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5 Apps All Deal-Seeking Singaporeans Should Already Have On Their Phones

5 apps for the dealseeker in you.

This article was written in collaboration with DBS. All views expressed in the article are the independent opinions of

In the past, you can spot deal-seekers by the copious amounts of coupons they religiously collect, cut out and bring out. They would buy magazines, visit departmental stores, and check their mailboxes regularly so as not to miss out on the latest deals and promotions.

Today, we can spot deal-seekers by the apps they use, and how they are always in-the-know whenever someone needs to know how to best stretch their dollars.

Here are 5 apps that both veteran and new deal-seekers should have on their phones.

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#1 DBS Lifestyle App

First up is the most interesting app you might not be using – but really should.

If you grew up in Singapore, you probably already have a DBS/POSB savings account and debit/credit card. If you do, you should download the DBS Lifestyle App.

DBS Lifestyle App brings to DBS/POSB customers a wealth of exclusive promotions and deals from DBS and their merchant partners. Some of the merchants include Lazada, Taobao, Esprit, Aldo, ShopBack and Golden Village.

(Visual for illustrative purposes only)

Given the sheer number of (great) deals available, the app will curate suitable deals based on your recent spend. For example, a foodie would see very different deals compared to someone who is really into shopping, though all the deals are accessible when you browse by category.

You can filter deals by Featured, Location or Category.

Aside from the promotions, DBS Lifestyle App also gives you powerful ways to track and utilise credit card rewards you might not realise you’re earning.

For example, spending on DBS/POSB cards earn you DBS Points/POSB Daily$, which can be used to redeem shopping and dining vouchers, movie tickets, air miles and many more. From within the DBS Lifestyle App, you can view your eligible spending across multiple DBS/POSB credit cards and then choose to offset any retail transaction using InstaRewards.

To do so, click on the InstaRewards section and scroll to the transaction of your choice, and click on the Redeem button.

Offsetting a past purchase with a few taps within the DBS Lifestyle app.

Besides giving you more insights and more options to spend your rewards, DBS Lifestyle App gives you the chance to take part in personalised promotions as well!

To take part in one of these personalised promotions, follow these simple steps:

1) Download the DBS Lifestyle App (available on Android or iOS)

2) Login using your existing iBanking credentials

3) In the Promotions section of the home page, click on See All and select your desired personalised promotion

4) You’ll see your personalised spend goal, and once you hit your goal, you’ll get to play a game to receive a sure-win gift

#2 McDonalds – For Sustenance

With more than 135 outlets islandwide, the very visible and conveniently-located McDonald’s outlets are a mainstay of life in Singapore. It is a place to study, to wait for friends, discuss life insurance policies, have fun as a family, and sometimes eat.

The McDonalds’ app gives out daily deals, such as 1-for-1 offers, free items, and allows you to order McDelivery and have the same delicious McDonalds items delivered to your doorstep for those rainy days.

One fun fact is that the deals you receive are personalised, so your friend might not get the same deals as you!

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#3 ShopBack – For Spending

We all know ShopBack as the platform that rewards you with a percentage in cashback if you make purchases at merchants by going through ShopBack.

By downloading the ShopBack app (Android and iOS), you can browse and activate coupon codes, vouchers, promotions from more than 500 merchants, right from your mobile phone. This is particularly handy for time-sensitive campaigns when dealseekers might not have the luxury to shop when they are comfortably at home.

In addition, you can check your cashback earned from ShopBack using the app and request to withdraw it to your local bank account.

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#4 Shopee – For Shopping

Shopee is a leading online marketplace that allows users to buy from thousands of small vendors as well as from large, well-known brands.

The Shopee app allows you to browse the same extensive catalogue as the desktop web version, as well as mobile-only features like taking part in a ‘livestream’ selling session, and play Shopee mini-games for chances to win prizes, get coupons, and other rewards.

With Shopee’s social integration features, you can see what your friends or other members of the Shopee community are buying, which complements regular product reviews.

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#5 Klook – For Travelling

Klook allows you to book travel activities at very competitive prices, including admission passes, train tickets, day tours, food vouchers, theme park tickets, transportation and more.

The platform allows you to book and pay for these items even before you fly off, which saves you the hassle of carrying additional amounts of money overseas for activities or having to attempt to communicate with counter staff who might not be fluent in English.

After making your purchase on Klook, the voucher will appear under “Bookings” tab in your app. When you reach your travel destination, you can use the QR code and voucher number on your phone to authenticate your purchase and enjoy the activity you booked.

Not only is Klook convenient, the prices you pay are often cheaper than the regular list price at the ticketing booth. This combination of convenience and cost makes the Klook app at must-have in every travelling dealseeker’s phone.

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Apps Are Powerful In The Right Hands

While we encourage you to have all the above-mentioned apps on your phones, they can only help you save money and get the best experience if you use them regularly.

Beyond the apps, deal seeking is also a mindset. Fighting the impulse to take the path of least resistance and having the desire to go the (slightly) extra mile to stretch your dollars is an essential attitude.