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6 Things Singaporeans Need To Know About The GrabPay Card Before Applying

Here’s what you need to know about Asia’s first numberless card.

The GrabPay Card is the latest e-wallet payment card to be made available in Singapore. It was created so users in Southeast Asia can enjoy a secure means to access Grab’s expanded rewards ecosystem, and its seamless and convenient integrated payments method.

The GrabPay Card, launched on December 5th, is an extension of the Grab e-wallet in your Grab apps, made possible because of an ongoing partnership with Mastercard.

This means that Grab users can now transact on the Mastercard network that connects nearly 53 million merchants worldwide. For the unbanked segment, the GrabPay Card offers a means for you to make payments at Mastercard merchants even if you don’t have a bank account.

Grab is fast becoming a leading app in providing food and package delivery service, digital payment and financial services. If you’re planning to sign up for it, here is all you need to know about the physical card before applying for it.

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#1 A Card With Security To Boast About

As Asia’s first numberless card, the GrabPay Card can address major security concerns that surround online and offline card transactions.

The possibility of theft of personal and financial information is eliminated with a numberless card. The details of the card are also securely stored within the Grab app since it serves as an extension of the GrabPay wallet.

On top of that, the GrabPay Card has a PIN-protected in-app lock card function. This means that users can instantly suspend payments in the event of a card loss. The GrabPay Card is also enhanced with 3DSecure technology to ensure users are protected from online fraud.

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#2 Integrated With Grab’s Existing Features

GrabPay is fast becoming a ubiquitous payment method as Grab continues to expand its offerings beyond transport services. Grab users can use their GrabPay balance for Grab transport, food delivery and other financial services across Southeast Asia.

GrabPay is also slated to undergo a user interface upgrade that will make it simpler and more intuitive to use. As GrabPay is acceptable across Mastercard merchants globally, GrabPay card users can also enjoy competitive foreign exchange rates.

With Grab’s suite of services housed under one app, each transaction and its related exchange rates or fees (if used overseas) are transparently displayed in the app, making it easier for users to track their spend.

#3 Gets You 10x GrabRewards Points

The GrabPay Card functions as an extension of GrabPay. This means that you can continue to earn GrabRewards for every purchase made through the GrabPay Card at Mastercard merchants or for any Grab services.

As part of a limited launch promotion, GrabPay Card users can also earn up to 10 times GrabRewards points for every dollar spent. You can redeem GrabRewards offers anywhere in Southeast Asia with these GrabRewards points. As an example, 5,000 GrabRewards points on the local Grab app can redeem 500 KrisFlyer miles. Other rewards include meal vouchers, LEGO sets, and special exclusive merchandise.

#4 You Enjoy Additional Benefits

Mobile Phone Protection: On top of being plugged into the Grab ecosystem, using your GrabPay Card for certain payments means that you are entitled to certain rewards. For instance, you receive protection against accidental damage or theft for that month that you are paying your mobile phone bill using your GrabPay Card.

E-Commerce Protection: Another benefit you enjoy when making payment with your GrabPay Card is e-commerce protection. You receive coverage for eligible items in the event of incomplete, non-delivery, or delivery of a defective or wrong item.

Flight Delay Passes: As a GrabPay Card user, you can register up to 2 flights each calendar year for complimentary access to over 1,000 airport lounges spanning over 100 countries if your registered flights are delayed for at least 2 hours.

#5 Get More Ways To Pay

With the new GrabPay Card, GrabPay users now enjoy more payment options when paying using GrabPay. For instance, the GrabPay Card can be added to their Samsung Pay wallet, allowing users to make offline payments with their devices at any contactless-enabled payments terminal.

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#6 It’s Free To Apply For It

For Grab users who are interested, you can sign up for the card after completing a short, simple customer verification process within the Grab app.

Upon verification, users can use their digital GrabPay Card to make purchases online, in-app, or pay offline merchants through Samsung Pay. The GrabPay card is linked to the users’ GrabPay balance in their wallet. Essentially, the GrabPay Card extends the functionalities of GrabPay beyond the app in a secure way, while allowing you to earn even more GrabRewards points than usual.

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