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Royal Caribbean & Dream Cruise: How Much Does It Cost For A Cruise To Nowhere?

Take a break and cruise to nowhere

Fancy a getaway with dining and activities all included in the package you pay? With the borders to countries still on iffy terms, consider treating yourself or your loved ones to a cruise to nowhere. In this cruise cost guide, we compare the only two cruises sailing off the port of Singapore – Royal Caribbean and Dream Cruise.

Let’s dive in and compare the costs.

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Considerations Before Booking A Cruise

If you’re looking to go on a cruise alone, you should expect to fork out an extra $450-$600 (depending on the room) as compared to having a friend share the room with you. It’s the same concept whether you’re travelling overseas or having a staycation, so, it’s always good to have companions to split expenses.

For COVID-19 related costs, Royal will cover up to SGD 25,000 per person in your travel party, for onboard medical costs, cost of any required quarantine and travel home. As everyone is required to test negative for COVID-19 prior to boarding, Royal will cover the cost of your test for sailing departing on or before 21 Feb 2022.

Likewise, for Dream, embarking guests will be required to take the COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore. “The cost of the pre-boarding COVID-19 tests will be waived for new World Dream bookings made from 18 Jan 2021 onwards (until further notice) for cruises departing from 20 Jan 2021 till 1 Apr 2022. Any onboard medical charges with symptoms related to COVID-19, including COVID-19 ART on the ship will not be charged to the guest.”

Between the two cruises, only Royal Caribbean (Royal) has prices fluctuating across the months. For Dream Cruise (Dream), the prices are fixed.

Peak periods on Royal Caribbean. Source: Royal Caribbean

Room Comparison

So, for the sake of looking for a good deal, we have selected Jan 2022 for 2 pax. And we will compare the prices for 3-nights and 4-nights for each room on Royal, and 2-nights and 3-nights for each room on Dream, where available – Royal does not have 2-night packages, while Dream does not have 4-night cruises.

Please note that dates within the same month are priced differently and the available date you picked may differ slightly from the prices stated in this article. The prices stated in this article should be taken as a ballpark figure.

Interior Room

  Cost guide for 2 pax cruising in Jan 2022
3 nights 4 nights
Type of room Royal Dream Royal Dream
Interior (Royal 166 sq. ft.) (Dream 140 sq.ft.) $1,116.00 Sold out $1,396.00 n.a.
Taxes, fees and port expenses  $58.72 SGD/pax n.a. $58.72 SGD/pax n.a.
Gratuities $118.32/ Room $21 /pax/night $157.76/ Room $21 /pax/night
Total $1,351.76   $1,671.20  


The interior room is the most basic room offered on both ships. It’s 166 sq.ft. on Royal, and 140 sq.ft. on Dream. Interior rooms on both ships can occupy up to 4 guests.

The interior rooms on both vessels do not have a window for you to enjoy the ocean view. But on Royal, they have a “real-time ocean views and destinations via a high-definition screen”, which simply means you’ll get a virtual ocean view in your room.

There’s no comparison of which is the cheaper option between the two cruises, so it’ll boil down to your budget and whether you would want to spend three nights or four nights sailing on a ship.


Ocean View

  Cost guide for 2 pax cruising in Jan 2022
3 nights 4 nights
Type of room Royal Dream Royal Dream
Ocean view ( Royal 182 sq. ft.)( Dream 172 sq. ft.) $1,776.00 Sold out n.a. n.a.
Spacious ocean view (Royal 302 sq. ft. ) $1,816.00 n.a. $2,056.00 n.a.
Taxes, fees and port expenses  $58.72 SGD/pax n.a. $58.72 SGD/pax n.a.
Gratuities $118.32/ Room $21 /pax/night $157.76/ Room $21 /pax/night
Total for Ocean view $2,011.76 n.a. n.a. n.a.
Total for Spacious ocean view $2,051.76 n.a. $2,331.20 n.a.


