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The Motley Fool Singapore Shuts Down. Here Are 13 Websites You Can Follow Instead For Stock Investing Insights And Commentaries

As we take a moment to appreciate the role The Motley Fool Singapore played in the lives of Singapore investors, here are other websites you can visit for quality stock insights and commentaries.

Started in 1993 in the United States, The Motley Fool is one of the biggest brands around the world for stock analysis and content about investing. It also operates localised editions for the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Earlier this month, The Motley Fool’s Singapore franchise headed by David Kuo announced that it was ceasing operations on 31 October 2019 due to “regulatory issues”.

A beloved website that started in 2013, The Motley Fool Singapore’s engaging and digestible content helped many local investors cultivate their interest in investing and stock analysis.

As we take a moment to appreciate the role The Motley Fool Singapore played in the lives of individual investors and for Singapore’s investing media landscape, here are 13 other websites that continue to offer Singapore investors quality stock insights and commentaries.

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#1 The Fifth Person

As the winner of the SGX Orb Awards 2018 for being the go-to investment website in Singapore, The Fifth Person produces extensive coverage of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and US stocks and Real-Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

You can find in-depth articles on individual stocks from original research and on-the-ground reporting by The Fifth Person team attending Annual General Meetings and other events, as well as up-to-date data on Singapore-listed REITs.

Investors who want to acquire a solid foundation in stock analysis from veteran investors might be interested to know that The Fifth Person team conducts courses, which also enrols participants in a close-knit community of fellow investors for continued learning and growth.

The Fifth Person team believes that by sharing sound investment knowledge and helping readers improve their financial literacy, Singaporeans and people around the world can one day enjoy financial security.

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#2 SGX Research & Education

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) continues to make extensive efforts in the areas of investor education and putting the spotlight on investment opportunities that exist among Singapore-listed stocks.

Some initiatives include:

SGX My Gateway: A one-stop resource for investors to get started with their investing journey.

SGX Market Updates: A newsletter that provides regular coverage on the Singapore market, including in-depth research pieces highlighting various themes and sectors.

SGX Academy: In-person seminars and courses, both paid and free, for investors who want to level up their investing know-how.

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#3 Investing Note

Investing Note is a social media platform for stock investors to connect and follow each other for the latest articles, calls and recommendations.

As Singapore’s largest social network for investors, the sheer amount of content posted on a daily basis can be staggering. You can filter the content down to what you’re interested in by the people you want to follow or the stocks that you are interested in.

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#4 Investor One

Operated by ShareInvestor, Investor One is a portal specifically dedicated to Catalist stocks which are listed on the Singapore Exchange. The website features a wide range of articles which provides information on Catalist companies.

There are analysis as well as interviews conducted with C-level executives of these companies, giving investors insights into smaller listed companies which are not as well covered by the media.

#5 Endowus Insights

Endowus Insights brings to you perspectives and insight from the talented team at Endowus, a local start-up that aims to help investors access best-in-class funds while leveraging on technology for the best investment advice and opportunities.

With a star-studded team that hails from investment banks like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and UBS, you’ll not want to miss out when they share their investing approach and how they view the market.

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#6 Dr Wealth

Dr Wealth (previously known as BigFatPurse) provides investment education to Singaporeans by publishing guides on their website as well as through courses they conduct. They aim to impart proven and actionable investment methods so that their users can achieve superior returns.

Some of their most popular contents include guides to STI ETFSingapore REITsValue Investing and Factor-Based Investing.

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#7 Value Invest Asia

Run by a team of seasoned investors, Value Invest Asia provides investment insights and education for the Singapore market and around the region.

They have also published a book on value investing, titled “Value Investing In Asia – The Definitive Guide to Investing in Asia”.

#8 Investment Moats

Started in 2005, Investment Moats is created and run by Kyith Ng, a senior solutions specialist at Providend and financial blogger extraordinaire by night.

Every one of his articles are comprehensive and crafted with great care. Topics he covers range from growing and managing wealthinvesting conceptsanalysis of individual stocks, and his thoughts on policies.

Kyith also maintains a dividend stock tracker and keeps a public record of his current portfolio.

#9 ProButterfly

A new entrant to the investment space, ProButterfly brings with it investment analysis for individual stocks that the writer has analysed with a heavy focus towards REITs.

The writer, Tam Ging Wien, has also published a book called REITs to Riches: Everything You Need To Know About Investing Profitably in REITs which you can purchase if you wish to read more about the topic.

#10 Small Cap Asia

If you are looking to invest in stocks with smaller market capitalisation and which are less well known, Small Cap Asia is the website you want to follow.

Started by James Yeo, who is a former writer at The Motley Fool and, the site aims to provide essential research, tools and analysis to simplify investing so that everyone can invest.

Small Cap Asia hopes to help its readers find the best possible stock investments in the market so that they can earn returns which are more than 100%.

#11 Singapore IPOs

If you are looking to find information on a stock which is about to have its initial public offering (IPO) on the Singapore Exchange, Singapore IPO is where you want to turn to.

Detailed write-ups have been done for each company that have listed on the SGX Mainboard or Catalist since 7 July 2007.

There is also a list of carefully curated articles that you can read if you are new to IPO, and are unsure of how the process works.

#12 S-REITs Investment Blog

As its name suggests, S-REITs Investment Blog focuses on one key asset class – REITs.

You can find all the available S-REITs in Singapore on this blog. In addition, the writer also shares about his portfolio, as well as the reasons behind each of the REITs investment he has made.

If you are looking to invest in REITs, or want to stay up to date on what’s happening in the market, you should bookmark this blog, if you have not already done so.

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#13 Financial Horse

Financial Horse only started in 2018, but it has grown to become a popular Singapore investment blog – with close to 100 articles (by our estimate) written in its first year. Pretty impressive for a blog that has only one writer and who also has a full-time job.

While seen as a personal finance blog, the writer focuses heavily on investment-related topics, seeking constantly to demystify complex jargons which would be confusing for the average Singapore investor.

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