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[2019 Edition] Best Value For Money Car You Can Buy In Singapore Right Now

For those of you who want to buy a car, but also need to do financial planning at the same time.

With COE prices creeping up since the start of the year, many of the cars which we have shortlisted below are now more expensive, as compared to the beginning of the year.

Of course, we know that cars in Singapore are always going to be exorbitantly expensive. With the various taxes imposed on a car in Singapore such the Certificate of Entitlements (COEs), Additional Registration Fee (ARF), Excise Duty, Vehicular Emission Scheme (VES) and even GST, a car that sells for $30,000 overseas can easily end up costing more than $100,000 in Singapore.

It’s also important to note the reasons why someone would buy a car in Singapore.

For some, this is a practical decision. If you stay in Changi and work in Tuas, life is going to be difficult without a car that brings you to the office each day. Others who have a bigger family may need a 7-seater car for family outings. Of course, there are also some who may view owning a car as a status symbol.

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In this article, we look at some of the best value for money cars that we think you can buy in Singapore in 2019.

Note: At the point in writing (June 2019), COE prices for Category A is $26,999$35,906 for Category B and $39,400 for Category E. Prices are taken from authorised dealers.

# 1 Best “Point A To Point B” Car

We need a car to get to the office, or for the daily ferrying of our young children or elderly parents. Or we work in sales and are constantly on the move. An affordable car with solid fuel efficiency is what we want.

Our Choice In 2019 – Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2 (A) – $59,999


(2018 Choice: Mitsubishi Attrage – $67,999)

As hard as we tried, we simply cannot find a better purchase than the Mitsubishi Attrage when it comes to the best value for money car that brings you from point A to point B.

Besides the obvious strength of the car – spacious to fit three adults at its backrow; boot capacity of 450L; 6 airbags; fuel efficiency of 20.4km/l – the price of the car is also another area that can’t be overlooked.

In 2016, the Attrage costs $88,000. In 2017, it costs $80,000. In 2018, it became $67,999. Today it costs $59,999. So while the car performance and features have remained the same,  its price has declined by $28,000 since.

Its competitive price allow it to continue remaining a viable entry level model for aspiring car owners.

# 2 The Couple’s Car

It’s just the two of you with the occasional friends who tag along. You are not concern of having a big family anytime in the future. You want a nimble car that brings you around town and which squeeze through jams easily.

Our choice in 2019 – Suzuki Swift 1.0 (A) – $71,900


(2018 Choice: Nissan Note – $73,300)

There are quite a few choices in this competitive category and these would include the Honda Jazz ($69,999), Nissan Note ($71,300) and the Mazda 2 Hatchback ($73,888).

However, we think the entry level Suzuki Swift wins it for us. The Swift has always been a fun car to be driving around and to the (very) untrained eye, may even look like a Mini Cooper Countryman. This makes a lot of sense for young couples who want to be seen in a distinct looking design that is less common in Singapore.

# 3 The Family With Kids That Want An SUV

With the impeccable conditions of Singapore’s road, the need to be driving an SUV has more to do with personal preference, as opposed to needing it to navigate through tough terrains. Nevertheless, SUV continues to be a perennial favourite, particularly among families with young children due to the perception of it being safer.

Our choice in 2019 – Honda HR-V 1.5 LX (A) – $88,999


(2018 Choice:  Subaru Forester – $99,800)

Younger cousin of its bigger Honda CR-V ($134,999), the Honda HR-V is more than $45,000 and just as capable. Based on the nearly $90,000 that you are paying, you get pretty much everything that you would want. Decent fuel efficiency at 17.5km/l, sizeable boot space, good speed (0-100km/h in 11.8 seconds). The more expensive 1.5 LX (A) model also come with 6 airbags.

This is a car which is going to give you enough space for two car seats, with another adult wedge in between the two car seats if required and also sufficient boot space to keep the seats or prams when you need it to.

# 4 A 7-Seater For Large Families

You have kids and parents to ferry around. Your friends rely on you whenever there is a gathering to pick all of them up. You need a car with 7 seats.

Our choice in 2019 – Toyota Sienta 1.5 (A) – $86,988


(2018 Choice:  Toyota Sienta $89,988)

This is what we would call an insanely practical car. It will bring you and 6 other passengers from one point in Singapore to another. It’s not going to win you any race nor make you the envy of other drivers in Singapore. But it will get its job done with minimal fuss.

# 5 A Luxury European Brand To Impress Others

You want a car that is going to impress others, be it for business or social status reasons. A continental car from an established European brand is what you are looking for. At the same time, you do not want to spend more than what you need to.

Our choice in 2019 – Volkswagen Passat 1.8 (A) – $126,400


(2018 Choice: Volvo S60 – $148,000)

With its luxurious coupe-like design, the Volkwagen Passat is very good choice for car owners who want to use his vehicle for business purposes and to impress others. Its price point is reasonable as well, considering that other entry-level continental car such as the Audi A3 and the Mercedes-Benz CLA Class are going to cost you more.

The Passat gives you basically everything that you can ask for. It’s fast, comfortable and its interior finishing is good. It’s not an overly large car to drive but at the same time, spacious enough to give passengers a comfortable ride.

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