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Why Is Pandora Jewellery So Expensive And Is It Really Worth The Money?

Find out if Pandora is worth the hype.

I bought my first Pandora bracelet when I was 25 years old. This does not include a bracelet I got as a gift from my sister from her overseas travels.

In total, I have three Pandora bracelets of different materials – one chain, one bangle, and one woven rope. Not forgetting the charms too; a usual Pandora customer will likely have 15 to 20 charms in his/her collection.

As a Pandora customer, it is easy to understand the viewpoint of both sides of the argument on the value of this jewellery brand- some people say that such bracelets are pricey and when others argue that the bracelets are worth the money.

We will explore and find out if Pandora jewellery is worth the hype.

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The History Of Pandora Jewellery

Founded in 1982 as an independent jewellery shop by Danish goldsmith Per Algot Enevoldsen in Copenhagen, Denmark, the brand expanded and grew to become an international jewellery company today.

In 1989, it started manufacturing its jewellery in Thailand, which allowed the brand the ability to sell to the mass market hand-finished jewellery at non-marked-up prices.

The brand patented its charm bracelet in 2000 and customers could personalise their jewellery from the various new charms created to reflect various occasions and events.

Fast forward to 2023, Pandora has a presence in more than 100 countries, including Singapore. The brand appeals to women, especially those aged 20 to 40.

It thrives on the message of self-expression as you can personalise your charms.

How Are Pandora Jewellery Made?

Each Pandora charm can easily pass through 30 people during the crafting process. The charms are small and detailed. They are launched in different themes too, from Star Wars to zodiac characters, to suit users of different demographics.

Materials used in the crafting process are gold, sterling silver, 14k gold-plated, and 14k rose-gold plated, instead of costume jewellery. Some of the jewellery materials include diamonds, quartz, topaz, organic gems, and man-made stones.

It also uses other materials like Murano Glass, leather, and wood.


Image Credit: Pandora

No two pieces are exactly the same, as the charms are created through craftsmanship.

The lost wax casting technique is used for creating elaborate and minimalistic designs. For its glass jewellery charms, the lampworking or flameworking techniques are used to create vibrant colours.

A great feature of Pandora jewellery is that it contains no nickel, which is perfect for those with nickel allergies.

As the charms are lasting and durable, the brand is known for its commitment to sustainable practices.

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What Are The Various Pandora Designs Available?

The Pandora charms can be worn on earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

You can customise your charm bracelet according to your personality. A Pandora sterling silver snake chain charm bracelet is the usual type of bracelet people get for their first purchase and it is the most well-known product sold by Pandora.

Pandora also sells rings. The concept of the charm collectibles creates return customers as they want to purchase new charms to celebrate different occasions.

For example, there are cruise-themed charms, Valentine’s Day themed charms, and collaborations with Marvel and Disney so a customer can customise his/her charm bracelet according to his/her mood and day’s activity.

Image Credit: Pandora

Is Pandora Jewellery Expensive?

They are made affordable by being sold in small bite-sized charms priced starting from $39.

For example the Entwined Infinite Hearts Charm is $39 and is made of sterling silver. The dangle charm Pandora ME Burning Wings is also at $39 and is made of sterling silver with Cubic Zirconia stones.

There are also charms made of different materials, such as the Murano Glass series. The Wavy Fancy Pink Murano Glass Charm costs $49 and is made of sterling silver and glass.

Image Credit: Pandora

There are also alphabet charms that you can use to personalise the bracelet or necklace to your preference, and also cross charms. For the advanced collector, there are charms for different purposes, such as spacer charms and clips.

Clip charms are for holding your charms in place so that they won’t move too much on your bracelet. Spacer charms are to space out your designs so that your bracelet won’t look too cluttered.

The Pandora Snake Chain Bracelet, which is the classic bracelet design, costs $129. There are also other bracelets including the Braided Leather Bracelet which is $89. The Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet is at $99 and is supposed to be a bracelet to carry only one or two charms at most.

Pandora bangles are a different look and can hold lesser charms and a Pandora Moments Heart Clasp Bangle costs $129.

Earrings and rings start from $49. A regular charm bracelet with 8 charms will cost more than $500. Pandora does sell bracelets with charm sets at its stores and the set prices are usually discounted compared to if you buy the individual charms and the bracelet separately.

To check if your Pandora jewellery is authentic, check for some key markings or stamps. The standard marker of the brand is “ALE” which stands for the name of the company founder Per Algot Enevoldsen.

For gold pieces, you should look for the “G” stamp, and the purity information. For example, a 14k gold piece should indicate “G585”. Meanwhile, a sterling silver piece should have “S925”, which indicates that it is made from 92.5% pure silver.

How To Care For Your Pandora Jewellery

It is recommended to remove the jewellery before going to bed, showering, swimming, or participating in physical activity.

That’s because most of its products – made of sterling silver – tarnish over time, so they should be polished frequently to keep them shiny and good as new. Jewellery with plating and oxidised finish fades according to how you take care of them.

Chemicals that cause the jewellery to fade include perfumes, lotions, sweat, and chlorine.

The products can be worn while showering but they may not last as long and not be as shiny. The recommendation is to wear the jewellery after your beauty routine and to take them off at night.

The brand does offer up to two years for repairing or replacing manufacturing faults for silver or gold jewellery, but do check the warranty with the salesperson before purchasing as not every item comes with that.

Verdict: Is Pandora Jewellery Worth The Hype?

Pandora jewellery may seem to cost a lot on first impression if you add the charms and the bracelet or if you go for gold and silver pieces. But if you think about it, the products are not cosmetic jewellery, so you can still get value from them if you were to sell them in the future.

The initial investment into the jewellery is likely to set back a person a few hundred dollars and could be expensive at the start, but it gets less pricey as you continue to use it. The reasons are that the jewellery is durable and the individual charms will not cost as much as the main bracelet.

If you are looking for cosmetic jewellery, you should consider getting Pandora instead. The brand is known for its variety too and individuality, suitable for people who want to own a piece of jewellery but want to be able to customise them.

Featured Image Credit: Angela Teng

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