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Does The “Class” You’re Born Into Define You And What You Can Achieve? – DollarsAndSense Podcast #6

In this week’s podcast, we debate whether the socio-economic “class” that you’re born into affects your chances for success in life, and discuss what can be done to reduce inequality of outcomes in Singapore.

Even though the majority of Singapore’s population has done well, most would say that as a society, we should continue to strive to ensure no Singaporean gets left behind on the march of progress.

There are several analogies to understanding this problem in Singapore. One way is to look at it as a “race” on the track. Those born into a better “class” or have a higher “SES” will naturally have an unfair advantage, starting out several steps in front of most people.

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Those from the lowest “class” or have dire circumstances in their lives, may have obstacles in their lanes, further slowing them down from others they are supposedly starting on equal footing with.

What matters is that everyone gets on that track in the first place. Then we can start having this conversation.

In this episode, we are delighted to have local blogger Jeraldine Phneah join us to discuss this very important topic. Jeraldine has regularly written about societal issues, as well as about musings about personal finance and career topics.


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Jeraldine shared that while social mobility in Singapore is a possibility, we cannot ignore statistics that suggest it is an uphill task. Quoting from the late MM Lee Kuan Yew: “Privileged students with parents who are university graduates have a higher probability of excelling in school and enter elite institutions.”

Listen to the full discussion with diverse points of views, and join the discussion if you have an opinion on the subject at

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