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8 Trading Communities & Facebook Groups For Traders In Singapore

For every area of interest you have, there is an online community that you can be part of.

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One of the best ways to stay connected with like-minded individuals is to join an online community. Whether it’s a forum or social media platform, including Facebook groups, an online community allows you to learn, discuss, support and exchange knowledge with people easily.

When it comes to online communities, it’s vital that you join a group that shares similar interests as you. Whether it’s fitness, cars, financial tips, lifestyle or even building a business, joining the right groups can help you quickly improve your knowledge, widen your perspective and expand your network.

In Singapore, finance communities are starting to spring up over the past few years. With COVID-19 preventing large groups from meeting up, many of these communities have grown even faster in size lately. These include the likes of the Seedly Personal Finance Community and the Insurance Discussion SG.

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If you are looking to join an online community to discuss a niche topic such as forex trading, you will be happy to know there are no shortages of such communities in Singapore.

Here are 8 trading communities that you can be part of to stay connected with other trading enthusiasts in Singapore.

#1 TradingwithRayner – Forex Trading Community

Rayner Teo is Singapore’s most-followed trader and one of the most popular Forex trader in Asia. Both his blog – TradingwithRayner and his YouTube channel (with 675,000 followers) are must-read and must-watch content for any aspiring forex trader. If that’s not enough, you can now add his Facebook Forex Trading Community as a must-join group if you are a forex trader.

With about 38,000 members currently, TradingwithRayner – Forex Trading Community is the perfect Facebook group to join if you are a forex or futures trader looking to accumulate trading knowledge, post a chart for others to critique or hope to ask Rayner a question.

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#2 Swim Trading Trade Discussion

Started by full-time trader and trainer Jay Tun, the Founder and Principal Trainer at Swim Trading, the Swim Trading Trade Discussion is a private Facebook Group for new and established traders who want to discuss equity, options, futures and currencies trading. Jay Tun also frequently shares content on news that may affect trades and trading-related events and webinars he is conducting.

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#3 Gathering Of Traders

Started by Jonathan Tan of Charting Academy, Gathering Of Traders is an open Facebook Group dedicated to discussing trading signals in the financial market. If you enjoy looking at charts, you will find like-minded people happy to discuss on their analysis of each chart. Jonathan also frequently posts his views of the market so you can follow his thoughts through this group.

#4 Traderwave Trading Community

Started by Philip Teo of Traderwave, the Traderwave Trading Community aims to help independent traders share and learn from one another, so that they can become successful traders on their own. In this group, easily digestible trading-related photos and graphics are shared. If you are looking for something lighter to get started, this could be a good group to join first. Philip is also active in the group, so you can use it to stay in touch with him.

#5 The Forex Army

Started in 2016 by Desmond Leong, The Forex Army is where Forex Traders can gather to scalp the Forex Market together (if you don’t know what that means, it’s probably not for you) using a specialised MetaTrader 4 tool – The TFA Sniper.

For those who are part of The Forex Army, you will be part of a team that works together in a trading room where every person uses the TFA Sniper to trade. This way, everyone is using the same strategy and can support, guide, encourage and most importantly, make money together.

Unlike joining a Facebook Group, joining The Forex Army is a little trickier. There is a TFA Incubation Program that includes a series of tests that you have to pass before you can be part of The Forex Army, which would allow you to trade with the company using a funded account.

Watch this video of a day in the life of Desmond Leong

#6 Collin Seow’s Profitable Trading Ideas In US, Singapore & Malaysia

Collin Seow, founder of The Systematic TradersGPS, also started a Facebook Group for graduates of his course. Many individuals in the group are not yet graduates of his course but are still keen to be part of the group to leverage on ideas being discussed. The key aim of the group is to help members to trade systematically and profitably. Like Collin’s course, a large part of the discussion focuses on entry and exit of trades based on trend trading.

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#7 Investing Note

Investing Note is Singapore’s largest social media platform dedicated to investors and traders. As a social platform, InvestingNote allows users to share their latest ideas and discuss the latest stock movements in the market. Some users also use it as an avenue to pen down their thoughts and to clarify any doubts that they might have with the community.

Since its official launch in 2016, InvestingNote has grown quickly, having more than 50,000 users today with total pageviews of a few million each month. Thousands of users log in to the platform each day to monitor and track the stock markets.

Similar to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can follow your favourite traders to stay updated with trade ideas and thoughts. You can also be an investing and trading influencer by sharing ideas with others who are following you.

The good thing about Investing Note is that your social feed will be customised towards the people you want to follow. This is an efficient way to keep in touch with social media content produced by your favourite traders.

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#8 IG Singapore Community

The IG Community is an interactive space for IG users to discuss trading-related topics and to get knowledge and tips from one another. The good thing is that the community members are traders who have  a live account with IG – which means that you will part of a community that shares a similar interest (trading) and also uses a similar platform as you to trade.Advertisement

You can participate in the IG Forum to discuss an extensive range of trading-related topics with traders worldwide. For those searching for content, IGTV provides direct access to back catalogue of market updates, all on demand. There is also a list of online courses and videos available via the IG Academy if you are looking to expand your trading knowledge. If you are the kind (like us) who like to read and learn on the go, you can download the IG App from the App Store or Google Play.AdvertisementAdvertisement

To be part of the IG Community, you will need to be an IG member. If you are a Singapore Citizen or PR, you can sign up for a live account with IG via Myinfo. Alternatively, consider signing up for a demo account with IG if you are new to trading so that you can get familiar with trading before putting money in your trades.AdvertisementAdvertisement

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