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The Ultimate Guide to Guo Da Li In Singapore [2022 Edition]

Symbolic well-wishes

This articles was first published by YouTrip and is republished with permission

From the formal proposal to the actual wedding day, Chinese weddings are peppered with traditions and rituals that carry great significance for couples and their families. While an abundance of blessings and well-wishes are always welcomed, the Guo Da Li (过大礼) ceremony can be really confusing to navigate — especially if your families are from different dialect groups or backgrounds. Plus, it doesn’t help that many elements of the ceremony are often passed down via word-of-mouth, therefore, making it dangerously open to anyone’s interpretation or opinion (read: unchecked expectations). Thus, today, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the Guo Da Li Ceremony to help you mitigate all that potential family drama.

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So…What is Guo Da Li?

Guo Da Li is the Chinese betrothal ceremony that marks the first formal meeting between the families of the bride and groom. Traditionally, the date of the ceremony would be picked during the Liu Li (六礼), when dates are picked out for events from the proposal to the actual wedding day. Suitable dates are calculated based on the ba zi or eight digits of the bride and groom by a Feng Shui master, avoiding inauspicious periods like during the Hungry Ghost Festival and Qing Ming. Here’s how a typical one would play out:

Two To Four Weeks Before The Wedding: The groom would make his way to the bride’s home accompanied by a matchmaker or an elder female relative with gifts to officially ask for the bride’s hand in marriage.
👉🏻 A couple would traditionally only be considered engaged after this ceremony took place
💡 The gifts represent an acknowledgement (and affirmation) of the bride’s family’s efforts in raising their daughter

Rule Of Thumb For Different Dialect Groups: Perishable items should follow the dialect group expectations of the bride’s family, while non-perishables should follow the dialect group expectations of the groom’s family.
💡 If all else fails, while there are differences in gift requirements based on dialect groups, universally-okay items include candles, oranges, pig trotters (or a platter of roast pork), alcohol, jewellery, and traditional wedding cakes.

In case you need a proper checklist, here’s one to keep handy for your ceremony regardless of whether you are Teochew, Hokkien, Hakka or Cantonese:

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What About Hui Li ?

In exchange for the gifts and to show their acceptance of the proposal, the bride’s family will return the gesture by returning a portion of the gifts and presenting the bride’s dowry or jia zhuang(嫁妆). This ceremony is known as returning of gifts or the Hui Li(回礼)ceremony. This portion of the ceremony symbolises the acceptance of the proposal and the entrusting of the bride to the groom’s family.

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