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[2023 Edition] Best Unlimited Data Mobile Plans In Singapore (Plus: Which Plan Gives The Most 4G Data Per Dollar?)

With so many telcos and unlimited data plans, we compare which is the cheapest – and which gives you the most data at 4G speeds.

We’re all spoilt for choice when it comes to content we can consume on our mobile phones.

There is a wealth of news, articles, streaming music, online videos, virtual courses, apps and games available at the swipe of our fingers, as well as communicating with others via video calls, voice calls over data, and multimedia chats. Increasingly, we are also tapping on our mobile data for work.

All these great use cases require data, and not everyone has the luxury of waiting until we are home or in the office to tap on a fast and secure Wifi connection.

To satisfy Singaporeans’ need for more data, the various telecommunication companies (telcos) in Singapore have begun to offer a variety of cheaper data plans, which has led to unlimited mobile data plans. These plans promise to put an end to situations where we have to watch our data usage closely, for fear of bursting the monthly limit and being charged hefty fees.

Today, we’ll compare unlimited data plans from across the Singapore telcos to see which is the cheapest, as well as which gives us the most unthrottled data for our money. For this article, we’re going to assume that those who are interested are heavy data users – and only pick out plans that offer the most unthrottled data from each telco. We will also use regular prices and plan features, since promotional bonuses and discounts are either time-limited or only available to certain customers.

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Best Unlimited Data Plan Contenders In Singapore

Circles.Life: Unlimited Plan (100GB with 4G Rollover)

To enjoy unlimited data with Circles.Life, you can subscribe to their Unlimited Plan (which is their base plan with the Unlimited Data add-on) for $20/mth. You will receive 380 GB (100 GB from your base plan and 280 GB from the add-on) at 4G+ speeds. Data usage thereafter will be throttled at 0.75mbps. Any unused unlimited 4G data allowance can be rolled over to subsequent months, up to a maximum of 1 TB (including the base plan allocation of 100 GB). There is no contract, and you’ll enjoy free caller ID, a modest 300 minutes of outgoing talktime and 25 free SMS.

Singtel: SIM Only Plus 30 + Data X Infinity For Unlimited Data

Singtel’s unlimited data add-on (DATA X INFINITY) is available for their postpaid phone contracts, XS/S/M/L/Pro/Fam (from $62.00/mth) and SIM Only Plus 30/45/55 (from $30.28/ mth). Existing customers who are on the retired Combo plans are also add-on DATA X Infinity at $40.27/ mth. A one-time sign up fee of $10.80 applies when you first sign up for the add-on and the minimum subscription is for 24 month. The cheapest base plan, SIM Only Plus 30, comes with 60GB data, 1000 mins talktime and 500 SMS at $30.28/month.

Alternatively, you can consider the largest data postpaid plan that offers unlimited data with 5G speed. Singtel’s Pro phone plan comes with unlimited data and 1,800 minutes of incoming talktime for $288.00/month.

MyRepublic: Unlimited Data

While MyRepublic offers unlimited data for all their plans, their Unlimited Data Plan is their unlimited plan offering. At $25.90/month, the Unlimited Data 4G plan offers 10 GB per day at full speed, followed by unlimited data at managed speeds. While MyRepublic doesn’t specify the exact managed speed, their Data-Only plan has a throttled speed of 1Mbps. You also enjoy 2,000 minutes of talktime, 2,000 SMS and caller-ID.

Alternatively, you can also opt for MyRepublic’s 4G Lite Plan at $10.90/mth with 10GB base plan data (additional 10GB at $3.20/mth) and unlimited data at managed speeds. The plan also comes with 300 minutes of talktime and free caller-ID.

RedOne: Super18

At $18/mth, RedOne Super18 offers unlimited data for local use and 2GB data for use in Malaysia, 1,000 voice calls to all Singapore and Malaysia numbers and 1,000 SMS to Singapore and Malaysian numbers originating from Singapore. The underlying data allocation for Super18 is 100GB , thereafter, data speed will be throttled at 512kbps.

Other RedOne plans, including the cheapest base plan Super8 also offer unlimited data (throttled after utilising the allocated data package). For just $8/month, the plan offers 8GB of data for local use; thereafter, speed would be throttled at 512kbps for basic internet use, 1GB of data for use in Malaysia, 500 minutes of voice calls and 500 SMS to all Singapore and Malaysia numbers originating from Singapore.

