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Complete Guide To Grab Subscription Plans

Confused by the changes Grab has made to their subscription plans? Read our walkthrough to Grab’s current offerings.

This article was first published on 25 April 2019 and has been updated with new information.

By now, Grab is a household name for commuters in Singapore and the region. It’s even turned into a verb we use in daily conversations: “I’m Grab-ing to the office”.

To give consumers more value and stay above the competition, the ride-hailing giant has since rolled out and tweaked their subscription plans to better serve their consumers’ needs. On 16 October, Grab announced that it will discontinue existing “All Access Plan”s and “Commute Plan” on 16 December 2019. Existing subscribers can still carry on with the discontinued plans until 16 December 2020 provided that they have enough credits in their GrabPay account on each billing date for renewal.

Even though they are retiring these subscription plans, Grab continues to dole out new plans that are better tailored to consumers’ consumption habits. We examine each of the plans and see when and how much you can save by using Grab’s subscription services.

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Daily Value Plan

Food Plan (No Delivery Fees)

GPay Dealbook: Gourmet Tribe Edition

Bubble Tea Plan

[Discontinued] All Access Plan

[Discontinued] Commute Plans (Lite, Basic, Extra)

How To Subscribe To A Grab Plan?

What Else Should You Know Before Signing Up For A Grab Subscription Plan?

Daily Value Plan

The Grab “Daily Value Plan” is a plan that gives you 15% off your rides, through 25 ride vouchers. The vouchers are valid on all rides except GrabTaxi, GrabShuttle, GrabHitch, GrabCoach and GrabWheels. The plan also includes 5 food vouchers for free GrabFood delivery, as long as you hit the minimum order of $12.

The “Daily Value Plan” is a great supplement for you if you’re a regular user of both GrabFood and Grab for transport, and it goes at $35 a month.

Food Plan (No Delivery Fees)

Grab’s food plan was designed for avid food delivery service users. The monthly $9.99 subscription includes 50 food vouchers for free GrabFood delivery.

This is valid for use on orders paid with GrabPay or GrabPay Credits. However, you may not use the food plan in conjunction with other Grab promotions or offers such as GrabFood rewards.

GPay Dealbook: Gourmet Tribe Edition

The GPay Dealbook is a set of 100 1-for-1 vouchers for your use at participating merchant outlets. It’s valid for dine-in only and can only be purchased in 6-month periods, with subscription fees going at $14.90 per month.

New merchants are continually added to the list although participating merchants may choose to withdraw from the Dealbook at any time to their discretion. You may view the list of participating merchants here.

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Bubble Tea Plan

Otherwise known as the “Bubble Tea Club”, the bubble tea plan goes at $9 a month for 5x $3 vouchers off your bubble tea purchases. The list of participating merchants currently includes: LiHO Tea, Gong Cha, Woobbee, and iTEA.

The vouchers are not valid for GrabFood orders and there are restrictions on what items can be purchased and at which specific outlets.

[Discontinued] All Access Plan

An All Access Plan is a hybrid of the Grab Rides plan and GrabFood plan, giving you the best of both worlds. Previously, Grab offered two additional levels – basic and premium – but they have since been discontinued, leaving users with just one option.

All Access Plan Monthly Cost Value of Plan
Basic $25 – $40 ($4 off 10 rides)
– 30 Free GrabFood Deliveries

[Discontinued] Commute Plans

In its initial offering, Grab offered ride plans called Commute Plans at 3 different levels–– Lite, Basic and Extra.

Commute Plan Monthly Cost Value of Plan Savings Minimum # of rides to take
Lite $19 $40

($4 off 10 rides)

$21 5
Basic $59 $100

($10 off 10 rides)

$41 6
Extra $109 $200

($10 off 20 rides)

$91 11

The Commute Plans are great if you take at least 10 rides every month, as it eliminates the need to wait or look around for promotional codes. If your rides are long-distance, the Commute Basic and Commute Extra Plans do help you to save a significant amount. The plans do not offer much value however, for users whose lifestyles do not meet the minimum number of rides per month.

It is worth noting that the discounts do not apply to GrabShuttle, GrabHitch, GrabCoach and GrabWheels services. Payment options for rides are also limited to GrabPay/GrabPay credits with usage of the vouchers and users cannot subscribe to more than one Commute Plan.

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How To Subscribe To A Grab Plan?

Step 1: Launch the Grab app on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Account’ in the bottom-right corner and select ‘Subscriptions’.

Step 3: Scroll to find your desired plan and tap ‘View Plans’.

Step 4: Select plan and tap on ‘Get This Plan’.

Step 5: Ensure sufficient GrabPay credit balance and tap ‘Confirm’ to subscribe.

Step 6: Vouchers will be instantly awarded to your account. Locate them in the My Rewards tab of your Grab app.

What Else Should You Know Before Signing Up For A Grab Subscription Plan?

The vouchers awarded for each plan are not allowed to be used in conjunction with other Grab promotions or offers.

Each subscription plan has a limit on sign-ups and plans will no longer be available for purchase or listed in the app once they are fully subscribed.

All plans auto-renew and your GrabPay Credits will be deducted on the next billing date. Although auto-renewing takes away the cumbersome issue of having to keep track of expiry dates, you still have to ensure that there is sufficient balance to avoid expiry of your plan. There is essentially no lock-in period as plans can be cancelled at any time and cancellations will take effect on the next billing date.

Plans accidentally purchased are not refundable and can only be cancelled for the next billing cycle onwards. In addition, no GrabReward points will be awarded for purchases of plans.

Ultimately, the value you can get from any of the plans above depends on your lifestyle and how you choose to make your money worthwhile.

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