The Ocean View is a step up from the Interior room on both cruises. Besides being more spacious spanning 182 sq.ft. on Royal, and 172 sq.ft. on Dream, this room (as its name indicates) comes with an ocean view. There’s also the option to select Spacious Ocean View room on Royal. This room is 302 sq.ft.

The Ocean View rooms on both cruises can occupy up to 4 guests.

Perhaps, one question you could ask yourself when deciding between the rooms is, “How much time would you be spending in the room, instead of participating in the onboard activities?”


  Cost guide for 2 pax cruising in Jan 2022
2 nights 3 nights 4 nights
Type of room Royal Dream Royal Dream Royal Dream
stateroom (Royal 198 sq. ft.)

 (Dream 215 sq. ft.)

n.a. $718 – $798 $2386-$2546 $918 – $998 $2626- $2866 n.a.
Taxes, fees and port expenses  n.a. inclusive $58.72 SGD/pax inclusive $58.72 SGD/pax n.a.
Gratuities n.a. $21 /pax/night $118.32/ Room $21 /pax/night $157.76/ Room n.a.
Total n.a. $802- $882 $2621.76 -$2781.76 $1002- $1082 $2901.20 -$3,141.20 n.a.


These rooms on both ships come with balconies. It’s spacious and can comfortably fit up to 4 guests.

For Royal, you can pick a room with a 55 sq. ft. size balcony or a 65 sq. ft. balcony while the room itself is 198 sq. ft. You can select a room with obstructed ocean view, unobstructed ocean view, or one with a large balcony, each slightly pricier than the previous option. The table above provides a price range depending on your room selection.

For Dream, the rooms are around 215 – 236 sq. ft. It is not mentioned whether it’s inclusive of the balcony size.

For the balcony rooms, Dream offers a cheaper price for a slightly bigger room. Your savings are around $2,000 if you book Dream instead of Royal.


The most luxurious, spacious, and priciest rooms on the ships. It’s the epitome of comfort, relaxation, and personal indulgence. On Royal, there’s “priority boarding and departure, dedicated entertainment seating”, and other privileges for people staying in the suites.

Both cruises offer a wide range of suites, from junior suites, suites with larger balconies, all the way to lofts and penthouses. Even the smallest of these suites are at 348 sq.ft. (balcony and room combined), while the biggest suite available for booking – the Owner’s loft suite with balcony, at 1476 sq.ft ( imagine it’s over 200 ft. bigger than most HDB 5-rm).

Breakdown for Royal:

Type of room Junior Suite (room 267 sq. ft.) (balcony 81 sq. ft.) Sky loft with balcony (2-floor) (room 673 sq. ft.) (balcony 183sq. ft.) Owner’s loft suite with balcony (2-floor) (room 975sq.ft.) (balcony 501sq.ft.)
3 nights $3,976.00 $8,756.00 $11,076.00
Taxes, fees and port expenses  $58.72 SGD/pax
Gratuities $118.32/ Room
Total $4,211.76 $8,991.76 $11,311.76
4 nights $4,856.00 $10,676.00 $13,356.00
Taxes, fees and port expenses  $58.72 SGD/pax
Gratuities $157.76/ Room
Total $5,131.20 $10,951.20 $13,631.20


Breakdown for Dream:

Type of room (Dream Cruise) 2 nights 3 nights
Palace Deluxe Suite ( 441 sq. ft.) $1,918.00 $2,518.00
Palace penthouse (398 sq. ft.)/602 sq. ft.) $4,518.00 $4,718.00
Taxes, fees and port expenses  inclusive
Gratuities $26 /pax/night
Total for Palace Deluxe Suite $2,022.00 $2,674.00
Total for Palace penthouse $4,622.00 $4,874.00


If you’re considering booking a suite, I don’t think you’d be overly concerned about the nitty-gritty breakdowns in the costs. But, between Dream and Royal, the suites on Dream are a boatload cheaper than the suites on Royal albeit a little less spacious.

Onboard Food And Dining Expenses

Most food and activities onboard are included in the package you pay for. And there’s nothing wrong with the food and drinks served in the main dining rooms and complimentary diners. However, if you’re looking to explore more food options, there are specialty restaurants that you would need to pay extra for onboard the Royal.

