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6 Shopping Tips That You Can Learn From Your Girlfriend Or Wife To Save Money On Shopping

Shopping can be fun…at times.

Before we start, we feel the need, and moral obligation, to add a caveat here that despite the money saving advantages on individual purchases that you might get, we take no responsibility for a bigger overall spending, or longer time spent, on shopping.

With that being said, here are 6 things that we can learn from our better half.

1.Swapping stuff

Women have a higher tendency to swap or share stuff with their girlfriends, something that men simply don’t do. As a predominantly male team, we agree that if we need a clothing item or a household item, we tend to go out and just buy it.

On the other hand, our girlfriends and wives, have no qualms borrowing clothing items, accessories and many other specialty items that they would only use once.

Women usually observe better. So we should rely on them to remind us on how we should not blow $80 on a cape and mask outfit for Halloween, when our close friends already own a perfectly good one that has only been used once before.

2. Shopping in group

Girls love shopping together. And they basically use any reason or logic to justify a shopping date. Hence, their superior experience with these things.

A shopping date usually consists of at least 3 friends. Everyone provides honest inputs on how an item may or may not work, whether the colour of the dress fits the skin tone, reasons to buy or not to buy, and even unseen ways on whether a purchases will or will not add value to the live of the potential buyer.

Everything is discussed, and finally, the purchase is made. They talk to the salespeople, enquire on other deals or better deals, and usually end up with a great deal.

We know there’s still a good chance women end up unhappy with their purchase, but what we’re saying is that men can learn from having other voices of rationalisation, from friends and salespeople. It may save them from buying products that are not optimal or add other ideas to get a better product, which they didn’t know of.

3. Buying in bulk

We all know that buying in bulk usually saves you money (unless you are buying a Double Filet-O-Fish). And when women go shopping, they have a ready-made solution to get around this. Even when their shopping buddies wouldn’t buy it, your girlfriend or wife will still go ahead and purchase two, just to get the better deal.

Fret not; she and her girlfriends have already discussed, in details, how this additional second item will make sense and how she can use it.

If men go alone, they, firstly, can’t even get anyone else involved in the purchase to get a discount, and secondly, will never even consider buying a second item if they just went in there looking for one.

4. Frivolously walking around before buying

Men are like hunters when they go shopping. They first identify a relevant store, see the product they intend to buy in it proceed to purchase it. That’s all. Shopping experience done.

As long as it’s within budget, they don’t consider if it is more expensive than it should be, or if there are other better or cheaper options available. We simply pull the trigger.

For non-important item (which usually refers to everything else except for cars and gadgets), men spend about 4 minutes going through their options, 3 minutes trying it on or rationalising how it will work, and then about 2 minutes to purchase the item. All in less than 10 minutes.

If men spend more time frivolously walking around other stores, they will be able to see other deals that are on offer, and also interact with more salespeople to get better information on good deals.

5. Understanding the shopping patterns

Women understand shopping. They know when and where to buy products with the best deals. They know the Great Singapore Sale runs in August (Editor’s note: It’s actually between June to July) and they know when fashion labels have brought in new products so that their old ones will be on offer at significant discounts.

Men don’t.

6. Using technology

Women know the best websites to shop at. Yes, we know, guys are good at this too. But when shopping for clothes, household items, restaurant discounts, holiday trips and groupon deals, women simply have greater insights most of the time.

For fear of major backlash, we’ll refrain from suggesting just how long they are spending to find these deals at such websites, but we can safely say, it’s more than you. So go with their suggestions.

If you don’t already have a wife or girlfriend(s), this list gives you six more reasons to do so. And besides, if you do end up with a product you hate, they’re very nurturing and can console you. And they know how to get refunds too…

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