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Complete Guide To GrabUnlimited Subscription Plan And How To Maximise Your Savings On Grab’s Food, Mart, Delivery Services and More

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In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is the name of the game. That’s why it’s not surprising that many of us turn to the super app, Grab, whenever we feel hungry or need something urgently. With just a few taps on our smartphones, we can choose from a wide selection of merchants and have our food, groceries, gifts, or packages delivered to our doorstep. Saving us the time and hassle of physically doing it ourselves.

And now, with the latest revamp of the GrabUnlimited subscription offering more discounts, there are even more reasons to use Grab’s services regularly. In fact, with rising inflation and food costs, it can be a smart way to save on your everyday food, grocery, gifting and delivery expenses. What’s more, with a free one-month trial for new subscribers, this is an offer not to be missed, especially as you can enjoy more convenience and savings!

What Is GrabUnlimited?

GrabUnlimited is a monthly subscription service that provides exclusive deals and discounts at every Grab merchant. For $5.99 a month, we can get regular vouchers for GrabFood, GrabMart, and GrabExpress, including exclusive bonus promotions that change each month.

Source: GrabUnlimited

As part of GrabFood’s monthly benefits, you will get 99 x up to $3 off your GrabFood delivery costs for any GrabFood merchant. This is stackable with GrabUnlimited deals, which offer up to 30% off on your purchases with preferred merchants.

You will also get another 99 x $3 off delivery fees from preferred GrabMart merchants, and 99 x $2 off delivery fees from all other GrabMart merchants.. GrabUnlimited subscribers are also given a 10% off GrabExpress delivery voucher each month that can be used when sending any parcels.

On top of the monthly benefits, GrabUnlimited subscribers will also be rewarded with bonus promotions that refresh each month, so check the latest offer on the Grab app. For the current month of March 2023, GrabUnlimited subscribers will receive the following benefits:

Source: GrabUnlimited

Assuming you order food delivery once a week or 4 times a month, you could save up to $12 on the delivery fees alone. Additionally, if you purchase your food with any of GrabUnlimited preferred merchants and get 30% off a $20 meal, you would save around $6 on each order a week, or $24 for a month. This would amount to a savings of around $28 a month on just GrabFood.

That’s not all. You could make even more savings on your delivery costs when you shop at GrabMart for your daily necessities or gifting needs. Assuming you make another four orders each month, that’s another $12 worth of savings. Together with the savings from the meal discounts and delivery fees, you could easily cover the cost of the subscription plan on your first order and potentially make many times more in savings over the course of the month. Do note that you can only redeem the GrabUnlimited subscription vouchers with payments via the GrabPay Wallet, eligible credit/debit cards, or PayLater by Grab. These offers are also limited for use in Singapore.

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How I Managed To Save Over $10 On Lunch And Snacks Via GrabFood

By now, most of us would have felt the pinch from the rising food costs, whether it’s the local hawker fare or a restaurant meal. Instead of paying the full price for your meal, you can save up to 30% off when ordering from selected GrabUnlimited merchants.

To make the most of my working hours on a rainy afternoon and, more importantly, stay dry, I decided to Grab my lunch instead of heading to the nearest hawker centre. Upon sieving through the list of merchants under the “Up to 30% off!” icon, I decided to break away from my usual order of local food and treat myself to some sushi by Maki-San.  It did help that it was not only a healthier choice but a practical one too, as it had a 30% store-wide discount for a minimum spend of $28 as part of GrabUnlimited Deals.

Due to an ongoing promotion, a set of MS Mega San Salad costs $16.40 instead of the usual $21.20. As a GrabUnlimited subscriber, I was also able to get further discounts through the GrabUnlimited deals by combining my order with that of my colleague, who also wanted the same. This allowed us to easily achieve the minimum spend of $28 to qualify for the 30% discount for a savings of $9 on just the food order. The cherry on top — I could stack the $3 food delivery voucher to bring my delivery costs down from $5.50 to just $2.50.

Source: Grab – Maki San

Grab Regular User GrabUnlimited User
Food Order
(2 x MS Mega San Sushi Combo A)
$32.80 $32.80
Service Fees $5.90 $5.90
Discounts $9 (30% off food order)
$3 (Delivery fee)
Total $38.70 $26.70
(Savings: $12)

This is not counting the bubble tea order that I also placed subsequently with my colleagues to complete our “lunch set.” And with the 99 x $3 off food delivery coupons that you get with GrabUnlimited, you don’t have to think twice about making multiple orders in a day to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Later in the afternoon, and thankfully as the sun came out, I was “arrowed” to get some tea-time snacks for the team before a meeting – not that I was complaining!

I decided to do a self-pick up this time on my order for a box of 10 curry puffs. Again, this normally would have cost $19, but as a GrabUnlimited subscriber, there was a current bonus offer of 15% off for self-pick-up orders, and I only had to pay $16.15, saving me $2.85.

Source: Grab – Old Chang Kee

Get Gifts For Special Occasions Conveniently At GrabMart

Gifting is a wonderful way to express our love or appreciation to family and friends on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or even housewarmings. However, with our busy schedules, we might easily forget or just not have the time to pick out the perfect gift.

That’s where GrabMart can be a lifesaver, as it offers a large variety of gift items ranging from skincare products to e-games to bouquets of flowers with personalised messages and many more. You can search conveniently for the perfect gift and have it delivered to your loved one’s doorstep from wherever you are. As a GrabUnlimited subscriber, you can stack your delivery coupons (up to $3 off) on top of the existing GrabMart merchant deals to enjoy even more savings.

How To Sign Up For GrabUnlimited (And Start Using The Vouchers)?

The GrabUnlimited subscription is a must-have, especially when you can easily cover the subscription fee with just one GrabFood order each month! In fact, you can be the go-to person, either at home or at the office, to place group orders to easily meet the minimum spend to claim the discounts. It might even be the best money-saving hack given the potential savings that can be made on your food, groceries, and even delivery spending.

Signing-up for GrabUnlimited is simple. Open the Grab app, tap on your profile at the bottom right corner, and click on the Subscriptions tab to subscribe to GrabUnlimited. You would need to choose the payment method for the subscription and ensure that sufficient funds are available each month to renew the plan. You can also click here to subscribe now.

Once you have signed up for the plan, you can start using the vouchers and save on your GrabFood, GrabMart, and GrabExpress orders. To redeem the coupons, follow the three simple steps:

Step 1: Upon checkout on GrabFood or GrabMart, tap on the ‘Offers’ tab above the total payment amount.

Step 2: Select and stack the promo codes that you want to use.

Step 3: Enjoy instant savings with discounts applied. Place Order.

If you’re a new user, you can try the GrabUnlimited subscription plan today for free for the first month. You can cancel it anytime or continue paying $5.99 each month to keep the subscription plan active.