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Tiger Brokers App: 5 Useful Features To Help First-Time Singapore Investors And Traders Get Started

First time investors and traders can benefit from the mobile features of the Tiger Brokers App.

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One of the newest stock brokerages in Singapore, Tiger Brokers is making a name for itself as an affordable mobile brokerage for local investors. With one of the lowest fees at 0.08%, Tiger Brokers allow you to customise your portfolio without worrying about the high cost of transactions. You can decide how frequently you invest, employ dollar-cost averaging strategies even with low monthly contributions and change your asset allocations without being constrained by the impact of transaction fees.

Additionally, Tiger Brokers’ user interface is optimised for mobile use. You can easily access features and functions that are usually reserved for desktop applications, including clearly illustrated chart data and in-depth market data. If you are constantly on the move, having this mobile access can enhance your on-the-go investment and trading decisions.

For those of you who have yet to download the Tiger Broker app, you can do so on your mobile phone via the App Store or Google Play. Or if you are the sort that still prefers to trade on your desktop or laptop, you can download the application on your Mac or on your Windows computer.

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On its own, Tiger Brokers’ low fees and mobile optimisation make it very attractive to Singapore investors and traders. However, the Tiger Brokers app also has several features that make Tiger Brokers stand out from its peers.

Here are 5 useful features to help first-time Singapore investors and traders get started on their investing journey.

#1 Access To US, Singapore, Hong Kong And China Markets Within One App

Beyond just Singapore, Tiger Brokers offers access to key overseas markets that many Singapore investors and traders would want to participate in. You get access to financial markets in Australia, China, Hong Kong and the US. With US stocks making up over 54% of world stocks, this is more than sufficient for a first-time investor or trader.

Tiger Brokers provides access to Chinese A-shares through the Shanghai-Hong Kong and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect. For investors who are keen on Chinese companies, this is a boon as it gives you access to China stocks that are not listed on US or Hong Kong exchanges.

What really sets Tiger Brokers apart from other brokers is that they go the extra mile to help first-time investors and traders by offering free live price data. This is in contrast to most other brokers that are only able to offer free delayed pricing unless you sign up for the subscriptions to upgrade to live data. Instead, Tiger Brokers offer free live prices for US and Singapore markets and basic market price (BMP) for China and Hong Kong markets. BMP delivers live prices upon refresh (and you can initiate the refresh simply by scrolling on the app). Having live prices makes a lot of difference whether you are looking to trade or invest long term!

#2 Explore New Stocks, News and Data With The Discover Feature

With the thousands of companies listed on the available stock markets, individual stock selection can be a bewildering choice. For first time investors and traders looking to venture beyond the realm of index funds and blue-chip stocks, Tiger Brokers’ Discover feature can be an amazing wealth of information.

Under the Discover tab, investors and traders can search for new stocks by common metrics such as volume, percentage movement and more interestingly, by technical data such as similar candlestick charts.

For traders or investors who want to rely on technical analysis and candlestick charting to choose their stocks and to time their entry/exit, this is an innovative way of stock selection as you can use the chart of an existing stock that you already like and may have invested in, to find other stocks that are showing similar candlestick chart characteristics.

Discover > Hot > Similar (Similar Candlestick Chart Searching)

Additionally, the Discover feature also has a Calendar section that shows major events, dividend dates, earnings and financial report releases and IPO calendar. For investors and traders who rely on news, this is a convenient resource to keep track of stock-related news. Major economic data such as US nonfarm payrolls and unemployment rate are also easily accessed under the Discover feature.

Discover > Calendar

#3 Get Quantitative Strategies With Tiger Lab

If you believe in a data driven approach towards investing and trading, you will definitely enjoy Tiger Brokers’ Tiger Lab. Here, the quantitative team at Tiger Broker showcases unique quantitative investment strategies such as growth momentum strategy, super hunter long and quant optimization.

The real value with Tiger Lab is that they disclose the entry and exit of each of the stock selected. Not only can you see the performance of the investment strategy, but you can also replicate the strategy by keeping track of the entries and exits of the various positions.

In particular, quant optimization gives you a detailed record of the strategy’s position changes by the day.

Discover > Hot > Tiger Lab > Quant Optimization

#4 (Free) Access To Data To Improve Your Stock Analysis

The Tiger Brokers App makes data accessible to even first-time investors and traders in the form of clearly presented stock data, optimised for mobile access.

For traders who rely on technical indicators, you can easily apply indicators such as relative strength index (RSI), Bollinger bands, Moving Averages (MA), Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) to any stock chart, even if you are out and about.

Investors who rely on fundamental analysis will appreciate the depth of data that Tiger Brokers pulls together in their analysis. You can find information regarding the company’s financials: income statement, balance sheet, cash flow clearly presented in graphical charts allowing to quickly evaluate information, instead of trawling through the company’s annual report.

#5 Lively Trading News and Community To Keep In Touch With The Market Sentiment

One of the things that most first-time investors and traders may not realise is the importance of a community. Not only does being part of a like-minded community accelerate your learning through the experiences of others, but the community interaction also keeps you tuned to the market sentiment. Regardless of whether you are an investor or a trader, the stock market has its biases and knowing the market sentiment will help you in managing your own portfolio.

Tiger Broker App’s community feature allows you to discuss trading news with like-minded traders, share investing strategies and follow stock market-related news. You can also post your own thoughts about a particular stock as part of your own learning journey and receive feedback from others. In addition to the in-app community, Tiger Brokers also has an active Telegram chat group and Instagram feed (@tigerbrokerssg) that you can follow and interact with others.

Community > News

Tiger Brokers Telegram And Instagram

In addition to the features mentioned above, Tiger Brokers also prizes convenience to its users, in form of its feature-filled mobile app and in its deposit processing.

For example, Tiger Brokers customers can choose to utilise the Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA) with DBS to make their investing process hassle free. This way, instead of having to transfer the funds manually from your bank account to your Tiger Brokers Account, the DDA allows you to initiate the deposit within Tiger Brokers and the bank (DBS) will execute the deposit for you. The funds will be transferred within minutes if the transfer is initiated within banking hours. So, each time you buy stocks on Tiger Broker, you don’t need to log in separately to your internet banking account to transfer the funds into Tiger Brokers. Everything can be done within the Tiger Brokers App.

If you are interested to check out these feature and open an account with Tiger Brokers, you can sign up for Tiger Brokers here. Enjoy zero commission for your first 60 trades in 365 days (applicable for U.S. stocks, H.K. stocks, Singapore stocks and Australian stocks).

After the promotional period, a low fee of 0.03% commission (for Singapore stocks) and minimum charge of $1 per trade will apply.

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This article was first published on 13 January 2021 and updated with the latest information.