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How Much Can You Earn As A Lalamove Driver In Singapore?

Part-time drivers can also enjoy driver benefits

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The past two years have not been kind to many due to the pandemic. Some people lost jobs, while others have had their work weeks shortened. However, one thing that boomed was the need for delivery services.  As work from home and social distancing became the norm, essential services such as delivery drivers and riders became even more crucial amidst the restrictions.

The surge in demand for delivery staff coupled with the flexibility of setting your own working hours makes joining the gig economy an attractive option for people who want the work flexibility and those looking for a source of supplementary income.

For those considering joining the industry, there’s Lalamove. It’s a freelance last-mile delivery platform that matches people to jobs and its delivery services are available for both individuals and businesses to engage. Signing up with Lalamove is simple and enables drivers to create flexible working arrangements for themselves.

Here’s how much you can earn as a Lalamove driver and the perks you get:

How Much You Earn Depends On Your Preferences

Lalamove aims to “make on-demand delivery possible for everyone at the touch of a button”, so it operates 24/7. This means that as someone who delivers for Lalamove, you have the flexibility to choose when and how often you work — and this affects how much you earn.

Simply put, the more orders you take, the more money you can make.

How much you’ll get is determined by:

  • Distance travelled
  • Type of vehicle
  • Providing additional services such as moving service (only for van or lorry)


Motorcycle Car MPV Van
Price Base fare $10 (under 1km) + $0.35/km) Base fare $12 (under 1km) + $1/km (first 3km) + $0.45/km) Base fare $19 + $0.50/km Base fare $30  + $0.50/km)
Additional stop charge +$3 +$5 +$6 +8

Source: Lalamove

As you can see from the above table, signing up as a delivery driver with Lalamove suits just about anyone who already has their own motorcycle, car or van. If you’re a motorcyclist who does regular food deliveries, you can also get on to Lalamove and make parcel deliveries along the way. The same goes for car and van owners, who can deliver more items in their vehicles.

Assuming a full-time motorcycle rider takes about 13 to 14 single orders a day (about 2 orders an hour) and this adds up to about 80 orders a week or $1,100 a week after Lalamove takes 16% commission, which is the lowest rate out there.

Likewise, a full-time car driver can fulfill about 15 to 16 single orders a day or 96 orders per week, which amounts to about $1,500, after deducting commission.

Through the app, you can choose to accept and complete single orders from point-to-point or also choose multiple drop offs, as long as they are not within the same delivery window.

According to Lalamove, top motorcycle drivers can earn as much as $4,000 a month while top car drivers can get $5,000 a month.

For those who don’t have their own vehicle, you can also sign up as a walker with Lalamove and rely on your own two legs or bicycle to send deliveries while clocking your steps or getting a bike ride in. Walkers can earn an average of $8.50 for each order.

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You Can Earn More With Lalastars, Flash Incentives and Stickers

There are also opportunities to earn more through Lalastars and flash incentives. This is on top of the earnings you receive per order.

Lalastars is a programme that runs from Thursday to Sunday where drivers can earn up to $95. So, by fulfilling orders during these days, you can earn more money.

On the lowest tier (Copper), you can fulfill 14 orders to receive $12 incentive while at the highest tier (Diamond), you will need to fill 48 orders to receive the highest incentive of $95.

Flash incentives are dynamic and are released depending on demand, allowing drivers to earn additional cash during high-demand periods such as festive occasions (e.g. Christmas, Mooncake Festival). More active drivers can get higher value incentives, while less frequent drivers can receive lower value incentives for fulfilling lower order volumes. For instance, by performing three orders, you can earn an extra $6.


Similar to the surge pricing on other apps, Lalamove drivers can also earn additional Lalamove subsidies by making deliveries during periods of high demand (e.g. during rainy days or peak hours).

As these incentives are on top of your order earnings, they can be an attractive way to boost your overall earnings.  For instance, in a week, a full-time motorcyclist can earn about $1,195 ($1,100 + $95) in a week by delivering 80 orders (48 orders between Thursday to Sunday) and hitting the Diamond tier of Lalastars.

Another simple way to boost your earnings is getting on to Lalamove’s sticker programme. All you have to do is sign up for the programme on your driver profile page, stick the Lalamove sticker on your car and get paid $50 per month.

While placing the sticker on your vehicle is optional for car drivers and motorcycle riders, you will have to leave the sticker on for at least six months to receive the sticker payout. For MPV, van and lorry drivers, the sticker programme is compulsory as long as you are performing Lalamove deliveries. Those in the programme also stand to gain exclusive partner benefits and priority to participate in special projects.

Additional Lifestyle Perks

Beyond just the financial benefits that you can get as a Lalamove driver, there are also non-financial benefits that drivers (and their families) can enjoy.

Fuel Subsidies

Petrol doesn’t come cheap and any form of subsidy will help when you’re on the road the whole day.

Full-time and part-time drivers get to enjoy different types of fuel subsidies with Lalamove’s petrol partners — Caltex, Esso, Shell, and Sinopec.

  • Caltex: 18% off petrol and 20% off diesel, just show your verified Lalamove account page
  • Esso: get 20% off all grades of Synergy Fuels, simply by showing your Lalamove Driver app to the cashier
  • Shell: apply for a Shell Fleet Card and charge your fuel to the card for a 22% discount
  • Sinopec: 25% off upfront discounts by showing your verified Lalamove driver profile and photo ID

There are also vehicle-related benefits for servicing and maintenance too.

You can get your vehicle serviced at special rates at TC Autoclinic or take your car to any of six SPARK care outlets for discounted rates on servicing and tyre replacements. Riders can also enjoy discounts off SPC’s lubricants.

All these perks mean that you stand to benefit even when you aren’t doing any deliveries on certain days and decide to take the day off to have a day out with your family.

Those with no vehicle of their own can also check out Lalamove’s rental partners for discounts on car, van and bike rentals.

Other Lifestyle Perks

Since drivers rely on their phones to take orders and are on the roads for the most part of their day, Lalamove has an exclusive offer on mobile phones and plans with Circles.Life that is worth considering if you or your family member needs a new mobile plan

Being on the road can be dangerous, which is why drivers and riders also have the option to sign up for insurance with Lalamove’s partner insurance plan, SNACK by Income. SNACK works by letting the policyholder build up their coverage by doing more activities, which fits the activity of a Lalamove driver. This means the more deliveries you fulfil, the more you can build up insurance protection for different areas — Critical Illness (up to $200,000), Term Life (up to $200,000), or Personal Accident (up to $100,000).

Other health benefits include a discounted rate of $13 (U.P. $20) for GP consultation on telemedicine app, Doctor Anywhere.

Start Earning Side Income With Lalamove

Whether on a part-time or a full-time basis, doing deliveries can be a great way to earn some income. Lalamove offers flexibility to its drivers by letting you choose when to work, and the type of transportation you are most comfortable with using. All the lifestyle perks, fuel discounts and programmes to boost your earnings, also help sweeten the deal.

Those interested can sign up to be a Lalamove driver online. You will also have to watch a quick training video on the Lalamove app and answer a quiz to pass. Note that to verify your account, Lalamove requires a one-time refundable security deposit ($25 for walkers and motorcyclists, and $75 for drivers). For the month of November, drivers who sign up with Lalamove can also receive up to $120 in benefits and fuel vouchers! More details can be found here.

Here’s a quick summary of how much you can earn as a Lalamove driver: