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PAssion Silver Card For Seniors: Here’s What It Means And What You Can Do With It

A powerful membership card for seniors.

This article was originally published on 6 March 2020 and updated to reflect the latest information. Additional reporting by Angela Koo and Jorinda Hsu.


Apart from the usual black PAssion card we are used to seeing, there are actually 2 other types of PAssion Cards meant for Singaporeans aged 60-years old and above.

Currently, eligible senior Singaporeans may be holding onto either one of the three different types of PAssion Cards depending on their age range. They are the PAssion EZ-link Card, PAssion Silver Concession Card, and PAssion Silver Card (non-concession). Singaporeans will have their Senior Citizen Concession Card (purple) replaced by PAssion Silver Concession Card/PAssion Silver Card (non-concession) if they have applied after for PAssion Silver after December 2016.

Here’s an easy reference for you to identify the differences between the cards:

Source: Ministry of Transport

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What Is The PAssion Card?

The PAssion Card is a membership card of the People’s Association (PA). It was introduced in April 2005 with the purpose of offering unique, wholesome programmes and discounts with lifestyle merchants and partners.

PAssion membership includes exclusive privileges for courses, activities and programmes at Community Clubs, PAssion Card merchants and PA-run outlets, such as the PAssion WaVe (PAWV), an initiative to provide safe, affordable and exciting water sports and waterfront lifestyle activities for the community.

The PAssion membership also comes with contactless payment function. As the stored value is the EZ-Link wallet in your PAssion Card, you can use your PAssion card similarly to an EZ-Link, as in the following cases:

  • Community Centre or PA-run outlet courses
  • Public transport
  • Motoring charges (e.g ERP, EPS, VEP)
  • Retail and services payment (e.g. 7-Eleven, NLB)
  • Earn TapForMore points at participating retail banners under Dairy Farm Singapore (Cold Storage, Giant, and Guardian)

How Is The PAssion Silver Card Different From The PAssion EZ-Link Card?

The PAssion Silver Card has additional Senior Citizen merchant benefits, discounts and privileges, on top of the same benefits as the PAssion card.

The PAssion Silver Card Programme, launched in December 2016, is an initiative under the Action Plan for Successful Ageing. It was spearheaded by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport and People’s Association, with support from the Land Transport Authority in a bid to encourage seniors to stay active.

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The PAssion Silver Card comes as a concession and non-concession card. It is issued free to all Singapore Citizens aged 60 years and above. You can only hold either the PAssion Silver Card or PAssion Silver Concession card and not both. For the concession card, seniors enjoy additional senior citizen concessionary fares on public transport. If a senior uses PAssion Silver Card without the Concession, they will still be charged the adult fare rate.

Age: The PAssion Silver Concession Card/ PAssion Silver Card (non-concession) is only for Singapore Citizens aged 60 and above. The PAssion EZ-link card has no age limits for application.

Membership Duration: PAssion Silver Cardholders automatically enjoy free membership, while PAssion EZ-link cardholders have to pay a membership fee for a 5-year card membership.

PAssion Silver Membership: PAssion Silver Cardmembers enjoy special privileges and benefits at community clubs, PA outlets and participating Silver merchant outlets on top of the benefits and discounts that PAssion Cardmembers enjoy.

PAssion Silver Concession: PAssion Silver Concession Cardholders enjoy concessionary fares on public transport. They can also complete pedestrian crossings that are fitted with Green Man + at an extended time.

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What Can You Use The PAssion Silver Cards For?

The PAssion Silver and Silver Concession Cards can be used for the following purposes:

  • Purchasing groceries at supermarkets
  • Eligible stalls at hawker centres and coffee shops
  • Public transport
  • Courses and facilities at People’s Association
  • All EZ-Link merchants

EZ-link usage is wide-ranging, with many acceptance points spanning across F&B, public transport, government services, vending machines, ERP, EPS and VEP, and educational institutes amongst others.

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Do You Need To Apply For PAssion Silver Card?

Yes, if you wish to apply for the PAssion Silver Concession Card. All Singapore Citizens aged 60 and above will receive an invitation one month before their 60th birthday to sign up for the PAssion Silver Concession Card. Alternatively, we can sign up online here.

If we do not sign up for the PAssion Silver Concession Card after two months from the invitation, we would automatically receive the PAssion Silver Card. Seniors who already enjoy concessionary fares on public transport will receive the new PAssion Silver Concession Card in the mail. This will replace the current purple Senior Citizen Concession Card if you are holding one.

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