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5 Useful Finance-related Courses To Enrol Using SkillsFuture Credit

Start making plans for a journey of lifelong learning

SkillsFuture is a new movement introduced under Singapore Budget 2015 and was implemented at the start of this year. It aims to encourage the spirit of lifelong learning amongst Singaporeans by providing different schemes for Singaporeans from different stages of life. For instance, enhanced internship and career advice for young adults.

SkillsFuture Credit is only one of the many schemes within the movement, visit the website for the full list of claimable courses.

 What Is SkillsFuture Credit?

Singaporeans aged 25 and above would receive an initial top up of $500 under SkillsFuture Credit. The amount is accumulative and further top-ups by the government will be available at regular intervals. These credits can be used to pay/subsidise many courses, even your Masters and Phd!

It is highly impossible for one to take up a Bachelor Degree or Masters that is easily over $30,000 just because there is a $500 credit. Thus, let us suggest some finance-related courses that are more affordable and can be subsidised by SkillsFuture Credit.

 (1) Interest Calculations, Time Value Of Money, NPV & IRR

All finance graduates should have some recollection on this first module topic learnt in their university days. As an investor, it is important to understand the concept of time value of money and hence knowing the different methods to calculate your returns. This course is taught by SGX Academy.

Cost: $160

(2) An Introduction To Emerging Markets & Investment

Keen to observe potential growth opportunities in emerging markets and wanting to venture your investment out of Singapore? This 3 hrs e-training discusses about the outlook of BRIC –Brazil, Russia, India and China- and also the concept of investment.

Cost: $160

(3) Advanced Financial Analysis Series – Advanced Financial Modelling

For investors who are doing due diligence on your own, advanced financial modelling course conducted by CFA Singapore is the right course for you. There are different financial modelling courses offered by CFA Singapore that helps deal with different sectors. And since it is an advanced course, it a pre-requisite to have a solid foundation in accounting and Microsoft Excel. Also, a basic knowledge of different valuation methods is also helpful.

Cost: $1262 (Non-member, Further discount available for Early Birds)

(4) ETF Investment Strategies

A session organised by the Society of Remisiers (Singapore), it discusses about the advantages of ETF, the different ETF strategies (Value, Sector, Inverse ETF etc) and how to create an ETF based portfolio.

Cost: $120 (excluding GST)

(5) Equities, Algorithmic & High Frequency Trading

Here’s one suitable course for potential traders. The e-training conducted by SGX academy is mainly focused on automated trading strategies. Of course, do not expect yourself to master algorithm trading within 3 hours as the course mainly touches on trading strategies and not the technical coding of algorithm trading.

Cost: $160

The list is endless and the above recommendations are heavily focused on financial related courses. So, we urge you to take some time off during this week to look through the courses and plan your journey of lifelong learning!

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