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The Busy Singaporean’s Guide To Using (And Saving Money With) Shopee

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(This article was first published on 8 October 2019 and has been updated to include 11.11 deals and promotions.)

Even if you’re a busy Singaporean who isn’t very current on the latest shopping trends, you probably know that many great deals and offers can be had at online platforms if you know where to look, especially during this year-end season.

With 11.11 round the corner, here’s everything busy Singaporeans need to know to start using Shopee and maximise savings from the comfort of their home, office, or MRT train.

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What Is Shopee – And How Does It Differ From Other Online Shopping Platforms?

When Shopee was first launched for the Singapore market in 2015, it was a marketplace similar to Carousell, which facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers who list their products on the platform for sale. It has since expanded to serve Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Today, Shopee is a hybrid marketplace that allows users to buy from small business owners as well as directly from large brands that want to expand their distribution channels, through Shopee Mall. You can find more 200 brands on Shopee Mall, including Samsung, HP, Calvin Klein, Fila, Agoda, and KitchenAid, just to name a few.

Shopee does not charge sellers listing fees or take a commissions from sales. Instead, it makes money by providing value-added services like convenient payment solutions, integration with last-mile delivery providers, and marketing to their highly-engaged user base.

Shopee’s social integration features allow users to see what their friends or other members of the Shopee community are buying, which complements the regular reviews that are found on most e-commerce platforms.

To give users additional peace of mind, Shopee offers the Shopee Guarantee, which is essentially an escrow service that withholds payment to the seller until the user has received the product in a satisfactory condition as promised.

With that, let’s get started with using Shopee to look for the best deals this shopping season!

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#1 Sign-Up For A Shopee Account Using A Referral Code

Even though you can simply sign up for a new Shopee account by visiting the Shopee home page and clicking “Sign Up” or downloading the Shopee app and registering, the best way to do so is to get an existing user to give you a referral code.

When a new customer uses a referral code and makes their first purchase, they enjoy $10 off their first order, while their referring friend receives $5 in cashback (in the form of 500 Shopee Coins). Shopee Coins can be used for all purchases on Shopee and are valid for 3 months from issue.

Generating a referral code is simple. On the Shopee app, go to your Profile and click Refer A Friend to generate your referral code.

Source: Shopee

#2 Look Out For Shopee Vouchers

Shopee has a Daily Vouchers page which is updated every midnight with the latest deals, including cashback and promotions.

For special occasions, such as 11.11, there is also a special 11.11 Vouchers page that has a comprehensive list of 11.11 vouchers. Exclusive 11 flash vouchers will be released on 11 November 2019 at various timings, so you might want to check back frequently on 11 November.

Before buying anything, check these pages to see if there’s an item on offer that you’re interested in for instant, time-sensitive savings.

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#3 Mark Your Calendars For Daily Flash Sales

From now till 11 November 2019, there are daily flash sales going on at 6 timeslots throughout the day: 8am, 12 noon, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm and 12 midnight, as well as a $0.99 Flash Deal Relay happening daily every 10 minutes between 1pm and 2pm.

On 11 November, there will also be a special 2-hourly flash sales featuring brands like Phillips, JBL, innisfree, Etude House, and more. as well as 29 different limited-time deals under the 11.11 Crazy Flash Deals.

Its probably too much for any person to keep track of, so the bottom line is, no matter what time you’re doing your Shopee shopping, there’s probably a deal going on that you can take advantage of.

For those who prefer something more interactive and entertaining, you can tune in to Shopee 11.11 livestreams, where products are introduced and are available for sale – at attractive discounts. Fun fact: At 6pm on 11 November 2019, singer Raine Yang would be hosting a livestream session.

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#4 Play Shopee Mini Games For Prizes And Shopee Coins

Shopee is known for their mini-games, which encourages participation and sharing, in return for prizes and Shopee Coins – sometimes with no purchase required!

Here’s an introduction to some of the games and how they work.

Shopee Shake (From now till 14 November): Open the Shopee App at 12am and 12pm daily, invite up to 5 friends into your group for bonus coins, and shake to see how many coins you win. 111,111 coins are up for grabs.

Shopee $1 Big Prizes (From now till 30 November):  It works like a lucky draw basically, where you can enter in the draw to win daily prizes if you spend $1 that day. Prizes include smartphones, game consoles, Grab vouchers, and more. There are also different items going at $1 each day, so check out the $1 A Day page for more details.

Shopee Catch (From now till 14 November): Play this augmented reality game any time day or at 10am and 10pm daily to win different prizes.

If these games aren’t your thing, you can also follow Shopee on various online channels (Facebook PageInstagram AccountFacebook Group and Shopee Account) where they run giveaways all the way till 11.11 and beyond.

#5 Buy On Shopee Via ShopBack

ShopBack allows you to earn additional cashback when you shop on Shopee via the ShopBack app. This feature is not available when you buy on Shopee using their desktop/mobile website, so you’ll need to install the Shopee app.

To ensure your cashback is tracked properly, ensure your Shopee cart is empty before clicking through ShopBack, and use the promo codes featured on ShopBack. The cashback you earn goes into your ShopBack account, which might take a few days to be credited and can be transferred into your bank account (with minimum withdrawal amount of $10).

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#6 Use RateX To Automatically Apply Additional Promo Codes And Pay In Local Currency

RateX is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies promo codes you’re eligible for automatically at checkout, which helps you save when you shop online, and Shopee is one of the supported platforms.

If for some reason you can’t (or won’t) use the Shopee app and can’t use ShopBack, you can use RateX instead to still save. In addition, RateX allows you to save money on exchange rates by allowing you to pay in your local currency.

To get started, simply download and install RateX on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and create a RateX account. RateX will automatically appear when you shop on supported sites, including Shopee. First-time users who sign up through this DollarsAndSense link will receive $8 in cashback from RateX.

#7 Check WhatCard And Bank Promotions To Choose The Best Payment Mode

Now that you’ve signed up, found the best vouchers, and have activated Shopback to earn additional cashback from Shopback, you’re now ready to make your payment.

You can use WhatCard to see which credit card would give you the best miles or cashback when shopping on Shopee so that you can optimise your spending even more.

On top of that, you can check to see if there are bank-specific promo codes that will reward you further for using their card to make payment.

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#8 See If You Qualify For Shopee’s Lowest Price Guarantee

Shopee has a Lowest Price Guarantee for many items, which promises to return you 200% of the price difference if competitors, which they explicitly name as Qoo10 and Lazada, subject to terms and conditions.

If you found a Qoo10 or Lazada listing that has the same item offered at a cheaper price, you can file a claim, providing valid links and screenshots. Only products with the Lowest Price  Guaranteed label are eligible for claims, and each user can only make 1 claim per order, limited to a maximum of 3 claims submission per day.

Happy Shopee-ing!

We hope this introduction into the world of Shopee will be useful in helping you spend smarter and stretch your dollar. If you know of any tips we missed out, do let us know in the comments on Facebook or drop us an e-mail at [email protected].

And if you missed the 11.11 Singles’ Day sales, don’t fret. There are still sales for Black Friday (29 November), Cyber Monday (2 December) and 12.12 (12 December) on Shopee and other e-Commerce platforms.