a toll on your wallet. But if you can’t help but want to meet your other half for dinner every day, it is probably time to take steps to manage your food expenditure.

If your occupation requires you to dine with clients often, or you do not have the time to cook, being able to save while eating out means that your money can spent on other things.

One way is to utilise promo codes and coupons that will give us huge savings. However, it can be cumbersome to constantly google for “Discounts at XX restaurant” or “1-for-1 deals in Singapore”. To make your life just a little easier, we have compiled the 10 food discount apps every Singaporean foodie should have.

#1 Shopback Go

What is it: ShopBack GO is a cashback programme launched by ShopBack on 17 December 2018, which allows users to earn cashback when they dine, on top of existing credit card discounts and promotions. There are currently more than 4,00 outlets where you can use ShopBack GO.

How you can save money: Because you’ll get to enjoy cashback, that means you technically spend lesser on each meal! Any dining cashback from ShopBack GO will be reflected in your ShopBack account, together with the cashback you received from other ShopBack services such as online shopping and hotel bookings. Once you have accumulated at least $10 in “confirmed cashback”, you can withdraw the cashback earned to a designated bank or PayPal account. The funds will take around 3 – 5 working days to be credited and the limit is $300/day.

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#2 Chope

What is it: Chope is a real-time restaurant-reservation booking platform that connects diners with its partner restaurants. You’ll get to discover dining spots near you, and secure a table for free. There are a ton of 1-for-1 deals and 50% discounts at over 4,000 restaurants with ChopeDeals. Apart from Singapore, app is also available regionally in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Shanghai, Beijing, Bali, and Jakarta.

How you can save money: Because Chope has such a large database of restaurants ranging from Chinese food to western cuisine, you’ll always be able to find a restaurant with affordable meals. This means greater convenience and cost savings.

#3 The Entertainer

What is it: With more than 6 million downloads and counting, this money-saving app offers promotions on almost every lifestyle activity you can think of —  promotions at fine dining restaurants, casual dining spots, luxurious spas, and more. The app comes with a built-in savings calculator, so you’ll be able to track all the money you have saved with The Entertainer app.

How you can save money: At $98, you will get to enjoy 1,300 “Buy one get one free” offers across more than 300 outlets. Members save 12 times more on average using The Entertainer app. Unlike other apps, The Entertainer offers add-on deals which you can use across the border —the $98 price tag comes with 1-for-1 deals in Johor Bahru!

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#4 Burpple Beyond

What is it: Burpple Beyond is popular for its 1-for-1 dining deals at over 600 restaurants. Launched in 2018 by Burpple, Burpple Beyond members get to discover food places, enjoy deals, and share reviews. The reviews section helps fellow members make a informed decision on where they would like to dine at.

How you can save money: There are two different membership plans to choose from. The premium membership plan costs $99 a year, which gives you 12 months of access to more than 2,400 deals and at each restaurant, you get to use up to four deals. This translates to only $8.25 a month!

If you think $8.25 a month is too much, do consider the lite membership plan that cost $49 a year, giving you more than 1,200 deals with each outlet allowing up to two deals.

#5 Fave

What is it: Acquired by PineLabs this year, Fave offers coupons, cashback, and other deals. These coupons and deals can be purchased on Fave to be used at their partnering merchants. This includes deals for dining, beauty, lifestyle, and more. Some of these deals are time-sensitive and are only available for a short period. However, you can purchase these deals beforehand if you prefer to use them later.

How you can save money: If you use FavePay, you will get to enjoy immediate cashback on your next order at the store or restaurant the next time you visit. At some partners, you’ll even get to enjoy discounts or cashback of up to 50% off your total bill.


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#6 Quandoo

What is it: Quandoo helps connect diners with the best restaurants around the world via a table reservation system. Diners get to discover more than 17,000 restaurants in 12 countries worldwide and book a table at any of these restaurants. Restaurant bookings have never been so seamless.

How you can save money: Quandoo allows you to make reservations around the world (including countries in Europe such as Germany!) and rake up loyalty points. Once you have accumulated enough points from your reservations and reviews, you’ll be able to redeem your points for cash. Every 1,000 points will entitle you to a $15 voucher. By signing up for a Quandoo account, you will already receive 400 points. What’s a better way to accumulate points just by showing up to a restaurant you have booked for?

#7 Eatigo

What is it: Eatigo calls itself “Singapore’s number 1 restaurant reservation platform”, and is famous for offering discounts of up to 50% in our favourite restaurants and eateries. The Eatigo app is extremely easy to use, with restaurants sectioned into locations, and popular options such as “trending”, “hotpot”, “plant-based meats” and ‘seafood” for easy user navigation.

How you can save money: Even if you do not get to enjoy the full 50% discount when you visit a restaurant during peak hours, you’ll be sure to enjoy a minimum discount of 10% off your total bill. Eatigo also constantly rolls out additional discounts and vouchers, so you’ll get to enjoy a constant stream of promotions.

#8 Lazada

What is it: One of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, Lazada integrates commerce and technology to provide a seamless user experience. Almost everything can be found on the platform, this includes attractive food and restaurant deals.

How you can save money: Under the Food and Beverage Meals section, we can browse through the digital vouchers available on the platform. Most of these vouchers can be used at any time for dine-in, including peak hours. These vouchers are in either meal bundle or cash discount format.

#9 Shopee

What is it: The most popular e-commerce platform in Singapore and Southeast Asia, Shopee is known for its innovative shopping deal days and endless catalogue. Always on the frontier of providing discounts and great deals, Shopee also offers meal and restaurant voucher deals.

How you can save money: Under the Tickets, Vouchers & Services section, we can gain access to a wide variety of F&B restaurants or take away vouchers. Most of the dine-in vouchers are in partnership with Chope, so do note that it would only be valid if the booking is made through Chope.

Keep Your Wallet As Full As Your Stomach

If your bank account balance is depleting faster than you can say “I’m hungry!”, it is time to take steps to save money.

If your phone does not have much storage space, you do not have to download all 10 apps. Depending on your needs and wants, someone who prefers cashback might choose Fave over Eatigo. Likewise, someone who goes out often to eat out with friends might choose Chope over Burpple Beyond, which is the preferred choice for foodies who enjoy trying different cuisines.

This article was first published on 09 July 2019 and updated with additional information. 

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