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This App Could Be the Uber of the Property Market here

This app will make house-hunting a whole lot easier.

Applications are all the rage these days. We use apps for almost everything we need to get done at work or in our personal lives. Singapore’s sluggish property market has not picked up after its slump. When we buy, sell, or rent our house, our property agents use apps, and some still rely on newspaper advertisements. It is also a hassle from them to coordinate home viewings. But this app may be a game changer in the property market.

That’s Facebook billionaire co-founder Eduardo Saverin on the right. Saverin is an investor in

Competitive Edge

There are more than 30,000 property agents in Singapore. Although this number is decreasing because of the poor industry performance, one thing is still certain. The competition to get clients, and successful transactions is tough. Agents need to stay ahead of times to remain competitive. However, Propertyguru’s portal ranging from $630 to $2240 may be too expensive for agents in these tough times.’s app may be their answer.’s mission is to empower users with the widest choice of listings, powerful data tools and informative content, to make important property decisions faster and easier.

The app equips real estate agents with the latest and most comprehensive data at their finger tips, and allows them to focus on the real value-adding part of their work. Ultimately they are able to offer better service to their clients by presenting them with better property information which in turn helps agents dole out the right advice.

Eduardo Saverin, former Facebook co-founder, and key investor of, chimes in on the launch of 99PRO: “The reason I invested in is that it is the only real estate technology company that is serious in changing the way real estate is transacted – not just a mere portal with swaths of listings. creates technology and harnesses data to help every stakeholder in the industry.”

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App Features

The launch of 99PRO today is set to revolutionise the industry by effectively enabling real estate agents with the power of mobile technology. This mobile app offers seven innovative, unique features that set the tools apart from existing competitor offerings and includes:

  • Unlimited floor plan access across all condominiums and HDB units.

  • Comprehensive historical transaction data for HDB and condos on an intuitive mobile interface.

  • Access to For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and For Rent By Owner (FRBO) listings.
  • New Launch Properties with latest updates and promotional information.
  • An appointment scheduler and calendar on the go.
  • The only app that has real-time messenger so agents can chat with consumers and other agents.
  • The only app that offers interactive map search with geolocation capabilities.

99PRO is available as a subscription plan at $388 per annum; 99BUSINESS – priced at $388 a year – is a subscription plan that allows property agents to upload up to 100 listings on; and 99PREMIUM – priced at $728 per annum – is a combination of both 99PRO and 99BUSINESS packages.

The app can be used by buyers too. Buyers can take a look at properties up for sale in specific locations, with beautiful pictures just like the ones you see on Airbnb.

After Thought

We think that has a lot of potential to make changes in the market. Currently the platforms that agents can use are limited. App launches are abundant, and few truly succeed. While we think that it is a tall order to make significant changes in the property market with an app, we will keep our eyes peeled for to achieve that.

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