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Why Investor-One Is The Perfect Portal For Investors Searching For Hidden Gems On The SGX

Searching for undervalued stocks are like finding abandoned gold mines. You need to look at places where others are not looking.

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Today, we live in the internet age. While this means we have information at our fingertips, it isn’t without its problems. Information overload – where there is too much information out there on the internet for us to process – can lead to over-analysis, misinformation and decision paralysis.

This applies to almost everything in our lives – from cooking a new dish, getting started on a new diet or committing to a new workout regime. There is no shortage of information that we can find on the internet.

The same holds for our investment journey. There are many articles, books, video tutorials, seminars and coaching sessions that can help us become better investors. The question is, whether it will be relevant for us?

Investing In The Singapore Exchange

As an investor in Singapore, it makes sense that many of us will be investing in stocks listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

The SGX has more than 600 companies listed on its mainboard and more than another 200 companies on its Catalist board. This gives Singapore investors a broad selection of stocks across different business sectors and be exposed to varied geographical regions that they can choose to invest in.

When doing research, we will quickly realise that not all companies are covered equally. Bigger and more popular companies tend to be extensively covered, while smaller companies may be overlooked.

For example, companies that are part of the Straits Times Index (STI) such as DBS, OCBC, UOB, Singtel and CapitaLand are naturally going to be more popular with the investment community. Hence, they receive more coverage from stock analysts, are frequently covered by the media channels and are usually widely discussed among the investment community. As an investor, finding information about these companies is easy.

On the other hand, small and mid-sized listed companies which are not as popular are not frequently covered and tend to go under the radar for many investors. Often we only hear about these companies, if at all, when they make spectacular strides in their business and share price.

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Investor-One: The Portal To Find Hidden Gems On SGX

Finding a good undervalued small or mid-cap stock, before it becomes a “hot” stock, is like doing a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. While it can seem daunting at the start, if you know where to start from, you can complete the puzzle with relative ease.

Investor-One, a website operated by, is dedicated to helping investors find growth stocks on SGX. Going back to the puzzle analogy, it’s like finding the corner pieces of your 100-piece jigsaw puzzle – a great place for investors to start.

To help investors identify stocks that may be flying under the radar, Investor-One regularly publishes articles featuring small and mid-cap companies that are less frequently covered by analysts and mainstream media. These articles include stock analysis which are data driven, pre-result announcements and stock insights by financial bloggers. The Investor-One editorial team also regularly do in-depth interviews with C-level executives who helm these small and mid-cap companies so that investors can get to know the management team and their business perspectives of the companies they are looking to invest in.

Investors can also check out the performance of specific stocks through the quick facts page, before deciding if they want to do a further research and due diligence of their own on these companies.

For investors looking to learn, the Investor-One Academy provides a depository of free educational content to help them in their journey to become better and more knowledgeable investors of small and mid-cap stocks. So, you can start reading and learning as much as you can before deciding if there are companies that you want to include into your watchlist or even add to your investment portfolio.

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Small & Mid-Cap Companies May Not Be Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Some people prefer Teh-C, while others may choose Teh-O or Teh Ping.

If you are looking at potentially undervalued stocks, then Investor-One is an excellent place to start your research. As it can be time-consuming to find sufficient and reliable information about small and mid-cap companies in Singapore, you can turn to Investor-One as your go-to website. And if you are looking at bigger cap companies, you can also easily search for information via the Quick Facts tab.

Investor-One doesn’t overload us with stock information that we can find elsewhere. Instead, the website focuses on what it does best, which is to publish well-curated original content useful for investors who are on the hunt for the next hidden gem on the SGX.