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The DollarsAndSense Podcast Episode 5: Can You Really Trust Your Financial Adviser To Give You Good Advice?

We’ve all heard of insurance horror stories from social media, friends and family members getting denied insurance claims or finding out they’d be sold the wrong types of insurance policies.


There’s no shortage of insurance horror stories on the internet and social media, from your family and friends or even from your own experience. The problem is that majority of people only find out they’ve got unsuitable insurance plans at the point they need it the most – when they need to make a claim or cash in.

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This has led to many people being extremely guarded when buying insurance and getting advice from insurance agents or financial advisors.

In this podcast, we speak to Kennard Lee, who is now a financial advisor with AIA. Kennard found himself in a similar situation a few years ago, without adequate medical insurance when he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Having recovered, he has now found his calling helping people cover their bases and build their wealth with insurance and investment policies.

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We discuss with Kennard, and our Managing Editor, Timothy Ho, how to minimise our risk of buying unsuitable policies from insurance agents and financial advisors because of bad advice. This is because it isn’t always straightforward whether you’re getting good advice.

One common adverse scenario is being given good advice in general, but without fully appreciating your personal circumstances. This is how a good piece of advice can become bad for a particular individual. Listen to our podcast to for the full discussion.

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