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5 Useful DBS Features That Even Their Own Customers Might Not Know About

Which of these features and services were you most pleasantly surprised to learn about?

This article was written in collaboration with DBS. All views expressed in this article are the independent opinion of based on our research. is not liable for any financial losses that may arise from any transactions and readers are encouraged to do their own due diligence. You can view our full editorial policy here.

As Singapore’s largest bank, a large portion of people in Singapore have a banking relationship with DBS where they may tap on DBS’ many services, such as credit cards, high-interest savings account, multi-currency account, or even robo-advisor.

However, with the speed of innovation within DBS as a leading “digital bank”, there might be new offerings and services that even long-time DBS customers like you and I may not know about – and would be interested in if only we knew about them.

Here are 5 unique offerings from DBS we picked out – read on to see how many of them you are currently utilizing and how many of them you didn’t even know about.

#1 DBS Lifestyle App

The DBS Lifestyle app brings to DBS customers a wealth of exclusive promotions and deals from DBS and their merchant partners. These include familiar names like Kate Spade, Lazada, Taobao, Innisfree, LANEIGE, Birkenstock, Challenger, Golden Village, G2000, The Body Shop, and Browhaus.

Given the sheer number of deals available, deals are automatically prioritised based on the categories you’re most interested in.

Aside from the promotions, DBS Lifestyle also gives you powerful ways to track and utilise credit card rewards that you might not even realise that you’re entitled for.

For example, spending on different DBS cards earn you DBS Reward Points, which can be used to redeem shopping and dining vouchers, movie tickets, air miles and more. You can use the DBS Lifestyle app to browse the rewards available for redemption, and instantly redeem them.

If you’re a POSB Everyday Card user, your spending earns you Daily$, which are loyalty dollars that can be used to offset your purchases on the spot at more than 200 participating merchant outlets, including Sheng Siong, SPC, , Watsons, and Pets Lover Centre.

Through the InstaRewards feature within the DBS Lifestyle app, you can view your Daily$ balance and retroactively offset the cost of eligible purchases made at participating outlets.

Besides giving you more insights and more options to spend your rewards, DBS Lifestyle gives you the chance to take part in personalised promotions as well.

You can watch this video from DBS to see how you can enjoy deals, rewards and treats using the DBS Lifestyle app:

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#2 Bank & Earn

Ever wondered if your investments or insurance policies are being counted towards unlocking a new category for the DBS Multiplier Account?

With the latest Bank & Earn Summary available on digibank mobile, you can access a consolidated view of all your eligible transactions easily and conveniently without having to do any guesswork or whip out your calculator to crunch numbers.

The Bank & Earn Summary allows you to see your total interest earned till date, the product categories you have unlocked and your current eligible transactions. This helps you to see how much interest exactly you’re eligible for, and plan ahead for potential ways you can  maximise your dollar and enjoy additional interest or cashback for the month.

To access Bank & Earn on mobile, log in to your digibank mobile, tap on your Multiplier Account details from the dashboard, followed by Bank & Earn.

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#3 DBS NAV Planner

You are likely to already be using online banking to make fund transfers, pay your bills, and make your annual fee waiver requests for your cards. However, did you know that within the DBS and POSB online banking website is a full-featured personal finance analysis tool and planning service?

The newly-revamped and enhanced DBS NAV Planner gives you insights on your spending and saving habits, collated automatically from across all your DBS and POSB accounts and cards, as well as any loans, investments and insurance policies you have with DBS, POSB and their partners.

In addition to the data and charts that you can access instantly, DBS NAV Planner also provides you with suggestions on how you can improve your financial health, such as starting to invest, getting insurance coverage, and building up your emergency savings.

To try out NAV Planner, log in to your DBS/POSB online banking and select the Plan tab, followed by NAV Planner.

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#4 DBS Marketplaces

DBS continues to introduce new products and services that will benefit their customers. Towards this end, they have introduced marketplaces for customers to easily and reliably compare offerings when making important purchase decisions, such as buying a property, getting (or getting rid of) a car, switching to an Open Electricity Market retailer, or making travel plans.

In addition to listings for property for rent and sale, the Property Marketplace comes with budgeting tools that remember your calculations, so you can retrieve the same information in future sessions and filter properties based on various criteria.

To help homebuyers have better peace-of-mind when financing one of the biggest purchases in their lives, you can even apply for an In-Principle Approval (IPA) on DBS Property Marketplace to guarantee your loan amount so that you do not accidentally sign an option-to-purchase for a property that is beyond your financial means.

When you found your dream home to buy, you can get a home loan directly from DBS, right from within the platform.

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For the Car Marketplace, DBS has partnered with SGCarMart and Carro for listings to allow sellers to link up with potential buyers directly. They’ve also incorporated used car offerings from reputable dealerships like Inchcape and Performance Premium.

Along with the comprehensive number of listings, DBS Car Marketplace also has budgeting tools, as well as exclusive discounts for DBS customers, such as car insurance, car loans, roadside assistance, workshop repairs or maintenance, and even car evaluation services.

As we know, it might be confusing to choose between multiple Open Electricity Market (OEM) retailers, each with their own set of standard and non-standard plans. DBS’s Electricity Marketplace allows you to easily compare plans from 8 leading OEM retailers, namely Best Electricity, Geneco, Keppel Electric, iSwitch, Pacific Light, Sunseap, Tuas Power and Union Power by filtering based on various criteria.

An average household can save up to S$400 a year by switching away from SP Group, and DBS customers can now do so seamlessly and instantly within digibank’s Electricity Marketplace.

Powered by Expedia, the DBS Travel Marketplace makes booking flights and hotels a breeze. Plus, you can use your DBS Rewards points or Daily$ to offset your travel purchases, and enjoy complimentary travel insurance coverage with every booking. DBS Rewards points used in this way have a 2 times multiplier effect, so you get to unlock double the value.

To further stretch your dollars, there are also hotels with DBS Special Price, which are available specially for DBS customers, so you should log in when browsing the marketplace for the best deals.

#5 DBS Digibot And Live Agent Chat

In the past, any queries or banking related services would need to be handled by a trip to the bank and assisted by bank tellers. With DBS’s online banking, we no longer have to make a physical trip down to the bank or ATM for most common banking functions.

However, there are times when we prefer not to have to navigate the extensive online banking interface and interact with DBS in a more natural way. Enter DBS digiBot and Live Agent chat.

To use digiBot, you can simply visit the DBS/POSB website or open the DBS digiBank app and start chatting.

With the same ease in which we communicate with our friends, we can now have our questions answered and even certain banking requests executed by digiBot, our very own virtual assistant. This includes finding out your account balance, viewing your transaction history, locate the nearest ATM or bank branch, or even transfer money between accounts.

If you prefer the human touch, you can also choose to chat with a friendly human staff from DBS by selecting the Live Agent Chat.

How Many Of These Cool DBS Services Have You Tried?

As an existing DBS customer, you can try all of the apps and services we’ve mentioned in this article, especially if you think they are interesting to you. Given that many of these were recently launched, we can continue to look forward to more and better offerings from DBS in the months and years to come.

It sure is an exciting time to be alive!