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Complete Guide To Singapore Taxis Flag Down Rates And Fares  

All you ever wanted (and needed) to know about taxi fares in Singapore.

Ride sharing and private-hire companies come and go with fanfare, but taxis continue to be a solid pillar of Singapore’s transport system. Over the decades, they have provided thousands of Singaporeans with a good means of earning an income, while offering Singapore commuters an affordable (compared to other major cities) and convenient way of travelling around the island.

Over the years, there has been a dizzying number of new fares, surcharges, peak hour charges and payment fees that most of us simply get on the cab and then pay whatever amount the meter says without question.

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Quick Reference
(Click to jump to individual taxi companies’ booking hotline and website)

Here’s a convenient overview of the fares and charges charged by each taxi company, which can hep you make smarter travel decisions. Do bookmark this page for future reference and share it if you found it useful!

Source of Information: Public Transport Council



Booking Hotline: 6552 1111

For full fare and fees, visit Comfort / CityCab.



SMRT Taxis

Booking Hotline: 6555 8888

For full fare and fees, visit SMRT Taxis.




Booking Hotline: 6555 3333

For full fare and fees, visit, Trans-Cab.



Premier Taxi

Booking Hotline: 6363 6888

For full fare and fees, visit Premier Taxi.



Prime Taxi

Booking Hotline: 6778 0808

For full fare and fees, visit Prime Taxi.



HDT Taxis

Booking Hotline: 6258 8888

For full fare and fees, visit HDT Taxis.

Taxis Are Here To Stay

Whether Singapore succeeds in transitioning into a “car lite” society depends on the widespread availability and affordability of taxis and other forms of public transportation. Along the way, new concepts and technologies might emerge, but you can be sure that taxis will remain an important piece of the public transport eco-system.

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