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5 Brands From USA We Would Love To See In Singapore

Our retail scene seems to be losing its lustre. Many of our once-popular retailers have already pulled out of our market. We explore 5 brands that may excite the retail scene again and possibly attract more regional tourists.

We love to travel overseas for our retail therapy. One of the many things that excite us when we go on our holiday is to purchase products from brands that are not found in Singapore.

In the past, we loved patronizing H&M in Hong Kong before they set foot in Singapore. We hope that more overseas brands venture into Singapore and make our retail scene vibrant again.

Source: The Container Store Facebook

1) The Container Store

The Container Store is a popular brand in the States because they specialize in products designed to help you organize your life. These include stationery dividers, food containers, chairs, and even luggages.


Their beautiful catalogue would inspire even the messiest person to get organized. It is especially useful for busy students who need to know exactly where their things are when they need it.

People who love to shop at Muji and IKEA would easily be regular customers of The Container Store. For The Container Store to enter the Singapore market, they stand a chance to thrive because of the practical nature of their products that would appeal to people from all walks of life.

Source: Paul & Joe

2) Paul & Joe

Paul and Joe will give you a sense of elegant chic that is effortless. Currently, the line is only sold at asos, so those of us who prefer to buy our clothes at a brick and mortar store would be hesitant to purchase any clothing from Paul & Joe.

Source: asos Paul & Joe

One of the best things about shopping for clothes in a store is that you know for certain if the outfit is right for you or not. For example, you buy a light-coloured dress only to find out that it is completely sheer. In online store, you may end up spending more on shipping to exchange for a better fit. Here are 10 reasons why it is better to shop in a store and not online.

Paul & Joe’s clothes are a bit of a splurge. For women looking for a good quality piece that can pair easily with other clothes and still look fantastic, Paul & Joe is the fashion label to go for.

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3) Jill Stuart

The gorgeous collections Jill Stuart produces season after season would make any fashionista swoon. Their feminine designs come in beautiful colour tones. Even if you find them pricey, they are a good inspiration for a cheaper alternative.

Jill Stuart stores are only available in Hong Kong and Japan. If they desire to enter the Southeast Asian market, Singapore might be a good place to start.


4) Target

The popular US retailer is similar to Carrefour and Giant here, but they sell a wider range of non-grocery products compared to the latter. In the past few years, coveted designers have collaborated with target to sell a collection for a fraction of the price compared to their own fashion line.

Since Target is a hypermart and sells groceries, bringing in household products currently only sold in America may allow Target to differentiate themselves from the other supermarkets in the industry.



5) JC Penny

JC Penny is a departmental store in the US, selling a wide array of products including apparel, bags, and bathroom accessories. The departmental stores in Singapore are limited to the few we see in our malls. It would be nice to see an American departmental store opening here in Singapore to add more variety to the products available for sale.

The retail industry in many parts of the world may not be doing well. Nonetheless, JC Penny’s ex-CEO Allen Questrom argued, “when you give people a reason to buy in brick and mortar… they will buy.” What this means is simple. You have to create the demand.

To attract customers, retailers have to keep their brand exciting. In Singapore, some retailers do much better than the others. One example is Uniqlo and their ever-crowded stores. Shoppers love to look at their simple designs that are light and affordable. But analyzing why some retailers do better than other is a debate that we will leave for another day.

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