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What Your Credit Card Says About You

The credit card you use says a lot about your lifestyle and personality

The things we carry around with us say a lot about us. The same logic can be applied to the credit cards that we use. It is possible to look at the credit card a person uses, and determine the type lifestyle the person has, and maybe even, the size of their bank account.

Our article will include some inference as well. We may not necessarily be a 100% accurate in our assessment, but you can be our judge on this.

The OCBC 365 Card

A person who uses the OCBC 365 card would usually have it tied to an OCBC 360 account.

The reason is simple. The OCBC 360 account gives account holder the chance to earn an extra 0.5% per annum interest if they spend a minimum of $600 a month on their OCBC credit cards. A person with $60,000 in his savings would earn $25 each month just by ensuring he charges at least $600 a month to his OCBC credit card. They also earn more interest by doing other simple stuff such as crediting their salary to the OCBC 360 Account (1.2% per annum) and paying 3 bills through their account (0.5% per annum).

Since the OCBC 365 gives a lot of other discounts and cashback for its users (e.g. 3% cashback for dining, grocery, telecommunication bill), it is the credit card of choice for most people with an OCBC 360 account. Simply charge all your family expenses to the card and you would easily hit the minimum amount each month.

A person with an OCBC 365 would have usually have quite a fair bit of savings in his bank account. Typically, you are looking at a somewhat moderate spender who probably has accumulated a large amount of savings and is looking to get the best risk free interest rate for their savings.


The name says it all. A person holding this credit card is likely to be the person in the family that does all the grocery shopping. And not just at any supermarket. He or she is going to NTUC to do their shopping.

Given that they enjoy 10% off their NTUC bill. You can easily understand why. If grocery shopping bill each month is $400, that’s $40 they save each month.

There is also further discount on things such as town council bill and SP Services to be enjoyed each month. If a person is holding such a card, you can be assured they are footing the bulk of the bills for their family.

Citi PremierMiles

A person using the Citi PremierMiles to pay for their big-ticket items is only looking out for one thing. Miles. Given the fact that all spending made gives them 1.2 miles for every $1 spent locally, and 2 miles for every $1 spent overseas, you can be somewhat sure that these miles will one day be redeemed in the form of free air tickets on their next holiday trip.

With the minimum income set at S$50,000, not everyone in Singapore would qualify for the card. So yes, life is unfair, since the more well off people would be the ones that are actually enjoying free air tickets during their travel.

If you are spending money through Expedia, you absolutely need to use this card for your transaction, given that there is a 6 miles per $1 spent exchange. Imagine booking your hotel and flights for a total of $3,000 for your next holiday. That’s 18,000 miles you earned just like that.

What are some other cards that are frequently used? What do they tell you about the person? Share with us your thoughts on Facebook.

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