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The DollarsAndSense Podcast Episode #1: What Is Retirement, Anyway?

Is retirement simply the state of not having to work? Join the DollarsAndSense team as we discuss the concept of retirement, and whether it is still a relevant concept with pensions being virtually non-existent.

Hello and welcome to Episode #1 of The DollarsAndSense Podcast.

In this episode, host Dinesh Dayani engages DollarsAndSense Managing Editor Timothy Ho and Editor Kang Heong to talk about the concept of “retirement”, and discuss the prerequisites every one should have before they can consider themselves “retired”.

Let us know what you think of our first episode! Drop us a message with comments and suggestions at [email protected]

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The DollarsAndSense Podcast is a weekly discussion of personal finance topics among the editorial team behind DollarsAndSense, Singapore’s leading personal finance website. Have a comment or suggestion? Let us know at [email protected]!

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