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7 Useful Apps And Services Every Savvy Singaporean Should Already Be Using To Save Money

From browser extensions to apps and cards, here are apps and services that can help you save money when you spend.

Tracking your expenses should be one of the things you are diligently doing to help you spend within your means. Besides using apps that assist you in recording your expenses, here are other apps you can be using to help you save more money (in no particular order).

#1 RateX

For your online shopping.

What is it: RateX is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies promo codes at checkout, helping you save money when you shop online. RateX also helps you to save money on exchange rates by allowing you to pay in your local currency.

How you can save money:

Promo codes: As a browser extension, RateX sources and applies relevant promo codes before you check out on your online purchases. This helps you to maximize your discounts, saving money immediately from promo codes without having to spend time searching for one that will be applicable.

Clovers: RateX calls their rewards Clovers. You earn Clovers when you shop using RateX (100 Clovers = $1). Accumulate these Clovers for rewards such as cash, giftcards, cryptocurrencies or miles. Partners include Zalora, Shopee, Sephora, Expedia, Agoda, Kkday, Klook and Asos.

Pay in local currency: Save money on transaction rates. RateX helps you to pay in your local currency, a feature that will be useful for those that frequently shop on overseas merchants such as Amazon, and Paying in your local currency avoids unnecessary bank and transaction fees. RateX will display the exchange rate applied as well as how much you save.

How to get started: Download and install RateX on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (not yet available for Safari users). Once RateX is installed, create a RateX account. RateX will automatically appear when you shop on eCommerce sites like lazada, shopee, redmart, deliveroo and more.

For readers interested to try RateX, first-time users who sign up through this link will receive $8 in cashback from RateX.

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#2 CardUp

For your scheduled payments such as rent, loans, fees, insurance and taxes.

What is it: CardUp helps you to earn rewards for your credit card spend.

How you can save money: Common big-ticket items like rent, insurance, tuition fees, are sometimes excluded by banks from earning rewards. However, CardUp allows you to use your credit card to pay and earn rewards on these large, recurring payments. Make the most of your spending by earning more miles, cashback and points.

How to get started:

Step 1: Sign up for account a CardUp account.

Step 2: Add your credit card(s) for CardUp to charge payments to. CardUp accepts all major credit cards and additional charges could be applied for credit cards issued ouside of Singapore.

Step 3: Set up your payments on CardUp. These payments can be scheduled to be done on your behalf automatically

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#3 YouTrip

For your next overseas trip.

What is it:Singapore’s first multi-currency travel wallet with a prepaid Mastercard that allows travellers to pay overseas with no fees in over 150 currencies.

How you can save money: Using bank cards overseas often incurs transaction fees. In today’s society where many countries are going cashless, using a card overseas would be far more convenient than carrying stacks of cash around.

The YouTrip card offers competitive foreign exchange rates, while allowing travelers to spend using a card overseas without incurring transaction fees. YouTrip’s foreign exchange rates are updated by the minute with no markups to give users the best possible rates.

How to get started:

Step 1: Apply for a YouTrip card

Step 2: Load it with currency / top up your wallet

Step 3: Convert the amount to the currency of your choice

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DollarsAndSense Exclusive: If you’re planning to travel, check out our step-by-step guide for registering for YouTrip, which allows you to change and pay in 150 currencies with no fees. Use the promo code DNS5 during registration to receive an additional $5 in your YouTrip account!

#4 ShopBack

For cashback lovers.

What is it: Get cashback for your online spending when you purchase through ShopBack’s website or mobile app.

How you can save money: Instead of going direct to the merchant, ShopBack users are redirected to the merchant from ShopBack’s website or ShopBack App. By starting from ShopBack instead of the merchant directly, ShopBack can track your purchase to reward you with cashback for your spend. This cashback goes into your ShopBack account which is money that can be withdrawn into your bank account (minimum withdrawal amount of $10).

How to get started: Download the ShopBack app or head to the ShopBack website. Sign up for a ShopBack account (be sure to get a referral code from your friend). Shop like you always do, with the only difference being starting from ShopBack instead of the merchant directly.

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#5 Fave

Best for promotional deals and dining cashback.

What is it: Website and app that provides coupons, cashback and other deals.

How you can save money:

Special Deals: Promotional coupons and other deals can be purchased on Fave to be used at their partnering merchants. This includes deals for dining, beauty, lifestyle and more. Some of these deals are time-sensitive, being available for only a short period. However, you can purchase these deals beforehand, to use them at a later date before they expire.

FavePay: Use FavePay to get immediate cashback on your next order at the store the next time you visit! This is great if there is a chance you will go back to the store in the future. For GrabPay users, you can even link your GrabPay account to be used on FavePay.

How to get started: Download the Fave app and link your credit card or GrabPay to the app. Start purchasing vouchers that will be saved in your wallet and use FavePay at merchants that offer it.

#6 Klook

Best for travelers.

What is it: Travel site that offers competitive deals on all things travel. This includes admission passes, Wifi, train tickets, day tours, food vouchers, theme park tickets and more.

How you can save money: The prices offered by Klook for these travel items are competitive and sometimes lower than alternative options. With a wide variety of travel items that you could be looking to purchase overseas, Klook allows you to purchase these items on their website before you even enter the country. This could be very useful particularly in countries where there could be difficulties in communication.

How to get started: Download the Klook app or use Klook’s website to start sourcing for deals for your holiday. Upon making the purchase on Klook, you will see the voucher under your “Bookings” in the app. Head down to the travel destination and collect the item with the QR code and voucher number on your phone.

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#7 Entertainer/ Burpple Beyond

Best for foodies that enjoy trying new dining spots.

What is it: Apps that give you 1-for-1 deals in partnering restaurants, cafes, bars and more.

How you can save money: These apps are very straightforward, offering 1-for-1 promotions for their users. Bring a friend along to purchase 2 meals for the price of 1! These apps are subscription memberships where you have to pay a fee to be a member to enjoy the 1-for-1 deals.

How to get started: Pay for the subscription for Entertainer or Burpple Beyond. Download the respective mobile app. Look for your next 1-for-1 meal on the app before heading down to the store. Flash your app before paying to redeem the deal.

Difference between Entertainer and Burpple Beyond: Entertainer and Burpple Beyond have different merchants on board.

Entertainer offers 1-for-1 deals in categories other than dining, such as hotel stays.  Entertainer provides 3 vouchers per merchant, this means you can head back to the same store to redeem the deal 3 times.

Each Burpple Beyond partner offers customers 4 deals that are redeemable before the stated expiry date. These deals on Burpple do not refresh, which means you can only redeem that specific deal (or meal item) once.

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