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Step By Step Guide To Redeeming Your CDC Vouchers

Redeem your household’s $100 CDC vouchers in less than 5 mins and support your favourite Bak Chor Mee hawker stall

This year, as part of the $560 million Household Support Package announced in Budget 2022, another round of $100 CDC vouchers will be distributed to all Singaporean households. This is expected to benefit around 1.3 million households.

To support Singaporean households during this period of rising inflation, the vouchers will be given out to every Singaporean household earlier, by the middle of May.

In Budget 2021, a total of $900 million was set aside for Singaporean households under the Household Support Package to help families with expenses.

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Before you go online to redeem the vouchers for yourself, do note that only 1 member per household will need to visit the website and log in with their Singpass to claim $100 in CDC vouchers.

Also, the vouchers can only be used at participating heartland merchants and hawkers. Just look out for the CDC Vouchers decal displayed at stall shopfronts to know whether the vouchers are accepted there.

Where To Spend Your CDC Vouchers?

Source: Community Development Council

CDC recently added new map features that will help household residents easily locate and support their neighbour stalls. If you’re wondering where the nearest participating hawkers and heartlands merchants are, you can enter the street name or postal code on the CDC page. For example, entering Raffles Place in the search bar, the search will prompt the number of participating merchants within 2km. The list will show the stall’s name, address, and unit number so you can easily navigate to the stall.

Source: Community Development Council

You can also click on the interactive map that shows the number of merchants according to the district. If you click into each bubble, and it’ll break down even further showing merchants on a smaller scale. Once you’ve zoomed in into the map, clicking the bubble will open up the lists of merchants that show the stall’s name, address, and unit number so you can easily navigate to the stall.

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How to claim the CDC Voucher?

Here’s the step-by-step guide to claiming your CDC Vouchers on behalf of your household. You can claim this via mobile or on a desktop browser. The following screenshots are via a desktop browser.

Step 1: Visit to claim your CDC vouchers

Step 2: Login with Singpass and authenticate

Step 3: Click on “I Agree”.

Step 4: Verify and confirm your household details before clicking on “Next”.

Step 5: Enter your mobile number to receive a one-time password (OTP). With your mobile number, they will also send you an SMS once you’ve successfully claimed the CDC Vouchers. The SMS will contain a link for you to access the CDC vouchers.

Step 6: Enter OTP code before the timer expires.

Step 7: Click on “Show Vouchers”.

Step 8: Enjoy your vouchers and don’t forget to digitally share the vouchers with the rest of your household members! Simply click on “Share My Vouchers” button to copy the unique voucher link and paste it into any preferred messaging apps e.g., SMS, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

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How To Use the Vouchers?

Congrats, you’ve just received $100 worth of CDC Vouchers on behalf of your household!

You’d notice that the vouchers are in fixed denominations of $2, $5, and $10. This is because it is less confusing for residents, especially the digitally less savvy, and it reduces the chance for errors to occur when residents key in the amount.

To use the CDC vouchers at a participating stall, just tap the amount you want to use and show the QR code to the stall vendor for them to scan it using their RedeemSG App.

Source: Community Development Council

If any of your household members do not carry a smartphone or have their Singpass, especially seniors, there will be the option for them to print hardcopy vouchers. But they must do so at the community centres or clubs where they will be assisted by staff members. As these printed vouchers act like cash coupons, misplaced or lost hardcopy vouchers can be used by anyone who picks them up. So, best to safe keep these vouchers and be careful with who you’re sharing your voucher links with.

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This article was originally published on 15 December 2021 and updated with new information.

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