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Complete Guide to PAssioncard Memberships And Perks

$12 for a powerful 5-year membership card and you may already have it for free

A common sight you see around Singapore is the PAssioncard, with most Singaporeans aunties tapping this card as they go about their grocery shopping at Giant.

A membership card of the People’s Association (PA), the PAssioncard was introduced in April 2005 to offer unique promotions with lifestyle merchants, exclusive privileges with PA and convenience to members.

Here’s a complete guide on what benefits you can enjoy as well as the types of memberships you can sign up for.

Basic Benefits Enjoyed By Members

#1 Member’s Rates, Privileges and Discounts

PAssioncard members enjoy special rates, privileges and discounts at all community clubs, PA outlets, the Chingay Parade and selected activities and facilities under PA. These can be applied to the selected courses, resource bookings and other offerings by PA and the community clubs, respectively. In addition, members can enjoy discounts or privileges by over 2,000 participating PAssion Merchant outlets.

#2 TapForMore Points Scheme

Partnering with Dairy Farm Singapore (DFS), PA offers the TapForMore (TFM) Rewards programme, where members can earn points by spending at shops under DFS, including Cold Storage, Market Place, Giant Hypermart and Guardian. Every dollar spent will earn you one point, which then can be used to redeem products, offset purchases or convert over to KrisFlyer Miles. You can offset $1 off your purchases with 150 TFM points.

#3 EZ-Link contactless payment

With CEPAS capability incorporated in the card, The PAssioncard also functions as EZ-link card, where you can store value in it. PAssioncard holders will be able to use the card in cases such as:

  • Community Centre or PA-run outlet courses
  • Public transport
  • Motoring charges (e.g ERP, EPS, VEP)
  • Retail and services payment (e.g. 7-Eleven, NLB)
  • Earn TapForMore points at participating retail banners under Dairy Farm Singapore (Cold Storage, Giant, and Guardian)

#4 National Library Board(NLB) Partner Membership

For book lovers, the PAssioncard offers members an NLB Partner membership until the expiry of the PAssioncard. The NLB partner membership allows members to borrow up to 24 library items with no additional fees or charges. In comparison, the basic membership only allows you to borrow up to 16 library items.

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#5 CAPITASTAR Rewards Programme

By linking your PAssioncard and CapitaStar accounts on the CapitaStar app, you would be able to redeem a special exclusive $5 eCapitaVoucher for only 4500 STAR$. This is limited to the first 10,000 redemptions every month and with a limit of 2 vouchers per month for every member.

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Types Of PAssioncards

Generally, PAssioncard memberships are open to the members of the public with no age limits. However, there are also three different types of memberships where eligible people can sign up for.

#1 Basic PAssioncard

The normal black, red and white card you most commonly see is the basic 5-year PAssioncard membership. There are no eligibility barriers for the passion card, and members already having a PAssioncard can also tag their children under 18 years as supplementary members of their membership.

Membership Fees:

  • Principal Membership (for those between 18 to 59 years old): $12 (U.P: $15)
  • Principal Membership (for those of ages <18 years & ≥ 60 years old) : $10 (U.P: $12)
  • Supplementary Membership (attached to a principal member): No additional cost

How To Sign Up

You can sign up at all community clubs and PAssion WaVe Outlets, Offsite PA Roadshows or sign up online at

#2 PAssioncard Silver

Merging the senior citizen concession card with PAssioncard membership, the PAssioncard Silver Concession Card offers additional benefits to Singapore Citizens aged 60 and above. Under the Action Plan for Successful Aging by the Government, seniors enjoy additional benefits to their PAssioncard memberships such as concessionary fares on public transport, special Silver Privileges and benefits at community clubs, PA facilities and Silver partners.

The PAssioncard Silver has two versions: A Concession and Non-concession version. If you did not follow the instructions given and apply for the Concession version on your Invitation pack a month before your 60th birthday, you would be given the non-concession version of the card.

Membership Fees:

Free for all Singapore Citizens aged 60 and above.

How To Sign Up:

All Singaporeans turning 60 years old will receive an Invitation Pack with instructions on how to apply for the membership 1 month before your birthday. You can submit your applications either through the TransitLink website, or through any TransitLink Ticket Offices, Concession Card Replacement Offices. You can also apply through the TransitLink SimplyGo Mobile App

Do take not if the application is not received by the deadline indicated, a PAssion Silver Card (Non-Concession) will be issued and mailed to you instead.

#3 PAssioncard NSF

For all Pre-enlistees for National Service, they can apply for the Passion NSF Concession Card. Offered during NS online registration, pre-enlistees who opt in for the Passion NSF Concession card can enjoy PAssioncard Membership benefits as well as concessionary fares on public transport. The PAssioncard would be distributed when the pre-enlistee reports to their assigned unit on the day of enlistment, and would be offered a complimentary PAssion Membership extension upon completion of full-time National Service

Membership Fees:

Free for all Singapore Citizens who are or will serve National Service

How To Sign Up:

Pre-enlistees can opt-in for the PAssion NSF Concession Card instead of the NSF Concession Card during NS online registration. Do take note that once confirmed, you would not be able to switch from the NSF Concession Card to the PAssion NSF Concession Card throughout your full-time National Service.

POSB And DBS Savings Account Holders Automatically Receive Free PAssioncard Membership

You may already have a PAssioncard membership if you are an existing POSB or DBS customer. The PAssion POSB Debit Card is automatically issued for POSB Savings Account, DBS Savings Plus Account, DBS Autosave Account or DBS Current Account holders. This entitles you to all the benefits of the basic PAssioncard membership for free and can be used as a regular debit card.

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