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5 Spending Hacks To Help You Shop SMART-er With Your Hard-Earned Money

Spend smarter and maximise your credit card benefits

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Few things in life are better than finding a good deal. Whenever we chance upon a good deal, we can’t wait to tell our friends about it – whether it’s that bargain dress that is currently at 90% off or the irresistible 1-for-1 buffet offer with return credits. Somehow, the Singaporean bargain hunter in us is always primed to suss out the latest scoop and pounce on the best deals.

Even if we do not proclaim to be a Singaporean bargain hunter, we can still save money without much additional effort just by spending and paying in a smarter way.

Similar to how life isn’t just about how hard we work but how smart we work, it’s not always how much discount we score but how smart we are in the way we choose to spend our money.

Here are 5 spending hacks to help us shop smarter and to get the most bang for our buck.

#1 Check For Other Benefits Like Subscription Offers

Aside from cashbacks and reward points, credit cards often offer other benefits. Miles credit card supporters would be familiar with additional benefits such as free travel insurance and airport lounge access. However, travelling during a pandemic may not be everyone’s cup of tea and such travel-related benefits may not be ideal for everyone.

Instead, look for other lifestyle benefits that are offered by credit cards. For example, Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card offers digital media subscription benefits. New sign-ups will receive 6 months of Disney+ subscription.

If that is not enough to keep you entertained at home, the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card also offers 6% cashback in 360° Reward Points for subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. So, kick back at the end of the day and binge-watch to your heart’s content.

Watching Squid Game is good but watching Squid Game with cashback is better.

#2 Improve Our Cashflow With 0% Instalment Plans For Your Purchases

Even with the best bargain hunting tactics, there’s no avoiding some large expenses in life that can crop up unexpectedly. Sometimes we just got to bite the bullet and pay for a big-ticket item that we may not have planned for. Whether it is an ill-timed appliance breakdown or an unexpected bill, big-ticket items can throw us off even the best-planned budgets. Even if we have a stash of emergency savings, such expenses can be disruptive to our cashflow and budgeting.

One smart way to avoid allowing your unexpected big-ticket items to affect your monthly cashflow is to use a 0% interest instalment plan to help improve our cashflow by spreading out the cost of the purchase across multiple payments. With Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card, we can convert all our transactions to 0% interest instalments with EasyPay and receive 100% cashback on the one-time service fee for using the 3 months tenure option. This means that we can easily spread our big-ticket purchases across 3 payments for free and lessen the impact on our monthly cashflow.

As EasyPay can be applied for transactions as small as $200, you can also use for smaller purchases (such as smaller household items or even a wardrobe refresh. Additionally, unlike other Buy Now Pay Later platforms, you can use EasyPay for any credit card transaction.

For those who have more pressing cashflow needs, the Smart Credit Card also allows you to take a Credit Card Funds Transfer for up to $15,000 with 0% interest for 6 months and receive 100% cashback on the processing fee.

Of course, to ensure we don’t end up racking unnecessary interest costs, or find ourselves in a weaker cash flow position than we originally were, it’s important to ensure that we make timely and full payment each month.

#3 Be Rewarded For Your Daily Spending

The smart thing about using the right credit card for our spending is that we get rewarded just by going about our regular routine and enjoy all the benefits without any extra work. For example, the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card rewards our everyday spends at qualifying merchants with 6% cashback with no minimum spend (terms and conditions apply).

Instead of feeling guilty about the latte factor, we can enjoy our daily breakfast fix at Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Fun Toast and Toast Box with the satisfaction that we are getting 6% cashback. We can clock those daily bus and MRT commutes by activating SimplyGo on our Smart Credit Card and earn the 6% cashback. If we are too tired to cook or just want to enjoy the convenience and taste of fast food, we can enjoy the 6% cashback at Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s and Subway.

#4 Avoid Unnecessary Fees

It goes without saying that a smart spender would avoid unnecessary fees. With Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card, we never have to worry about meeting the annual requirements for annual fee waive or calling in to request a waiver. The Smart Credit Card has a perpetual annual fee waiver, meaning we enjoy all the credit card benefits for life, without ever paying the annual fee.

Additionally, the Smart Credit Card also allows us to use the credit card like an ATM card with a waiver on cash advance. For all the times we forgot to bring cash, or just need some extra cash to tide over, we can use the Smart Credit Card to withdraw cash with no fees.

#5 Maximise Credit Card Welcome Offers

A smart spender also maximises their credit card welcome offers. For Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card, this means activating our physical credit card within 30 days of card approval to receive 6 months free Disney+ subscription.

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Additionally, we will also receive 6% additional bonus cashback on eligible spends within 30 days of card approval, capped at $200. In order to maximise this, we should aim to spend about $3,334 in that first 30 days. This can be done in conjunction with EasyPay instalments so you can spread out the payments over 3 months. Do note that this cashback does not stack with the 6% cashback for the qualifying merchants listed above in #4.

Spend Smarter With Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

Used wisely, credit cards can be a great way to help us spend smarter. If you are interested in Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card, sign up now to enjoy the 6 months free Disney+ subscription and up to S$280 cashback.

Share your spending savviness with a friend and earn $150 cashback when you successfully refer your friend. After all, good deals are meant to be shared.

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