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The DollarsAndSense Podcast #3: Are Private University Graduates At An Unfair Disadvantage When Finding Jobs In Singapore?

Statistics by the Ministry of Trade & Industry show that private university graduates receive a starting pay of about 28% lower than local university graduates.

In this episode of our podcast, we discuss whether private university graduates face an unfair disadvantage when it comes to finding a job in Singapore. This show was inspired by local blogger Jeraldine Phneah’s article about private graduates facing disadvantages at the workplace.

Upon doing more research, we found statistics from the Ministry of Trade & Industry showing that private university graduates indeed earned close to 28% less than their local university graduate peers.

We talk about Singaporeans’ fascination with paper chasing, circumstances that lead to people choosing private VS local university education, their actual talent levels, potential biasness of hiring managers locally, and many other tough discussions.

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