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The Cost Of Owning A Dog In Singapore

How much does it cost in total to own a dog?

Dogs make great, loyal, fun-loving pets that are sure to brighten up your life. However, the cost of owning a dog is probably more than what you would expect.

We don’t want potential pet owners to underestimate the costs of owning a dog. Hence we breakdown the costs of owning a dog based on the actual costs incurred by 3 different dog owners of different breeds in Singapore.

Deborah, Student

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Age: 1 year old

Life expectancy: 15 years


Original Price Paid For Dog (Adopted) 500
Cage/Leash/Collar/Toys 35
Food (Dry Food) 75
Treats 5
Grooming 50
Healthcare (Annual) 300
Total (Over 15 year lifetime) 28 500

“A lot of commitment but LOVE HIM A LOT.” 

Melissa, Editor

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Age: 2.5 years old

Life expectancy: 13 years


Original Price Paid For Dog (incl. add-ons) 2500
Food (Home cooked) 100
Treats 12
Grooming 30
Healthcare (Annual) 400
Total (Over 13 year lifetime) 30 000

“Not very cheap but very worth it.”

Ariel, Dog-sitter


Breed: Golden Retriever (both)
Age: 2 & 4 years
Life expectancy: 12 years

$ (per dog)
Original Price Paid For Dog 2500 & 0
Dehydrator* 650
Food (Raw diet, food from online frozen meat supplier)(incl. cost to make treats) 200
Treats 0
Grooming** 0
Miscellaneous (bones, toys, vitamins etc.) 30
Healthcare (Annual) 200
Total (Over lifetime) 38 300
Total (Over lifetime) both dogs 75 000

“If you even have any doubt on your commitment level, then please give up the idea of getting a dog, and just play with your friend’s dog instead.”

The costs of owning a dog might add up to around $30 000 over its lifetime. It might seem costly to own a dog, however these costs can easily be covered through small, everyday efforts such as taking the public transport instead of a cab. There is also more to consider than just the costs incurred when you own a dog.

Do you have the time and ability to look after it? Does your house have the physical space and environment that would suit the dog? Will you love the dog for its entire lifetime?

Pets require a lot of commitment, care, attention and love. There is no doubt that having a pet would bring an immense amount of joy, energy and fun. It might even change you as a person. We hope you factor in all factors before you make your decision on whether to own a pet.

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