Zero1: Jumbo Go

The Jumbo Go plan from Zero1 gives you unlimited data at $12.15/mth. Managed speed applies after using up the 100 GB data allocation. You’ll also enjoy free caller ID, 500 mins talktime and 50 free SMS. Other Zero1 plans also offer unlimited data (at managed speeds) but with lower full-speed data allocations.

You May Not Need Unlimited Data With Large Data Plans

The downside to unlimited data plans is the inevitable throttling of data speed past a certain threshold. Depending on the provider, this throttling can bring your mobile streaming experience to a stutter at between 128 and 512kbps.

With large data plans (e.g. more than 60GB), you can be assured that you are receiving full speed data within this large data allocation. For most of us, this would be more than sufficient. You can find more options in our best SIM-Only plans for extreme data needs (with more than 60 GB data at high speeds).

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Comparison Of The Best Unlimited Data Plans In Singapore

With that in mind, here are the cheapest plans from each telco in Singapore that give you unlimited data.

Plan Monthly Cost For Unlimited Data Fair Use Caveat Notes
Circles.Life:Unlimited Plan (100GB with 4G Rollover) $35.26 Data speeds will be throttled at 0.75mbps after 380GB Plan comes with:
– 300 mins talktime
– 25 SMS
– Free caller ID
– No contract
– 4G data rollover, up to 1TB
Singtel: SIM Only Plus30 + Data X Infinity For Unlimited Data $70.55 Data speeds will be throttled after 110GB (50GB on top of existing data coverage) Plan comes with:
– 1000 mins talktime
– 500 SMS
– Both the plan and add-on comes with contract
– caller-ID charged at $5.40
MyRepublic: Unlimited Data $25.90 Data speeds will be throttled after 10GB a day Plan comes with:
– 2,000 outgoing mins
– Free incoming calls
– 2,000 SMS
– Free caller ID
RedOne: Super18 $18 Data speeds are capped based on the allocated 100GB local data plan and thereafter throttled at 512kbps Plan comes with:
– Unlimited mobile data speed throttled after 8GB
– 500 SMS and 500 minutes of voice calls to Singapore and Malaysia numbers originating from Singapore
– Free caller ID
Zero1: Jumbo Go $12.15 Data speeds will be throttled after 100GB Plan comes with:
– 500 outgoing mins
– 50 SMS
– Free incoming calls
– Free caller ID

As you can see, the cheapest plan is from Zero1, offering a 100GB unlimited mobile data plan for $12.15.

In general, unlimited plans would face throttling to lower speeds after using up the allocated data package. Video streaming would only be possible at low resolution, phone calls over data may be sketchy, and real-time gaming may be a source of frustration though it may be sufficient to send basic messages.

True heavy data users may want to go for MyRepublic’s Unlimited Data plan which give 10GB per day at full speed (or 300GB for 30 days) or RedOne’s Super38 plan, which gives 200GB. Among these two plans, those who frequent Malaysia may benefit from the additional data for use in Malaysia offered with the RedOne plan.

Circles.Life’s Unlimited Plan may be suitable for users who have inconsistent data usage – high in some months and low in others. The ability to roll over 1TB of unthrottled data can be attractive for those who tend to binge on mobile streaming for a period and take a break before their next binge.

If speeds matter to you, here’s how the telcos’ plans stack up from a Cost per GB at 4G speeds:

Plan  Monthly Cost For Unlimited Data Fair Use Caveat Cost Per GB at 4G Speeds
Circles.Life: Unlimited Plan (100GB with 4G Rollover) $35.26 Data speeds will be throttled at 0.75mbps after 100GB $0.35
Singtel: SIM Only Plus 30 + Data X Infinity For Unlimited Data $70.55 Data speeds will be throttled after 60GB (50GB on top of existing data coverage) $0.64
MyRepublic: Unlimited Data $25.90 Data speeds will be throttled after 10GB a day $0.09
RedOne: Super18 $18 Data speeds will be throttled after 100GB $0.18
Zero1: Jumbo Go $12.15 Data speeds will be throttled after 100GB $0.12

As you can see, Zero1 and MyRepublic offers not only the most 4G data but also the cheapest unlimited 4G plan with its Unlimited Data Plan. Other alternatives are Zero1 and RedOne, which also offer relatively cheap data plans for 100GB for local use.

However, the rollover of 1TB at fullspeed for Circles.Life’s Unlimited Plan may be worth it for users who binge occasionally.

Another thing to note is also that some plans come with contracts, while others don’t.  When choosing a plan, you should take these into consideration and find a plan that fits your unique needs today and in the near future.

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This article was first published on 28 March 2019 and updated with the latest information. Additional reporting by Angela Koo.

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