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EZ-Link App: Complete Guide To All The Benefits You Can Enjoy

If you’re already using an EZ-Link card, download the EZ-Link companion app to earn points, unlock additional features, and enjoy greater convenience.

Most of us take the MRT or bus to work or school every day. For some of us who drive, we use our EZ-Link card for ERP and carpark charges.

Transport is a necessary expenditure to get around quickly. Since we are already spending so much on transport, why not earn some rewards along the way?

If you have yet to download the EZ-Link app, you probably have missed out on many promotions and value-added services the app has to offer. The EZ-Link app has five key features, namely:

Checking Transactions: Conveniently track your EZ-Link transactions

Card Blocking: If you misplaced your EZ-Link, you can block the card immediately and protect the remaining funds in the card

EZ-Reload (Auto Top-Up): Enable automatic top-ups for your EZ-Link using EZ-Reload

Topping Up EZ-Link: Users with an NFC-enabled phone can top-up their EZ-Link using their mobile phone

Rewards: Accumulate points when you tap and pay with EZ-Link and redeem rewards using the app

In the app under “Rewards”, you will be able to see the total points that you now have. Every $0.10 spent with EZ-Link will entitle you to 1 point.

With 750 points, you’ll be able to redeem an earl grey milk tea from Gong Cha for only $1.50. Similarly, for 800 points, you’ll be able to enjoy a free curry puff from Old Chang Kee. Besides food items, there are other exclusive deals. For instance, you can get a $5 voucher to Universal Studios Japan for 20 points or claim limited edition EZ-Link products with up to 15,000 points.

Some rewards you can claim from the EZ-Link app. (Source: EZ-Link App)

Here are other good reasons why the EZ-Link app deserves a place on your phone.

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#1 Set Up EZ-Pay For Automated ERP Payments

Credits: EZ-Link

Have you ever been stuck at a carpark entry barrier because you forgot to insert your CashCard into your in-vehicle unit (IU)?

With an EZ-Pay account, any EPS (carpark) or ERP payments made will be charged directly to your credit or debit card.

This means you will not have to worry about your CashCard not having sufficient funds. There is never a need to top-up or insert a stored-value card into your IU since EZ-Pay is a post-paid payment service.

The best part? There is no service charge or monthly fees. You can sign up here.

#2 Enjoy Free Plus! Membership And Earn Plus! Points

Credits: EZ-Link

When you link your EZ-Link account to your Plus account, you get to earn LinkPoints. For every $2 spent, not inclusive of transport, you will receive 1 LinkPoint. The points can be used to redeem items from Fairprice, Caltex, Poh Heng, Downtown East, and more.

The sign-up fee of $10 will be waived for non-Plus! members if you apply directly on the EZ-Link app. You can get access to the registration form in the app’s discovery page.

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#3 Free Data For Circles.Life Users

Credits: EZ-Link

No matter which provider you choose, most of us have our data woes, having to constantly worry about exceeding our data usage.

But Circles.Life members can rejoice as there are exclusive benefits for you! Customers of the world’s first fully digital telco can earn 500MB for 1 month just by linking your Circles.Life number in your EZ-Link app.

With every 10 public transport rides taken in a span of a week, you will earn 50MB per week for 3 months. This means an additional 600MB of data — just by using your EZ-Link card to pay for transport.

You can find “Circles.Life – Rides Earn Data” in the app’s Discover tab.

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#4 Book A Ryde

Credits: EZ-Link

Who would have thought that you could book a Ryde from your EZ-Link app? After keying in your pick off and drop off point, the prices will be reflected. After selecting the type of car (RydePOOL, RydeX, Taxi, etc.), the EZ-Link app will redirect you to the Ryde app.

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“Upgrade” The Capabilities Of Your EZ-Link Today

If you often use your EZ-Link card, you should download the EZ-Link app to maximise the rewards and services available in the app. Beyond earning points and claiming rewards, the card blocking function is the best life-saver should you lose your card.

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