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Step-By-Step Guide To Opening An Account With Tiger Brokers Singapore

The most affordable brokerage firm in Singapore is sweetening its value proposition even more.

This article was written in collaboration with Tiger Brokers Singapore. All views expressed in this article are the independent opinion of based on our research. is not liable for any financial losses that may arise from any transactions and readers are encouraged to do their own due diligence. You can view our full editorial policy here.

For Singapore investors who don’t already know, Tiger Brokers – a NASDAQ-listed brokerage firm, has recently launched its access into the Singapore Exchange (SGX). What this means is that investors can now buy and sell stocks listed on the SGX. This is in addition to being able to trade U.S., H.K. and China stocks, which were previously readily available on the platform.

Within the brokerage industry, Tiger Brokers is somewhat unique because it prides itself on being a mobile brokerage firm. It has a dedicated and comprehensive app, Tiger Trade – which is a one-stop mobile application that allows investors to access global markets and manage their investment portfolio using just their mobile phone.

Of course, the platform is also available on your desktop/laptop as well. Tiger Trade can be downloaded as an app on your phone, or installed as a software on your desktop/laptop, depending on your preference.

Tiger Brokers prides itself on being a low-cost platform, so naturally, investors would be curious about its brokerage commission fees to invest in various global stock exchanges.

U.S. Stocks

H.K. Stocks

China Stocks

Singapore Stocks

While there are several local brokerage firms offering 0.08% commission fee, most, if not all, have a minimum fee of about $8 to $10. Given that Tiger Brokers currently doesn’t have a minimum fee, a stock purchase of $1,000 will only cost you $0.80. Yes, we know – it’s ridiculously low. From now until 31 December 2020, Tiger Brokers is offering Singapore stocks at 0.08% per trade with no minimum charges!*

Terms and conditions apply

If you are excited (like us!) about the pricing and keen to open a Tiger Brokers account today, we got you covered in our step-by-step guide here.

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play

Download on the Mac

Get it for Windows

PS: All screenshots below are taken from our MacBook. But the steps are similar even if you open your account via mobile phone.

Step 1: Sign up for an account

Sign up for an account here if you are using a laptop/desktop. Otherwise, the process can be done on your mobile phone. You will be required to confirm your nationality.

Step 2: Open account via Myinfo

If you are Singaporean, you will have the option of fast-tracking your sign up via MyInfo. We recommend for you to do so as it’s much more convenient. Obviously, we chose this option.

Step 3: Verify your employment details

MyInfo will automatically pull out the basic information that are requested (e.g. your address, date of birth, etc). You will still need to fill in your employment status for the registration.

Step 4: Fill in your years of investing experience

Besides opening a stock trading account, you can choose for additional account or access that you want, depends on your trading needs. This includes margin account, option trading access and future trading access. It is not necessary to have prior experience in stock investing before opening an account. However, it does provide the platform with some background knowledge on your prior experience.

Step 5: Declare your source of income and your assets

You will need to provide information on your assets, annual income and source of funds. These are standard questions.

Step 6: Declare your relevant qualification and experience

There is a customer account review step where Tiger Brokers will need to find out if you understand the risk of Specified Investment Product (SIPs). It is not a prerequisite to have any of these qualifications, but if you want access to SIPs, you will need to meet one of the four criteria below.

After this, you need to agree to some final compliance matters and your registration is completed.

Within minutes of submitting our application, we receive the confirmation that our trading account was successfully opened. In summary, opening the trading account took us less than 10 minutes.

Based on our experience, this is way faster than most other brokerage platforms that we have used before. The absence of any paperwork if you use MyInfo for your registration is also a huge convenience for those who have a Singpass account.

You can then start funding your trading account, as you will need to pre-fund the account, before you are able to trade. You can choose to deposit in 3 currencies – SGD, USD or HKD.

Do bear in mind that you have to deposit your investment monies from a savings account under your name. Tiger Brokers does not accept third party deposits (i.e. you transfer money from a savings account under your spouse name). We did so through a PayNow transfer.

Once that is done, your funds will take about 1-4 business days. For us, the funds were in within a day. Once the funds are in, you can begin your investment journey!

As you would expect from a FinTech brokerage firm, Tiger Brokers allows you to do everything you need to, from opening an account to making trades, entirely online. And even if you are always on the go, its mobile trading platform is specifically designed to make investing and trading on your fingertips as easily as possible, just like reading an article on DollarsAndSense.

Tiger Brokers is built for self-directed investors and traders. Besides investing directly into stocks, you can apply for margin trading and option trading as well. All these instruments come with higher risk and investors need to be aware of the trades that they are making.

For those looking to open a Tiger Brokers account, you will be glad to know that in conjunction with Singapore’s 55th birthday celebration, Tiger Brokers will be running a special promotion from 9 August to 31 August 2020 for those who open a trading account.

Besides enjoying 5 commission-free trades, you can also enjoy a sure-win lucky dip and referral bonus of up to $100. You can also enjoy stock vouchers worth up to $100 when you deposit funds into your Tiger Broker Account. You can find out more details about this promotion here.

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