Onboard the Royal, they have dining and beverage packages that let you enjoy discounts at specialty restaurants and at watering holes.

The unlimited dining package gives you multiple entrees, discounts on bottles of wine, and allows you to visit multiple specialty restaurants every night of your sailing, all for just $130.56 per person.

The deluxe beverage package offered unlimited options with cocktails, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, etc, for just $77.52 per person per day.

For Dream, there are no details on dining packages or whether they have specialty restaurants that are not complimentary. According to a third-party source, buying such packages can only be done once on board. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide more details on this.

Hidden Expenses To Get Your Budgeting Right

Wifi: Even while getting your vitamin-sea dose, you can still remain connected to the mainland via the cruise’s Wi-Fi. Connecting one device costs $19.57/day. Getting an internet package for four devices will cost you $87/day.

Activities: Most activities onboard are complimentary. The payable ones are like the iFly, spa treatments, arcades, casino, etc.

Beverages: Alcoholic drinks, juices and even premium coffees onboard both vessels will require a top-up. For those who require their daily cuppa joe, it’s recommended you consider purchasing the coffee package.

Gratuities aka service charge:  While Royal charges you upfront as pre-paid gratuities so you won’t have to fork out at the end of the trip, Dream charges you only when you’re onboard and at the end of the trip. So, prepare to pay $21 /pax/night when you’re on Dream, or $26 /pax/night if you selected Dream’s suite room.

Tips: Do prepare some small notes to tip the staff transporting your bags or carrying out requests for you. It’s not necessary as it’s more customary and a gesture of appreciation for their hard work.

Water: While the water coming out from the taps is safe to drink, some people may prefer bottled water for their consumption or for making coffee and tea in their rooms. For example, Royal has an Evian Bottled Water Package available for purchase. While bottled water may be included in some beverage packages offered, it is still best to check directly with the cruise.

Souvenirs: Both ships have retail shops, ranging from luxury bags all the way to souvenir shops that sell magnets, t-shirts and hats.

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Earning Cruise Points

Similar to frequent flyer miles for airlines, cruises do have their own point system to reward their regulars.

Dream Cruise: Being a DreamElite member will allow you to earn Dream points every time you sail with them. These points accumulate for “exclusive benefits and privileges” at specialty restaurants, retailers, and spas. Simply tap your stateroom card upon patronage and the Dream Points will be credited into your account. Dreamers get 1 point per USD1 spending on board. And 200 points per one qualifying night in a stateroom, or 400 points if you’re staying in a suite.

The more points accrued in your account, the more benefits and privileges are unlocked onboard.

Royal Caribbean:  At Royal, you can join The Crown & Anchor Society as a member and be rewarded and recognised as its loyal guests. As its tagline says, “It pays to be loyal to Royal.”

As a member of the ‘society’, you’ll earn one cruise point for every night sailed, and double points when you book a suite. According to their website, these cruise points “add up to perks you can enjoy both on board and on land.”

Crown & Anchor Society membership tiers. Source: Royal Caribbean

There are six tiers to determine your ‘society status’- with Gold being the lowest tier. The more point you accumulate, the better your benefits and status.

Cancellation policies

Dream Cruise: If you cancel your trip, you may refer to the cancellation fee table below.

Cancellation and amendment policy. Source: Dream Cruise

Amendment fee will be waived if the amendments were imposed by the cruise line to the passenger. Some promotions do not allow amendment or cancellation and payments are non-refundable. So, best to check directly with the cruise and their terms and conditions.

Royal Caribbean: If you cancel your trip or if Royal cancels or suspends their cruise, you or the people affected by the cancellation or suspension will get a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) instead of a refund.  The FCC can be used to offset deposit and/or base cruise fare of any future cruise. However, you cannot use it to offset taxes, port fees, prepaid gratuities and shore excursions.

The FCC amount is calculated based on the total cruise fare paid exclusive of taxes, port fees, and prepaid gratuities. All FCCs issued comes with an expiration date, so it’s best to check the terms and conditions of it once you receive it.

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