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Complete Guide To Grab Subscription Plans

There’s always a new Grab subscription plan available

Touting itself as Southeast Asia’s #1 all-in-one ride-hailing app, food delivery service, cashless payment solution – and now, digital bank – Grab is a name that needs no introduction. The platform has grown to be an integral part of our lives and vocabulary. It’s common for us to simply say “I’ll Grab there” or “Let’s GrabFood for dinner. It has also expanded to our financial lives with GrabInvest and GrabPay

To keep a leg up on the competition, Grab is also known for providing subscription plans all in the name of providing value to its customers. As Grab constantly reviews and retires its subscription plans, here’s an update on what Grab currently offers and how much you can save by subscribing to their latest plan.

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GrabExpress Instant Delivery Pack

The GrabExpress Pack is one of the two current Grab subscription plans available. The GrabExpress Pack costs $4.99 for 3 instant deliveries. For the cost, we would get 30% off 3 deliveries.

We can approximately save up to $20, assuming a Grab Express trip cost around $13 on average. A 4-hour GrabExpress delivery is about 40% cheaper than a normal Grab Express trip. As the discount is based on percentage, we can optimise rides to maximise the savings. For more urgent deliveries, we can use the usual GrabExpress. Deliveries that are not time-sensitive can opt for 4-hour GrabExpress delivery. Do note that you have to use up all 3 deliveries quickly as the coupons are only valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.


While the Stay-Home Pack has ceased, Grab has launched a new GrabUnlimited pack to help users ride, eat, and buy more for less. At $8.99/month (based on 3-month subscription), users receive a variety of discount vouchers.

The GrabUnlimited Pack costs $8.99/month (based on 3-month cycle) or $12.99/month for 99x 10% off GrabRides,  99x GrabFood delivery vouchers, 10x 10% off GrabExpress delivery, 10x GrabMart delivery and 1x $3 off GrabPay in-store voucher.

For discounted food deliveries, we will be getting a $4 off delivery fee with minimum spending of $18 (excluding platform and small order fee). The GrabMart vouchers are capped at $7. This means the total GrabMart basket (excluding platform and small order fee) would be $35 for us to enjoy the full $7 off the bill. Additionally, the 10% off GrabExpress voucher will be capped at $4. This means the GrabExpress trip cost (excluding platform and small order fee) would have to be about $40 for us to enjoy the full $5 off.

In addition, the $3 off GrabPay in-store voucher entitles you to a $3 discount on in-store purchases that meet minimum spend of $5.

Do note that you have to use up all vouchers quickly as the ride coupons are only valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.

How To Subscribe To A Grab Plan?

Step 1: Launch the Grab app on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Account’ in the bottom-right corner and select ‘Subscriptions’.

Step 3: Scroll to find your desired plan and tap on it.

Step 4: Select plan and tap on ‘Get This Plan’.

Step 5: Ensure sufficient GrabPay credit balance and tap ‘Confirm’ to subscribe.

Step 6: Vouchers will be instantly awarded to your account. Locate them in the My Subscriptions tab of your Grab app.

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What Else Should You Know Before Signing Up For A Grab Subscription Plan?

All plans can only be paid them through GrabPay Credits. The GrabExpress Pack is only a one-time offer and it is limited to one Pack per customer.

There appears to be no guarantee that the subscription plan that is available to you today will be still there in the future as Grab is constantly changing and retiring old plans.

In the end, you should only subscribe to the plans when it fits your lifestyle and you are constant (and heavier) user of Grab services. You also need to be aware of the terms and conditions and the limitations of the plan, such as minimum spend, maximum cap and validity period.

An alternative for you would be to use promo codes or purchase Grab vouchers through Shopee and Lazada when you need them. Since Grab regularly updates the subscription plan that it offers, you should also check regularly to see if you are subscribing to the best option available.

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This article was first published on 25 April 2019, and updated with new information. Additional reporting by Agnes Goh.

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