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Travelling During A Pandemic: What Additional Costs Do You Need To Plan For Besides Your Flight And Itinerary?

Travelling during a pandemic requires some extra thought (and cost).

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As Singapore reopens its borders and travelling gradually resumes, more people are thinking about travelling overseas and resuming their annual overseas holiday.

Yet, travelling during a pandemic does require more thought. If you are not travelling via the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs), the country you visit would determine whether you have to serve a quarantine upon arrival or stay-home notice (SHN) when you return.

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Factor In The Additional COVID-19 Related Costs

The various border requirements, such as additional COVID-19 related testing, should also factor into your travelling budget.


Additionally, you should protect yourself from possible COVID-19 disruptions and the costs incurred by these disruptions. Given the dynamic pandemic situation where there can be sudden outbreaks and/or border restrictions, having a travel insurance policy that provides COVID-19 coverage would provide a much needed peace of mind. One such policy is Sompo Travel (COVID-19) carried by CIMB.

Sompo Travel (COVID-19)

Sompo Travel (COVID-19) is a travel insurance policy that provides the usual travel insurance benefits such as personal accident, medical expenses overseas, travel delay, loss of personal belongings, as well protecting you against hefty expenses if you are diagnosed with COVID-19. This includes trip cancellation/ postponement/curtailment/disruption due to COVID-19, overseas medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation due to COVID-19, and overseas quarantine allowance or overseas hospital income due to COVID-19.