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3 Ways Fresh Graduates Can Fast Track Themselves To A Full-Time Job

Here are some practical steps that you can take for yourself

Amid the graduation photoshoots and tossing of mortarboards, fresh graduates this year are expected to
have a tougher time landing their ideal job out of university. The job market for year 2016 is more competitive than last year, with unemployment rate among residents currently at 3% according to a report from the Ministry of Manpower.

Despite slower hiring sentiments, all hopes are not lost. Below are 3 ways proactive fresh graduates can help fast track themselves to a full-time job.

# 1 Be Willing To Accept Internships


Graduates hoping to land themselves an entry-level job in an MNC may have to lower their expectations (for the time being) due to lesser opportunities available. Instead, graduates can avail themselves to internship, and to get their feet wet in the company(s) that they are looking at.

When the economy takes a turn for the better, the company they are working at might start expanding. Well-performing interns may find themselves in a good position to land the permanent role at the company.

# 2 Upgrade Your Skills While You Are On Your Job Search



You can make better use of your time by taking the opportunity to upgrade yourself while waiting for companies to get back on your job application.

This can mean studying for CFA certification or heading over to the SkillsFuture website to check out the range of courses that can give you an extra edge over other applicants. With each Singaporean having $500 worth of SkillsFuture credit, you can enrol in course without have to fork out much money, if anything at all.

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# 3 SMEs & Startups



Instead of competing with other candidates for a position at a MNC, graduates can consider job opportunities in a small and medium enterprise (SME), or even a startup. Getting a job at a SME or startup usually comes with a much steeper learning curve, as new employees are expected to cover many different job responsibilities. These additional exposure would reflect well on their resume in the future.

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