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Completely New To Finance? Here Are 20 Singapore Websites That You Should Visit First

If being better at your personal finances is one of your goals for 2018, then be sure to bookmark this page.


If being on top of your financial life is one of your goals this year, then this list is for you. We have 20 entries, so let’s jump straight in!

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Personal Finance

#1 MoneySmart

MoneySmart has been around for a really long time and is one of the pioneers of the Singapore personal finance website scene. Because of that, their website contains a wealth of information on almost anything you could want to learn.

By covering personal finance topics in an easy-to-understand manner for the layperson, MoneySmart makes a great jumping off point for anyone just starting to learn about personal finance.

#2 Seedly

One of the new kids on the block, Seedly is a personal finances tracker that integrates with local bank accounts. Seedly also has a popular blog and Facebook group.

Their blog touches on a range of personal finance and investment topics, some of which are curated from posts on their Facebook group. That is actually a good thing, since regular posters on their group include many great financial bloggers and people in the financial industry!

#3 For Tomorrow

For Tomorrow is an initiative by Temasek, in partnership with MoneySmart and DollarsAndSense. It is a repository of specially written articles with young Singaporeans in mind. It aims to encourage them to discover more about investing and take action today for a better tomorrow.

#4 The New Savvy

The New Savvy is a regional website that believes in empowering women in the financial, investment and career aspects of their lives.

The New Savvy is founded by Anna Haotanto, who runs the website with her team, providing useful financial content that addresses the modern woman’s unique challenges and opportunities.


SingSaver’s core focus is being a fantastic credit card and personal loan comparison website. But since we can all benefit from money saving tips, credit card hacks and financial news in general, that’s what SingSaver’s article section provides. Their original content is useful, concise and very relatable.

Investing and Trading

#6 The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person covers investing and personal finance topics, with a particular emphasis on stocks and real estate investment trusts (REITs) in Singapore, Malaysia and the United States.

They believe that by sharing sound investment knowledge and helping readers improve their financial literacy, Singaporeans and people around the world can one day enjoy financial security.

#7 Investment Moats

Started in 2005, Investment Moats is created and run by Kyith Ng, a systems and applications engineer by day, and financial blogger extraordinaire by night (or whenever he has time).

Every one of his articles are comprehensive and crafted with great care. Topics he covers range from growing and managing wealth, investing concepts, analysis of individual stocks, and his thoughts on policies.

Kyith also maintains a dividend stock tracker and keeps a public record of his current portfolio.

#8 Dr Wealth

Dr Wealth provides investment education to Singaporeans by publishing guides on their website as well as through courses they conduct. They aim to impart proven and actionable investment methods so that their users can achieve superior returns.

Some of their most popular content include guides to STI ETF, Singapore REITs, Value Investing and Factor-Based Investing.

#9 TradingWithRayner

The hero of the titular website TradingWithRayner is on a mission to save retail investors like you and me from self-destruction. Besides being a successful independent trader, Rayner is a renowned trading coach who shares his trading knowledge and methods through articles, e-Books, YouTube videos and courses.

#10 Value Invest Asia

Run by a team of seasoned investors, Value Invest Asia provides investment insights and education for the Singapore market and around the region. They have also published a book on value investing, titled “Value Investing In Asia – The Definitive Guide to Investing in Asia”.

#11 A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI)

A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI) is a very active personal investing blog. While the bulk of content centres on investing topics and logs of personal investments made, you can sometimes find advice for undergrads, thoughts on life insurance, and more.

#12 SG Young Investment

Not just another personal investment blog, SG Young Investment is unique because it offers the perspective of a young (under-30) professional on the journey of investing.

The author shares his financial goals, investment decisions, property buying considerations and also provides mortgage consulting services (for a fee).

#13 The Motley Fool Singapore

The Motley Fool Singapore is the local variant of, which has operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Cananda and Germany.

Through their website and exclusive subscriber-only content, they give retail investors access to investing research and analysis to help them make better investment decisions.


#14 Cheerful Egg

Cheerful Egg is founded and run by Lionel Yeo, where he muses on life, money, and everything in between. He shares candidly on investment and personal finance matters in his own life, as well as occasionally giving us a glimpse into the ups and downs of living in fast-paced Singapore.

#15 Budget Babe

Budget Babe is a working professional who generously shares about anything she is doing, learning and thinking. From buying your first Bitcoin to budgeting for your wedding, think of Budget Babe as your BFF who always has your back for all things financial.

#16 Heartland Boy

Given that most Singaporeans live in a HDB flat, Heartland Boy is someone we can all relate to. In additional to being a living archive of a true-blue heartlander’s journey to financial independence, his blog is an inspiration and how-to for anyone who wishes to embark on their very own journey.

#17 My 15 Hour Work Week

Written by a husband and wife team who are “quarter-retired” by age 29, My 15 Hour Work Week is a fascinating peek into the philosophy and methodology of achieving financial freedom in Singapore using a variety of financial tools.


#18 The Milelion

If you are into hacking credit card miles, then The Milelion is your guru. When he is not calling out influencers for irresponsible and unethical marketing, Aaron of The Milelion dives into detail how you can utilise credit cards to the fullest extent to earn the most amount of miles, and the many ways you can spend them.

Even if you have just a passing interest in credit card miles hacking, Aaron’s witty and sharp writing should be reason enough for The Milelion to be on your bookmarks list.

#19 Are You Ready?

Created by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board, Are You Ready? is a guided tour of the CPF system through bite-sized articles categorised into life stages like Starting Work, Your Health, Getting Married, Golden Years.

Are You Ready? is a very painless (and even enjoyable) way to learn to live with and maximise your CPF monies.


Rounding up this personal finance reading list is, which has a section on their website dedicated to covering a favourite pet topic of Singaporeans: property.

From commentary on larger property market trends to home lifestyle topics, there’s something for everyone – whether you’re a property investor or a HDB homeowner.

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