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HSBC Revolution VS HSBC Advance VS HSBC Visa Platinum: Which Card Should You Get For The Free ENTERTAINER?

If 1-for-1 deals all day, every day sound good to you, read on.

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HSBC has partnered with The ENTERTAINER to bring all HSBC credit card holders hundreds of 1-for-1 dining, leisure, wellness, and entertainment deals in the ENTERTAINER with HSBC app.


The ENTERTAINER costs $65 when you purchase it on its own. However, ENTERTAINER with HSBC is complimentary to all main HSBC Credit Cardholders.

Many people know The Entertainer for its 1-for-1 dining perks. What many people don’t realize is that The Entertainer also offers other deals such as:

1-for-1 lifestyle deals: Ranging from spa sessions to fitness classes to fun leisure activities.

One night complimentary hotel stay: When you book 1 night, you get 1 night free. Enjoy one night of complimentary stay at over 100 hotels around the world from leading brands such as Shangri-La, Holiday Inn, Banyan Tree and more.

1-for-1 overseas offers: Even outside of Singapore, you can enjoy savings even while you travel with over 300 overseas deals in Malaysia, Bali, Hong Kong, UAE and London.

Earn coins: You can earn coins when you redeem offers on the app. These coins can be used to buy back vouchers that you have already redeemed. Keep in mind that these coins are valid up to 30th December of every year.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay with your HSBC credit card. Each HSBC main credit cardholder is entitled to one complimentary account regardless of how many HSBC main credit cards each customer owns.

To get the free ENTERTAINER with HSBC, which credit card should you get? We look at 3 popular HSBC credit cards you could consider getting.

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The HSBC Revolution Card

For the committed miles-chasers.

HSBC Revolution
Benefits – Earn 5x Rewards points (equivalent to 2 miles per dollar) on dining, entertainment and online purchases, with no minimum spend required. For all other spend, you earn 1x Rewards point.
Local dining transactions: Includes restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets.
Local entertainment transactions: Includes clubs, pubs, bars and family KTVs.
Online purchases: Includes airlines, movies, concert tickets, hotels, taxi bookings, food orders, insurance premiums and online shopping.
Annual Fee Waiver 2-year annual fee waiver. For the subsequent annual fee waiver, minimum annual spend of $12,500.
Minimum Income $30,000 per annum


If you are a miles-lover looking to get a HSBC credit card, HSBC Revolution is the credit card that can reward you with miles for your spending. The HSBC Revolution credit card rewards you with 2 miles per dollar for 3 different categories, making it a handy miles card for general spending. There is also no expenditure cap for any of the categories. This is also an entry-level card, with basic eligibility requirements such as annual income of $30,000.

Alternatively, you can also opt to use your Rewards points to redeem other items such as cash vouchers, staycation vouchers, technology products like a fitness watch, vacuum clean or even a drone.

Apply for the HSBC Revolution here.

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HSBC Advance

For the cashback loyalists.

HSBC Advance
Benefits – 1.5% Cashback (if you spend $2,000 or less a month)
– 2.5% Cashback (if you spend more than $2,000 a month)
– HSBC Advance banking customers enjoy an additional 1% cashback on top of the 1.5% or 2.5% cashback.
– Cashback is capped at $70 a month ($125 a month for HSBC Advance customers).
Annual Fee Waiver 1-year annual fee waiver. Perpetual annual fee waiver for HSBC Advance banking customers, or a minimum annual spend of $12,500 for waiver.
Minimum Income $30,000 per annum


With 1.5% cashback on all your spending (if you spend less than $2,000) a month, this makes it similar to cashback cards such as the Standard Chartered Unlimited Card and the American Express True Cashback card. For those that spend more than $2,000 a month, 2.5% cashback on all your spending makes it an attractive cashback card.If you are a HSBC Advance banking customer, you enjoy an additional 1%, bringing your total cashback up to a maximum of 3.5%!

However, there is a limit to the Cashback you can enjoy. The HSBC Advance credit card caps your cashback at $70 per month ($125 for HSBC Advance customers). If you are spending less than $2,000 a month, enjoying the 1.5% Cashback, you will not be hitting the $70 cap anyway. To hit the $70 cap, you will need to spend $2,800, while getting 2.5% Cashback. For HSBC Advance customers, you will need to spend $3,572 before you hit the $125 cap.

Apply for the HSBC Advance here.

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HSBC Visa Platinum

For those with families.

HSBC Visa Platinum
Benefits – 5% cash rebate on all grocery spend with minimum spend of $600 per month for all 3 months in a calendar quarter
– 5% cash rebate on dining, includes all food and beverage outlets in Singapore, except hotel dining.
– 5% cash rebate on fuel spend at Caltex or Shell stations.
– Kids enjoy free movies, meal and trips and many more family offers.
– For all other spending (outside of dining, grocery and petrol), earn 1X Reward Point for every $1 spent.
– Cashback capped at $250 per quarter.
Annual Fee Waiver 2-year annual fee waiver. Subsequent years waived with minimum spend of $12,500 per annum.
Minimum Income $30,000 per annum


HSBC Visa Platinum cardholders have to spend at least $1,000 in eligible purchases for that quarter to be eligible to receive the cash rebate. However, this cash rebate also has a maximum cap of $250 per Quarter per HSBC Card account. This equates to spending $5,000 before you hit the $250 cap.

With a 5% cash rebate on common spending categories such as groceries, dining and fuel, the HSBC Visa Platinum is a useful card for families that are more likely to spend in those categories.

Apply for the HSBC Visa Platinum here.

Additional Sign-Up gifts

One of the things savvy consumers should look out for is the sign-up gifts you can get when signing up for a new credit card. For the HSBC credit cards shared above, new cardholders can get:

– Either a Samsonite T5 68cm Spinner with built-in scale or $150 cashback (with minimum spend of $800 in first month of card approval)
$20 worth of Grab rides when you apply online with MyInfo SingPass.

The complimentary ENTERTAINER with HSBC given to all HSBC credit card holders also serves as an additional perk that users can enjoy when applying for a HSBC credit card. With the ENTERTAINER with HSBC app requiring users to use a HSBC credit card to pay, this will also allow users to enjoy their credit card benefits, especially for the dining category.

All ENTERTAINER with HSBC offers are valid till 30 December 2019. If you have plans to sign up for a HSBC credit card, the sooner you apply, the more time you have to enjoy the perks of having the ENTERTAINER.

Which HSBC credit card would you choose for the ENTERTAINER with HSBC: HSBC Revolution, HSBC Advance or HSBC Visa Platinum? Share with us in the comments section on Facebook.

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This article contains affiliate links. DollarsAndSense may receive a share of the revenue from your sign-ups. You can refer to our editorial policy here.