5 Questions With…Druce Teo, Co-Founder, Stacked Homes

5 Questions With… is an initiative to feature local entrepreneurs and give you a glimpse into their daily lives – how they live, work, and play. This week, we speak to Druce Teo, the co-founder of Stacked Homes, a property website that produces high quality property-related content such as condominium reviews and market analysis. 

Stacked Homes has been operating since 2017 and has started getting much more popular with readers over the last 12 months. Its property reviews and guides have become a go-to source for those who want to read more about a particular condominium development, before visiting the showflat or actual units being sold. 

During our coffee meeting with Druce last year, we understand that the 3-year old start-up is very much in its early growth phase, with Stacked Homes still exploring potential investors and monetisation strategies. You can follow their content on Facebook and Instagram.

5 Things That Are Always In Your Daily Routine

  • Checking my emails/Whatsapp/Telegram when I get up at 630, before changing diapers for my son. 
  • Getting an early morning workout at the gym at 7am before work starts. If I feel up for it, I might listen to a podcast or read in between rest periods. More often than not though, it’s just listening to Spotify!
  • Mornings at work are spent following up on more emails, or with the rest of the team on stuff that we have to concentrate on or do for the day.
  • I like to read up on property news in between breaks, to keep in touch as well as for new ideas for content
  • Checking website and social stats before heading to bed – might not be of actual use, but it’s always a motivating factor to see the numbers go up!

4 Apps That You Cannot Live Without

Notion is a huge one for me – I use it constantly to keep all of our notes in one place. Content ideas, websites with good design, video ideas, links etc. It has mobile and desktop apps so it automatically syncs no matter where I use it. 

Google Docs – Invaluable as well for its versatility to collaborate with our writers. All changes are always saved immediately and you can see the history of changes online easily too. 

Telegram – We used to use Slack, but have now moved the entire team to use Telegram instead.

WhatsApp – As much as I hate WhatsApp for its limitations, it is still (unfortunately) the most used app purely because it is the most commonly used chat platform. 

3 Books That Had The Biggest Impact On You 

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a business when there are no easy answers by Ben Horowitz – It was a present from my wife last year. Aside from the fact that Ben Horowitz is one of the most respected entrepreneurs, he really gives great honest insights into his journey and advice in very applicable scenarios that could happen to anyone starting their own business. 

Influence: The psychology of persuasion: A really old book but it most definitely is very relevant in today’s context still. I have read a number of books on this topic, but this one stands out for its many stories, examples and actionable pieces that can be utilised straight away. 

Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a media manipulator by Ryan Holiday: I actually read this prior to our decision to pivot towards being more media focused as a business, but it was an eye opener to the world of media and how so many things that most people don’t think about can be manipulated so easily. If anything, there are things that you’d take notes of to never do in your own media business. 

2 Entrepreneurs You Look Up To 

Brian Chesky: I think the founding story of Airbnb is truly one to admire. It seems like such a norm now, but to think of staying in a stranger’s home back when they started out and having the perseverance to push through despite all the setbacks – there is a lot to learn from it. The hustle to go door to door to take photos around NYC to improve their listings is a story that would always stick with me. 

My Dad: I may be biased of course, but my dad is probably the most hardworking and enterprising person anyone would ever meet. Coming from a poor family and having a heart attack at an early age, he could have given up so easily on his business but he worked like crazy to get to where he is today. Despite his busy schedule he still makes time for church initiatives and family so I have utmost respect for that. 

1 Piece Of Advice For Budding Entrepreneurs 

Stick to your guns. It is a cliche repeated many times by now, but there is a reason why it is often repeated. There will always be negative feedback and people questioning what you do, but if you have a vision, stick to it and be firm about achieving what you believe in. 

Druce Teo

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